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Video Name: Totally Random Funny Animal Videos 4 - Try Not To Laugh 2021 | Pet Squad
Welcome back to Pet Squad, Where you can find the best, the funniest animal fail videos in the world. This video will contain some funny videos 2021. Enjoy the video, and comment what you like the most.
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  • Ronaldo Castro
    Ronaldo Castro10 godzin temu

    Voc锚 n茫o traz dor nunca mais vou confiar em

  • Dwi Pangestu
    Dwi Pangestu3 dni temu


    G_O_G MASTER7 dni temu

    I am not kid I am nott馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Maria Sahad
    Maria Sahad13 dni temu

    @0:36 what ter f***

  • Christina Kritch
    Christina Kritch14 dni temu

    No laugh until the cat launched the booger missile into the girls mouth... 馃惐

  • 諒T釛瘁棭釛 釛丰憣釕
    諒T釛瘁棭釛 釛丰憣釕17 dni temu

    I see...there a slime dog jumping like a rabbit but have a slimy body (銉-銉;)銈

  • Zany World Comedy
    Zany World Comedy17 dni temu

    Very funny馃槀

  • Salman Soomro
    Salman Soomro17 dni temu

    hahahahahahaha very funny nice video

  • Sjdjs Ahxhah
    Sjdjs Ahxhah17 dni temu

    So funny

  • Aurora Rodr铆guez
    Aurora Rodr铆guez18 dni temu

    00:28 pobrecito perrito se orino de miedo ,como entrenar谩n a estos bellos seres??馃槺

  • jhonatan g
    jhonatan g18 dni temu

    0:03 incre铆ble como admiten eso en casa. 馃槻馃樀馃樀馃樀

  • Asterart
    Asterart19 dni temu

    It's funnier when your mom in nearby and you're not supposed to be watching PLtoolss

  • Dzika Dolina
    Dzika Dolina19 dni temu


  • gopinath nath
    gopinath nath19 dni temu


  • Seema Sharma
    Seema Sharma19 dni temu


  • Parvati Paari
    Parvati Paari22 dni temu


  • Sagar Rastogi
    Sagar Rastogi24 dni temu

    Fake thumbnail. Not right.

  • Charlotte Todoroki
    Charlotte Todoroki25 dni temu

    2:09 it鈥檚 me

  • Rie Elle
    Rie Elle27 dni temu

    Smirking cat knows that you cheated on another cat just for him.

  • Galaxy Dragon
    Galaxy Dragon29 dni temu

    Wow this video killed me馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • 釆a媿釄寖釈 釆a壈釄撫埑釄滇墸 釈尌釐嬦姤 釅滇實釄嫮 釄冡寛釄ㄡ嫮 釋メ埆釈 釆曖墵釄
    釆a媿釄寖釈 釆a壈釄撫埑釄滇墸 釈尌釐嬦姤 釅滇實釄嫮 釄冡寛釄ㄡ嫮 釋メ埆釈 釆曖墵釄29 dni temu

    fake video

  • Themadeye
    Themadeye29 dni temu

    Ahhhhhhhh sooo cuttteeeee

  • Samir Hajong
    Samir HajongMiesi膮c temu

    Some 1 help me 2 find the song

  • Samir Hajong
    Samir HajongMiesi膮c temu

    How can i get that song that the kid is singing { you make me happy best friend }

  • Pet Squad

    Pet Squad

    Miesi膮c temu

    You can search Best Friend | @tootymcnooty on youtube. But this is only a sound effect and it is only 20 seconds long

  • Mug Wort
    Mug WortMiesi膮c temu


  • CaRrIe 4TwIn E
    CaRrIe 4TwIn EMiesi膮c temu

    Oh my back

  • CaRrIe 4TwIn E
    CaRrIe 4TwIn EMiesi膮c temu

    Cats lucky

  • Lalan Kumar
    Lalan KumarMiesi膮c temu


  • 鈿IANA 鈽
    鈿IANA 鈽Miesi膮c temu

    wow, give it to me 馃槅

  • Kirito Hell
    Kirito HellMiesi膮c temu

    楔芯 薪邪褌锌褉械胁褜褞

  • Patricia VALIAME
    Patricia VALIAMEMiesi膮c temu


  • Kjell Ringstr枚m
    Kjell Ringstr枚mMiesi膮c temu

    Many of these I found more disturbing than fun. :/

  • Gott Heiliger
    Gott HeiligerMiesi膮c temu

    2:57 music name?

  • Shannon Hensley
    Shannon HensleyMiesi膮c temu

    Some don't seem right Like the dog that pees at the magic trick.

  • Clockwork
    ClockworkMiesi膮c temu

    3:50 I see 2 eyes, im sick?..

  • The Overall Guy
    The Overall GuyMiesi膮c temu

    :23 this dog is pissing itself

  • Suavecito Robot
    Suavecito RobotMiesi膮c temu

    No le veo la gracia obvio no like

  • lifewasting
    lifewastingMiesi膮c temu

    Down vote ! Thumbnail picture not in video. Clickbait. Hate that!

  • Daniel Mosquera
    Daniel MosqueraMiesi膮c temu

    Miniatura is fake

  • Mostm谩r Nem vagyok itt
    Mostm谩r Nem vagyok ittMiesi膮c temu

    What is this?? 2:00

  • Tamara L贸pez Arce
    Tamara L贸pez ArceMiesi膮c temu

    Esenas asquerosas pero graciosas

  • Xer Tindus
    Xer TindusMiesi膮c temu


  • Santiago Agudelo
    Santiago AgudeloMiesi膮c temu

    Oy soy yo el perro se meo

  • Pobuda Marion
    Pobuda MarionMiesi膮c temu

    Na ja ich verstehe es nicht dass sich Tiere weh tun und andere das belustigend finden krasse Welt!

  • Jose Mayo
    Jose MayoMiesi膮c temu

    2:35 creating the covid-19.

  • Nile Perch
    Nile PerchMiesi膮c temu

    I would take that cat on a one way trip to weedon island !!!!!!!!!!!!馃拃

  • Miguel Aguiar
    Miguel AguiarMiesi膮c temu

    Damn...but I already knew a nechrophile rat couldn't exist

  • Nubia Lopez
    Nubia LopezMiesi膮c temu

    2:36 creyeron q no lo notariamos ? Sabemos q haci empezo el covid Jsjsjsj

  • O-Chamar Lifestyle2
    O-Chamar Lifestyle2Miesi膮c temu

    None made me laugh 馃馃え

  • alejandra herrera
    alejandra herreraMiesi膮c temu

    I love cats 馃悎

  • indra cahya
    indra cahyaMiesi膮c temu

    don't forget to leave dislike

  • 賰賴乇亘丕 爻賱爻賷賵賳
    賰賴乇亘丕 爻賱爻賷賵賳Miesi膮c temu


  • Kittentecute 鈥⑨礂鈥
    Kittentecute 鈥⑨礂鈥Miesi膮c temu

    I came here for the thumbnail I was indeed disappointed 馃槱馃憥馃徎

  • Tatiana Justiniano
    Tatiana JustinianoMiesi膮c temu


  • Janiter Inadrum
    Janiter InadrumMiesi膮c temu

    @ 0:27 look out where the Huskies go

  • Sara the princess
    Sara the princessMiesi膮c temu

    That was so funny and cute whit the boy馃槄馃ぃ

  • Sam Ham
    Sam HamMiesi膮c temu

    It's funny but I didn't really didn't listen馃槙

  • 袦邪泻褋懈屑 袠胁邪薪芯胁
    袦邪泻褋懈屑 袠胁邪薪芯胁Miesi膮c temu


  • Simple boy 3.0
    Simple boy 3.0Miesi膮c temu

    Great work

  • Markus Daniels
    Markus DanielsMiesi膮c temu


  • Kacy Watson
    Kacy WatsonMiesi膮c temu

    The reasons why I don't have a can or dog.

  • Sandrine Miji
    Sandrine MijiMiesi膮c temu

    Ok i got a nail and those cats don't like each other one got kissed and other is sad

  • Stevan Stevic
    Stevan StevicMiesi膮c temu

    1:30 someone know where this tune is from . Song/movie/game ... it sounds familiar , can't remember , too short to scan... Tnx

    WTF_ENIGMAMiesi膮c temu

    He spit on her

  • 袣邪褋褌懈褝谢褜
    袣邪褋褌懈褝谢褜Miesi膮c temu

    Not funny at all

  • 闄抽噾鏉
    闄抽噾鏉Miesi膮c temu


  • javier b艂aszczyk 銉
    javier b艂aszczyk 銉Miesi膮c temu

    Niez艂y film chyba jestem jedynym polskim komentarzem xD

  • Bryku


    Miesi膮c temu


  • Amy Dandridge
    Amy DandridgeMiesi膮c temu

    Click bait

  • Angela Rhianne Bendanillo
    Angela Rhianne BendanilloMiesi膮c temu

    3:47 i can't stop laugh

  • Angela Rhianne Bendanillo

    Angela Rhianne Bendanillo

    Miesi膮c temu


  • Funky Doggy
    Funky DoggyMiesi膮c temu

    Where is mouse fucking scene?

  • My world
    My worldMiesi膮c temu

    Where the hell are those rats, I clicked only bcoz of them u sucker, now I鈥檓 reporting this shit video

  • My world
    My worldMiesi膮c temu

    3:15 tharki doggo

  • adwin masih
    adwin masihMiesi膮c temu

    That panda 馃惣馃槀

  • linda chica
    linda chicaMiesi膮c temu

    It is not funny at all, putting the mouse photo in a trap is something very cruel and macabre

  • Mark Kingston
    Mark KingstonMiesi膮c temu

    There is nothing funny about a cat strinking at a dog's face. They can damage an eye instantly. If you see a cat striking at a dog's face, kick the fucker into the middle of next week! When will people wake up?

  • TheTubejunky
    TheTubejunkyMiesi膮c temu

    Try to fkn hard with all the edits and stupid sound effects. Bs channel good bye

  • Shadowfang The Destroyer
    Shadowfang The DestroyerMiesi膮c temu

    What is that run馃ぃ馃槀

  • bruhmantri
    bruhmantriMiesi膮c temu

    Press f for rat in thumbnail 馃様

  • Monu Nishad
    Monu NishadMiesi膮c temu

    Jo dikhananhi rhta h o lgate kyu hai be

  • DontgiveemNothing O
    DontgiveemNothing OMiesi膮c temu

    0:27 Does anyone else notice the dog is pissing itself?

  • Jim Gardner
    Jim GardnerMiesi膮c temu

    All very beautiful.

  • Muti Muit
    Muti MuitMiesi膮c temu

    at 03:37 not funny at all, cus i lost my cat in that exact accident and broke her neck):

  • 0410
    0410Miesi膮c temu

    0:38 is so cute

  • 袦邪谢械薪褜泻懈泄 械薪芯褌

    袦邪谢械薪褜泻懈泄 械薪芯褌

    Miesi膮c temu


  • Piero Godinez
    Piero GodinezMiesi膮c temu

    Ok, You got me I'm here from thumbnail 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Uros Matijasevic

    Uros Matijasevic

    Miesi膮c temu


  • Bold Fuck
    Bold FuckMiesi膮c temu

    Click bait... only came first the mouse trap 馃

  • Brian Nemenzo
    Brian NemenzoMiesi膮c temu

    4:40 cat-erpillars

  • Aman Karma

    Aman Karma

    Miesi膮c temu


  • Jody Reeder
    Jody ReederMiesi膮c temu

    Way too funny, in a sense.

  • Fonzie Bulldog
    Fonzie BulldogMiesi膮c temu


  • H Z
    H ZMiesi膮c temu

    thumbnail 5:46

  • will纬 will纬
    will纬 will纬Miesi膮c temu

    馃槼馃槼 the thumbnail

  • Mohammed AL MUHAIRI
    Mohammed AL MUHAIRIMiesi膮c temu

    funnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy funnnnnnnnyyyyyy I laugh so much

    RAGERAPTERMiesi膮c temu

    Soooo 3:59 cuuuuuute!!!! 馃グ馃グ馃グ馃ぉ馃槏馃槝

  • Meow Meow
    Meow MeowMiesi膮c temu


  • manamar geme
    manamar gemeMiesi膮c temu

    0:27 - _-

  • Xavier
    XavierMiesi膮c temu

    3:13 xxx with air He is single (锟.锟)

  • Nikhil Agrawal
    Nikhil AgrawalMiesi膮c temu

    Basically a Clickbait video 馃枙

    AK HARSH GAMINGMiesi膮c temu

    I got cilick baited

    HAIDEN FACTSMiesi膮c temu

    Ispiration kita sa mga ginagawa kong video...sana may manood sa youtube videos ko鉂わ笍

  • Next Movie
    Next MovieMiesi膮c temu

    Dislike because the thumbnail is not included in this video .

    RED PLAYHUBMiesi膮c temu

    饾晝饾晼饾暐'饾暏 饾暀饾晼饾暆饾暋 饾暊饾暐饾暀饾晼饾暎 饾暎饾晼饾晵饾晹饾暀 饾暊饾暒饾暎 饾晽饾暁饾暎饾暏饾暐 饾煓饾煒饾煒饾煒 饾暏饾暒饾晸饾暏饾晹饾暎饾暁饾晸饾晼饾暎饾暏馃グ