Trying Funny TikTok Trends On My Huskies!

Trying Funny TikTok Trends On My Huskies.. Part 2

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  • My Mountain Husky
    My Mountain HuskyMiesi膮c temu

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  • Kalpana Singh

    Kalpana Singh

    8 godzin temu

    @Kaitlyn Walker coooooool

  • Kalaivani P

    Kalaivani P

    10 dni temu

    I like those 2 trends. That's 鈥 Run in the opposite direction 鈥 Just a little bite 馃槀

  • Coop#19


    23 dni temu


  • Tails Crying with cosmo

    Tails Crying with cosmo

    26 dni temu

    I love your huskies馃槉

  • Tails Crying with cosmo

    Tails Crying with cosmo

    26 dni temu

    I love your huskies馃槉

  •  Pets and Animals
    Pets and Animals2 godzin temu

  • Lokendra Singh
    Lokendra Singh5 godzin temu

    Poor mom馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • 鈥CristinaYT鈥
    鈥CristinaYT鈥7 godzin temu

    OH, Hello Cutie Pies

  • Baby Goat
    Baby Goat14 godzin temu

    Never seen a husky so bushy tailed LOL they鈥檙e awesome though 馃槅

  • EveryThing's Die's
    EveryThing's Die's20 godzin temu

    Who Will I Choose Papa O Mama

  • Cute Couple
    Cute CoupleDzie艅 temu


  • Bhupendra Yadav
    Bhupendra YadavDzie艅 temu

    Thumbnail 1:04

  • 1christianGal
    1christianGalDzie艅 temu

    His eyes when she called him and he was right next to her 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Dominique Walker
    Dominique WalkerDzie艅 temu

    Skyy is like walk ye

  • Vox populi Vox Dei
    Vox populi Vox DeiDzie艅 temu

    I only dislike cuse of Nike

    JMS RECORD2 dni temu

    Good dog

  • Riya Nair
    Riya Nair2 dni temu

    Mountain husky. I have nothing to say but.....i love it! Thx thx so much for making this

  • Beyond imagination
    Beyond imagination2 dni temu

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  • Moyer Yoder
    Moyer Yoder2 dni temu

    The parallel gauge bizarrely stay because salmon inadvertently hate lest a loud sugar. onerous, goofy transport

  • Sona銇濄仾
    Sona銇濄仾4 dni temu

    Omg i felt bad for the mom when kakoa didnt run after her even once lololol

  • Lilli Thiem
    Lilli Thiem4 dni temu

    Aber auch s眉脽

  • Lilli Thiem
    Lilli Thiem4 dni temu

    Wie gemein

  • Compilation Funny VIDEOS
    Compilation Funny VIDEOS 5 dni temu


  • Tamil grows info
    Tamil grows info5 dni temu

    鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 Super

  • Devang Chauhan
    Devang Chauhan5 dni temu


  • Gokulaa krishnaa
    Gokulaa krishnaa6 dni temu

    Looking at the thumbnail first, I thought it was coby cotton from dude perfect 馃槀

  • Irene Ward
    Irene Ward6 dni temu

    Sky is like "I'm not even gonna bother, she knows I'm right here and I'm not playing this game".."wait except if we're going for a walk"..馃槄馃槄馃槄

  • 賲毓丕賵賷丞 丕賱賵乇賷賰丕鬲
    賲毓丕賵賷丞 丕賱賵乇賷賰丕鬲6 dni temu

    Farty me馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Brother Mouzone
    Brother Mouzone8 dni temu

    The irony: PLtoolss dropped hundreds of dog grooming videos into my feed. A trip is needed.

    HEALTH PLUS MEDIA9 dni temu

  • Sisi Me
    Sisi Me9 dni temu

    I love Husky dogs..I'm so obsessed

  • zura German Shepherd
    zura German Shepherd9 dni temu

  • Mohammed Kaif
    Mohammed Kaif9 dni temu

    Poor mom 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • BateyFam
    BateyFam9 dni temu

    Haha 1 was so funny 馃槅

  • NotTricks
    NotTricks10 dni temu

    rip mum, she tries everything xD

  • Ajit kumar
    Ajit kumar10 dni temu

    your dogs is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • Tata's wifue
    Tata's wifue10 dni temu

    1:16 His tail slowly went down

  • Olivia Samuels
    Olivia Samuels11 dni temu

    This is how I will decide custody cases...put the dog or the kids in the middle, order the parents to run.

  • Akshathraya
    Akshathraya11 dni temu

    this was copy of tucker

  • Alex Caps
    Alex Caps11 dni temu

    Kakoa:I smell us butt

  • Yzham12
    Yzham1211 dni temu

    I have a husky and if you throw some food and hide under a blanket he will jump on you

  • hollosollo
    hollosollo11 dni temu

    0:14 I find it interesting that the dog dont register immedietly that there a bump on the floor that wasnt there before.

  • 賲丨賲丿 噩賱丕賱
    賲丨賲丿 噩賱丕賱12 dni temu

    賲毓賷 3 賰賱丕亘 卮乇爻賷賳

  • Saarah Khan
    Saarah Khan12 dni temu

    Everyone do thissss

  • King Johnny
    King Johnny12 dni temu

    Both doggos are daddy's dogs 馃槄馃槄

  • Lizbeth Tumax-Bulux
    Lizbeth Tumax-Bulux12 dni temu


  • Faith Smith
    Faith Smith13 dni temu

    Lol馃槀馃槀馃槀love the dog dialogue texts

  • 袣褍 袣邪褉械泻褍
    袣褍 袣邪褉械泻褍13 dni temu

    The dog run after you bcs you said "go"

  • Herbert Gomez
    Herbert Gomez13 dni temu

    No, it's a guy's only natural

  • Talia Seven
    Talia Seven13 dni temu


  • Harish Akilan
    Harish Akilan14 dni temu

  • Prathamjot Singh
    Prathamjot Singh14 dni temu

    1:06 really he's always for dad 馃槀

  • Shinchan Nohara
    Shinchan Nohara14 dni temu

    Sky don't give a fuck馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Tesla The Labrador
    Tesla The Labrador14 dni temu

    Have to try this馃槃馃槄

  • Lea Toy Poodle
    Lea Toy Poodle 14 dni temu

  • Qi Huna
    Qi Huna15 dni temu

    *Emotional Abuse!*

  • M J
    M J15 dni temu

    The captions make it more even funnier.

  • kaali kaali
    kaali kaali15 dni temu


  • Shubham Vishwakarma
    Shubham Vishwakarma16 dni temu

    Husky be like , hold my nose.

  • Mitali Bhatt
    Mitali Bhatt16 dni temu

    1:07 lol馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 Look at her馃樄 Sky馃槀馃槀

  • ThiccBoy ChickenStrip
    ThiccBoy ChickenStrip16 dni temu

    LMAO Your vids are cool keep up the good work!

  • Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment
    Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment17 dni temu

    Dogs of all types do not take small bites. They will eat your lunch if you give it to them.

  • 袗薪褌芯薪 袚芯褉斜邪褔褢胁
    袗薪褌芯薪 袚芯褉斜邪褔褢胁18 dni temu

    袪械斜褟褌,褋写械谢邪泄褌械 褌邪泻,褔褌芯斜 锌芯-褉褍褋褋泻懈 斜褘谢芯 锌芯薪褟褌薪芯馃槉

  • Weird酶
    Weird酶18 dni temu

    0:49 she had us in the first half

  • Sterre van Dijk
    Sterre van Dijk18 dni temu

    I love this video

    NO NAME18 dni temu

    The one with the words was pretty cool :) Next time try calling for your dogs, using another name for them :) like "Come here ......." I started wondering if dogs really knew their own name, when calling for them. or if they just react to the "Come here"

  • journey and Valentina
    journey and Valentina18 dni temu

    Sky: uh which way I go

  • Anastacia Rivera
    Anastacia Rivera18 dni temu

    Brain Training For Dogs is the newest, funkiest, most tail-waggingest dog training course around!

  • Emily Taylor
    Emily Taylor18 dni temu


  • Williams Leland
    Williams Leland19 dni temu

    The cheap clock likely refuse because engine rhetorically continue sans a succinct grass. funny, unable creature

  • Precision Videography
    Precision Videography19 dni temu

    he knows who the alpha is

  • Silent Cyclist
    Silent Cyclist19 dni temu

    You should stop calling yourself mom, dad and get real children. Modern people are really weird. Hope you are not calling your parent dog or b..h

  • Anisha Agarwal
    Anisha Agarwal19 dni temu

    Man's best friend. Women:

  • huskyX
    huskyX19 dni temu


  • Kathy Huang
    Kathy Huang20 dni temu

    Every video is so 馃ぃ馃槂馃槀

  • leonardo Russo
    leonardo Russo20 dni temu

    Cara naomoode dar melancia pra husk

  • 鈾★笌鈥㈥unicornasthiecvibes戋傗⑩櫋锔
    鈾★笌鈥㈥unicornasthiecvibes戋傗⑩櫋锔20 dni temu

    I always wanted a husky because there so cute and they look like wolfs

  • HairlessFeline69
    HairlessFeline6920 dni temu

    They always wanna run with their dad

  • Da Li
    Da Li20 dni temu

    TikTok-Trends... What a brain-F***

  • Sky
    Sky20 dni temu

    Henlo whomans

  • Archishman Deka
    Archishman Deka20 dni temu

    Farty pants.....馃槀馃槀

  • Vintage
    Vintage20 dni temu

    Dad: You want a little bite? Sky: I want a lot of bite鉂

  • SR - 07ML 756153 Calderstone MS
    SR - 07ML 756153 Calderstone MS20 dni temu

    Tried to make her to follow you but nope, Not happening, Sorry Mom of her

  • Alice Lewis
    Alice Lewis20 dni temu (銇ワ健鈼曗库库棔锝)銇 饾棢.饾棦 饾棭.饾棙 馃敟 饾棪.饾棙 饾棲. 馃懅馃槂浠婂緦銇皸銈掋儵銈ゃ儢閰嶄俊銇啀绶ㄣ亗銈娿亴銇ㄣ亞銇с仚XD锛#銇撱伄鏃ャ伄銉┿偆銉栭厤淇°伅銆#銇嬨仾銈夈倞銈勩伆銇嬨仯銇熴仹銇欍伃锛#锛戜竾浜恒倰瓒呫亪銈嬩汉銇岃銇︺亜銇熴倐銈擄紙#绗戯級#銈勩仯銇便倞浜哄弬鏈楂橈紒#銇俱仌銇嬨伄銈儭銉╁垏銈婂繕銈屻仹銈勩倝1銇嬨仐銇熴伄銈傘儔銈儔銈仹銇椼仧, #@鍦ㄦ暣鍊嬩汉椤炴鍙蹭笂锛 #寮疯咃紝*瀵屼汉鍜屽叿鏈夌嫛鐚剧壒璩殑浜烘崟椋熼儴钀斤紝#姘忔棌锛#$鍩庨幃锛#鍩庡競鍜岄剦鏉戜腑鐨勫急鑰咃紝鐒'瀹堝拰璨х鎴愬摗銆傜劧鑰岋紝浜洪鐨勭敓瀛樻剰椤樿揩浣块偅浜涜鎷掔禃锛#琚墲濂垨鎽ф瘈鐨勫熀鏈渶姹傜殑浜哄戞壘鍒颁簡涓绋敓娲绘柟寮忥紝#涓︾辜绾屽皣鍏 铻嶅叆涓嶆柗鐧煎睍鐨勪汉椤炵ぞ鏈冦.#瑾埌椋熺墿锛#涓嶈浠ョ偤閭d簺琚嫆绲曠殑浜哄彧鍚冨瀮鍦俱俋D#鐩稿弽锛#浠栧戝鏈冧簡鍦ㄨ蹇借鐨勮倝椤炲拰钄彍涓皨鎵剧嚐椁娿#浠栧戝鏈冧簡娓呮綌锛#鍒囧锛#瑾垮懗鍜屾參鐕夋參鐕夌殑閲庤彍鍜岃倝椤烉煈┾嶏紝#_鍦ㄩ鍝佸競鍫翠笂琚拷鐣ョ殑閮ㄥ垎瀹剁敤钄彍鍜岃倝椤烇紝#涓︿笖瀛告渻浜嗕娇鐢ㄨ姵棣欑殑鏈ㄧ厵锛#濡傚北鏍告锛#灞辨牳妗冨拰璞嗙鐏屾湪 #@渚嗚鍛抽XD^

  • Zzaman Film
    Zzaman Film21 dzie艅 temu

    The one thing I hate about us... I meant human that is controlling and over confident. Why you guys need to think from dog's perspective and write in a way that they are talking! Overconfident because you think you know they are saying the exact thing you wrote and controlling viewers mind by doing this. Come on and have some respect about animals and humans! You own doesn't mean you have to say their words!

  • pendyala narsireddy
    pendyala narsireddy21 dzie艅 temu

    hey lots of love and its been 3 weeks since u uploded a video waiting

  • Shriya Jaiswal
    Shriya Jaiswal21 dzie艅 temu

    It was birthday on 2nd of Mayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILY SKY AND KAKOA.... U R SOOO CUTEE

  • sivakumar murugasen
    sivakumar murugasen21 dzie艅 temu

    Skaya and kokoa for little bite: Thanks dad this is my little bite

  • Peachy
    Peachy21 dzie艅 temu

    "uh hot boxn?" 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Famitha Dxb
    Famitha Dxb21 dzie艅 temu

    The 2nd, 3rd and 5th one was my fav

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe21 dzie艅 temu

    Damn, the running in different direction one got him 馃槀

  • Savid Watkins
    Savid Watkins21 dzie艅 temu

    Sky's like I'm here..... what ?

  • Miguel Chavez
    Miguel Chavez21 dzie艅 temu

    I've seen all your videos and they are all amazing

  • Miguel Chavez
    Miguel Chavez21 dzie艅 temu

    Great video

  • DinoPlayz
    DinoPlayz22 dni temu

    When huskies are supposed to be vocal but I've only seen them bark once XD

  • ManCamp
    ManCamp22 dni temu

    It's just because he's faster and dogs have prey drive and want the challenge! The dog loves you way more. Same with my wife and I lol

    JULIUS JONG SHIN HUI22 dni temu

    Poor mom 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Jayeeta Baidya
    Jayeeta Baidya22 dni temu

    I want husky 馃槴 馃様!!!

  • Vasantha Kengatharan
    Vasantha Kengatharan22 dni temu

    When 馃寣 Sky馃寣 comes back with the ball when they did the disappearing trick.... What I see when husky comes back: BONG BONG BONG BONG馃槀馃槀馃挏

  • Ookiieglow
    Ookiieglow22 dni temu

    Lol I love these the huskies are so cute

  • 鍖楃澶-浣曞畻榫
    鍖楃澶-浣曞畻榫22 dni temu

    fuck my time

  • Liam Aguilar
    Liam Aguilar22 dni temu

    Your dogs are so cute

  • Kristi Ward
    Kristi Ward22 dni temu

    How old is sky she looks like Oakley from gone. To the snowmdogs

  • Kristi Ward

    Kristi Ward

    22 dni temu

    Snow dog

  • Akinola Yemisi
    Akinola Yemisi22 dni temu

    Sky is tired if mom's pranks馃槀馃槀馃槀