Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Dancing With The Devil The Art Of Starting Over 🦋 Album out now


  • Eryc Luccas
    Eryc Luccas22 godzin temu

    Eu amei isso 😍

    ARMYblink BANGTANBLACK23 godzin temu

    Demi Lovato ♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷♥️🇹🇷♥️🇹🇷♥️

  • Mery Gomez Burgos
    Mery Gomez Burgos23 godzin temu

    Her voice, lyrics and perfomance are so perfect, she is the strongest woman ever 💖💖

  • Cheyanne Dibble
    Cheyanne Dibble23 godzin temu

    She is a goddess. Her music has gotten me through a lot. ♥️

  • M. Y.
    M. Y.Dzień temu

    Gözümde canlanır koskoca maziii

  • Mary Sophie
    Mary SophieDzień temu

    The only community that has a strong culture the maasai.

  • I am
    I amDzień temu

    wow that's it

  • violet farren
    violet farrenDzień temu

    cant believe i just got a dieting add on a documentary about someone who struggles with eating disorders... youtube plz sort it out

  • Sarah Aleya Binti Azlan
    Sarah Aleya Binti AzlanDzień temu

    lol during this year im born xD

  • shining tulip
    shining tulipDzień temu

    Now you are 28

  • Kelliecans Can
    Kelliecans CanDzień temu

    Her smile was so big and innocent before she got older ...

    TANYA- GANDHIDzień temu

    Her whole personality is just what makes her even more beautiful, strong,attractive like a magnet.

  • xhoki
    xhokiDzień temu


  • Hurtboy Kane
    Hurtboy KaneDzień temu

    she's changed.

  • perdantos
    perdantosDzień temu

    Demi la mejor! un abrazo de Puerto Rico

    NICO PUIADzień temu

    sounds like one of the music from the Fat Rat... i think!

  • Amateur Alpha
    Amateur AlphaDzień temu

    is it me or this video doesn't have a date?

    ATHARV KAWLEDzień temu

    it says August 21, 2008 for me lol

  • A C
    A CDzień temu

    Why do the moms look like Karens 😂😂😂😂

  • Dynamite
    DynamiteDzień temu


  • Yanagrandevato🦋
    Yanagrandevato🦋Dzień temu

    🔒Ok not to be okay - 20M 🔒I love me - 60M 🔒 I'm Ready -50M 🔒Solo - 900M 🔒Fall In Line - 60M 🔒I believe - 20M 🔒Tell me you love me - 200M 🔒 Instruction - 200M 🔒Sorry Not Sorry - 500M 🔒No promises - 200M 🔒Irresistible - 100M 🔒Cool For The Summer - 400M 🔒Really Don't Care - 300M 🔒Neon Lights - 300M 🔒Made in the USA - 200M 🔒Heart Attack - 700M 🔒Give your heart a break - 500M 🔒 Skyscraper - 300M 🔒La La Land - 200M 🔒 Dancing with the devil - 30M

  • BrE FREE
    BrE FREEDzień temu

    Your beautiful Demi been rocking with you since Disney ❤

  • Fernanda Barros
    Fernanda BarrosDzień temu

    PLtoolss recommending me this video 12 years later. Loved it.

  • Elizabeth Ralsun
    Elizabeth RalsunDzień temu

    I love both of them.. They are my absolute favorite and to hear them in one is like a dream come true 😍😍😍😍

  • Treasure HarveyTv
    Treasure HarveyTvDzień temu

    she still looks exactly the same

  • Clark Luse
    Clark LuseDzień temu

    Demi Lovato is really super cool.

  • me. kinda.
    me. kinda.Dzień temu

    Lovely and relaxing song 🎵👏😊❤

  • Ali Mohomed
    Ali MohomedDzień temu

    Omg I MISSED this filterrrr on the iMac

  • Danielle A
    Danielle ADzień temu

    Ugh she is so adorable and sweet I hate that she has to struggle with addiction

  • Gibson Girl
    Gibson GirlDzień temu

    Demi keep your head ☝ up thank you so much for sharing this song it's my story thank you🙏💓

  • sam rose
    sam roseDzień temu

    Addiction is life or death. Jails institutions and death its serious and its a double edge sword

  • Puppet
    PuppetDzień temu

    When she was a normal person and now she seems so angry with anyone lol

  • mint suga
    mint sugaDzień temu

    agree with all the comments about elton john. he was the realest and she needs someone like that to tell her when enough is enough.

  • daisy olaaa
    daisy olaaaDzień temu

    hey 😁 guys 😁 i’m 😁 finally 😁 16 😁

  • Courtney Anderson
    Courtney AndersonDzień temu

    Listen to Elton John

  • Pollinator
    PollinatorDzień temu

    I'm 18 and still don't look like that

  • Y U K A R I
    Y U K A R IDzień temu

    Só queria um vídeo desse da Ariana

  • Keety França
    Keety FrançaDzień temu

    Meu mundo mds

  • BlueCorp
    BlueCorpDzień temu

    I don’t like Demi. She just seems like a person that has no chill. She thinks she’s all that and if you had a conversation with her, the topic would be about her.

  • Claudia Quintero
    Claudia QuinteroDzień temu

    Quién del 2021❤️

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna LovegoodDzień temu

    I’ve been waiting for this collab for so long. Cause the amount of vocal power that these two have is insane.

  • Michelle Garcia
    Michelle GarciaDzień temu

    What happened to Demi? What happened to her?

  • Michelle Garcia
    Michelle GarciaDzień temu

    Everyone: Texting comments after 12 years ago. Me: sees everyone popping up comments, 3 weeks ago.

  • Josemaria Inigo Tobias -27
    Josemaria Inigo Tobias -27Dzień temu

    sounds like save your tears at the start

  • Maurilio Pasqua
    Maurilio PasquaDzień temu

    Demi, I adore You so much. 😍❤

  • Moses Stenblom
    Moses StenblomDzień temu

    To all the Addicts out there you are wanted, needed and loved!! Ive survived 3 Opioid OD's and I'm lucky to be alive!! I've taken so many over 3 weeks and I'm just lucky to be alive.. I've just gotten off of them.. and Im in early recovery now!!

  • Havicken Project
    Havicken ProjectDzień temu

    do nada kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • fun dude
    fun dudeDzień temu

    It's been 12 years PLtoolss WTF?

  • Tiara De Silva
    Tiara De SilvaDzień temu

    Why is the mum so emotionally unavailable? I blame her

  • Toni
    ToniDzień temu

    Two voices so different but the best pair yet!

  • R
    RDzień temu

    Their voices changed due to high alcohol consumption

  • Lana Aluore
    Lana AluoreDzień temu


  • Milo Bentz
    Milo BentzDzień temu


  • Darkshadow
    DarkshadowDzień temu

    This is how she used to look in sunny with a change.

  • Amanda Rebello
    Amanda RebelloDzień temu

    I've been Demi's fan since I was a little girl listening to Catch Me on repeat hoping to find love. Acoustically Demi songs like a goddess❤️😭🎉

  • RealistMe
    RealistMeDzień temu

    I can’t belive how much younger I look than her and I’m 17

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia GraceDzień temu

    She needs to change those words. “I LOST my virginity in a rape” no. You’re virginity wasn’t lost. It was TAKEN. There’s a difference.

  • Laura Rodifer
    Laura RodiferDzień temu

    This was sad to watch considering I watched Dancing with the Devil first. I have to wonder if any of the pissy, mean girls who bullied her in school ever grew up & said "I'm sorry for what my jealous words, my heartless actions put you through".

  • Smarte Chick
    Smarte ChickDzień temu

    So well dome!

  • Chayle Oatt
    Chayle OattDzień temu

    This is really the first time I know what happened bc all I know is that she had overdosed I just didn’t rlly know like on what or anything

  • Celina Jailene
    Celina JaileneDzień temu

    When she mentioned SELENA 🥺❤️

  • Agnesia B
    Agnesia BDzień temu

    wooh! love this one! She really Deserved the Grammy tho 😊 Oh Demi your freaking Talented👏🏼

  • Turtle Rabbit Kim
    Turtle Rabbit KimDzień temu

    She looks so cute😭😭😭

  • Harlow Thayer
    Harlow ThayerDzień temu

    4 words: Demi is a QUEEN.

  • Gianni Music
    Gianni MusicDzień temu

    This music video is taking waaaay too long to come out

  • 1Lakyla
    1LakylaDzień temu

    I was 7 💀

  • Reem Agree
    Reem AgreeDzień temu

    Why that this video suddenly popped out of nowhere?

  • Ashley Ashley
    Ashley AshleyDzień temu


  • Kimberlea Bartley
    Kimberlea BartleyDzień temu

    I watched every episode and cried through most of it. Wish I could not relate to this so much. Addiction's struggle never ends, not for the addict, not for their family.

  • Stassiesworld
    StassiesworldDzień temu

    We love You DEMI ❤️

  • Jade Marmalade
    Jade MarmaladeDzień temu

    Personally, I think Sir Elton is the only “completely” honest person in this whole documentary.

  • Dre Cloete
    Dre CloeteDzień temu

    You may never see this. But your a true inspiration and icon!!! I've been listening to your music for years!!! And so, you had a big part in saving my life by just being true and the imperfectly perfect you!!! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


    I know the hurt my dad is still alive and he doesn't even pay me any mind, he acts as if I don't exist I feel every word!🥺🥺😭😭

  • giovannafnunes
    giovannafnunesDzień temu

    EU FUI, EU TAVA!!!!

  • Lovely Addy
    Lovely AddyDzień temu


  • Stefan Joseph
    Stefan JosephDzień temu

    I’d love to buy her a yogurt with a guilt free cookie!

    I AM A QWEENDzień temu

    I was just born lmao

  • Tânia
    TâniaDzień temu

    Shes so yooooung! PLtoolss recomended this to me 13 years latter... I was 13 at the time, crazy 😭

  • Persephone
    PersephoneDzień temu

    I love you Demi

  • Daresh
    DareshDzień temu

    i look 16 and im 19, she looks like 20

    TANYA- GANDHIDzień temu

    😞🤧well we are with u ......the lovatics , don't u leave us demi, love u sooooo much🧡