This Wish Tech is a SCAM.

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  • The Other Scudje123
    The Other Scudje1234 godzin temu

    8:00 the iPhone 4 was my first phone and I have the 12 now 馃槀馃槶

  • Chutton Gaming
    Chutton Gaming15 godzin temu

    They never made a iPhone 4s

  • Samuel Williams The Founding Father
    Samuel Williams The Founding Father18 godzin temu

    take the damn mask off

  • Daniel_Yuzu YT
    Daniel_Yuzu YT23 godzin temu

    im austin evan's 5th million subscriber 馃槉馃槉馃槉馃榿馃榿馃榿

  • rafatw
    rafatwDzie艅 temu


  • Funky J
    Funky J2 dni temu

    Hey! They accurately priced the Samsung Beans!

  • DaddytechEnt
    DaddytechEnt2 dni temu

    *You wear am ask while outside not even around anyone? you're a special kind of robot aren't you* ?

  • Mia Khalifa
    Mia Khalifa2 dni temu

    bruv look at the fingers XD its litterly an imposter

  • luke
    luke2 dni temu

    $10 bill sounds fishy

  • C0de V
    C0de V3 dni temu

    Yoo i saw gura and ina!!!

  • luca noy
    luca noy3 dni temu

    that lipo on the table did it com,e from wish if so u just brought a bomb that couldgo of at anytime 12:15

  • Tiernan Cusack
    Tiernan Cusack4 dni temu

    my first iphone was an iphone 3G

  • Liam Ashkenazi
    Liam Ashkenazi4 dni temu

    I was like 8 when i got the iphone 4s it was great for me

  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown4 dni temu

    Lol 馃槅 the iPhone 4s sucks it鈥檚 obsolete but galaxy s4 with a T-Mobile version has a unlocked boot loader and will be able to run android 10 rom 馃憠 I own 1 that I installed android on plus a few Samsung note 3 with unlocked boot loader running android 10 both will be getting android 11.

  • LavaCreeperBOSSB
    LavaCreeperBOSSB4 dni temu

    Austin I have a bloggie touch

  • 1Teb
    1Teb4 dni temu

    almost 5 mil, lets go

  • DragonBlazeKing189
    DragonBlazeKing1895 dni temu

    Editor, you really had to take over and ruined the video bruh..... 19:47

  • Aaron Brookes
    Aaron Brookes5 dni temu

    I found a laptop on Wish for $8, expecting total rubbish but for only $11 with delivery, might as well give it a try aha

  • Eric The Cat
    Eric The Cat5 dni temu

    i saw ina and gura lesgo 馃憖

  • John Monteon
    John Monteon5 dni temu

    I once bought a HP Chromebox that I found at a swap meet in a large nasty cardboard box filled with wires. Seen an "i7 inside" sticker, so I asked the stall vendor how much. 30 dollars. ONLY 30 BUCKS! :O Bought it immediately even without a charger, so it was a gamble at the time whether it actually worked. But turned out to be perfect condition. I erased Chrome OS without thinking once about it lol. Installed Windows 10, and used it to play GTA V on its integrated igpu at Medium settings and 50+ fps for a whole year. Only downside? It only had a 16GB internal m.2 drive (and this was when nvmes were not available at the time). Regular m.2 drives were too much to justify buying at the time, so I literally had an m.2 to sata wire in ghetto fashion hanging off the exposed motherboard and going to a HDD that was bigger than itself XD. I later replaced that with a 128GB m.2, and sold the whole "Windows 10, Modified intel i7 Chromebox" for just over $500. I could have sold it for $800-900

  • Chris Olvera
    Chris Olvera5 dni temu

    That iphone 4 has better camera then my new potato iphone 12

  • MikeOnTheBox
    MikeOnTheBox6 dni temu

    Starts at 4:25

  • MRnoscopes
    MRnoscopes7 dni temu

    lol he said wish knows him and i see a shirt of weed on it hmmm austin wanna talk bout? lol

  • Haidar Waidar
    Haidar Waidar7 dni temu

    He is soo close to 5M

  • The Indian Shogun
    The Indian Shogun7 dni temu

    Anyone else notice that Austin also watches Donut Media 馃槄

  • Roadent1241
    Roadent12417 dni temu

    Interesting stuff today. My main question is, where do I get that RoboRaptor T-shirt? Trying to search for the RoboRaptor JP logo brings up nothing XD But thank you for reminding me what the raptor on my shelf is called!

  • Bobby Ching Chang
    Bobby Ching Chang8 dni temu


    ANDR脡S COD8 dni temu


  • Mynati
    Mynati8 dni temu

    We ain't asking about why Austin has Hololive on his recommend tab? Aight then.

  • NTG
    NTG9 dni temu

    I'll unsubscribe from u before This Is

  • Shivam Sachdeva
    Shivam Sachdeva9 dni temu

    Sorry note 20 ultra

  • Shivam Sachdeva
    Shivam Sachdeva9 dni temu

    Note to ultra from wish please i am your subscriber please

  • Ingmar Van olffen
    Ingmar Van olffen9 dni temu

    Damn im still here before 5mil subs

  • Not Cool Zombies Memez
    Not Cool Zombies Memez10 dni temu


  • Neil Murphy
    Neil Murphy11 dni temu

    My Lidl scooter has way more power than that one it has 36 volts and is very quite is

  • callum was here
    callum was here12 dni temu

    I got a wish ad before this lol

  • AzizHaKa
    AzizHaKa12 dni temu

    6:24 hmmm... Is this ken account or austin account, gawr gura and ninomaes on the front recommendation page

  • jUNCK
    jUNCK12 dni temu

    Petition for Austin to wear a mascot costume every mystery tech

  • Tyler Pyler
    Tyler Pyler13 dni temu

    His first recommended PLtoolss video was a Ninomae Ina'nis stream, you are very cultured

  • Pattarapark Chutisamoot

    Pattarapark Chutisamoot

    10 dni temu

    There is Gura and Aqua too

  • i exist to help with the algorithm
    i exist to help with the algorithm13 dni temu

    0:36 i love how much it costs.

  • Brahma Sharma
    Brahma Sharma13 dni temu

    1:27 nice That's a bot.

  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson13 dni temu

    Cool video tech talk lol yes ok yep

  • Charlie Nyiti
    Charlie Nyiti13 dni temu

    wish knows me! first item? WEED

  • Nate105 L
    Nate105 L13 dni temu

    21:38 yeah because you have the E 100 which is made for kids you would need the E300 to get more power

  • nachin wah
    nachin wah13 dni temu

    10:51 oh wow...

  • Yodi Quan
    Yodi Quan14 dni temu

    That little Chromebook box thing is really cool I would buy one of those and use it to play games and stuff

  • Nugget Chicken
    Nugget Chicken14 dni temu


  • Captain Crumb
    Captain Crumb14 dni temu

    1M people came just to see Austin unbox a Chromebox.

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer14 dni temu

    I have the charger

  • chris cheap tech
    chris cheap tech14 dni temu

    Why are you wearing a mask out side no one is there but you weird

  • IchBin NichDa
    IchBin NichDa14 dni temu

    the switch thing is kinda useless to a person like me, i have close to no friends.

  • Phasair
    Phasair14 dni temu

    6:23 Austin is a vtuber fan confirmed

  • dragosbelar
    dragosbelar14 dni temu

    I thought majority of things on wish are a scam.

  • Eggbag
    Eggbag15 dni temu

    I didn't know that Austin was so RIPPED.

  • Brendon
    Brendon15 dni temu

    Someone be doin donuts in the parking lot at 21:14

    CBConROBLOX15 dni temu

    1:27 normal people-galaxy buds dankpods viewers-ah you silly that's the samsung beans

  • Daniel Hollibaugh
    Daniel Hollibaugh15 dni temu

    Install CloudReady馃槤

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson15 dni temu

    Anyone know what the music is called that plays when he's opening the Chrome Box? Cause not gonna lie, I kinda vibe with it

  • Vlad Maierean
    Vlad Maierean15 dni temu

    "the sky is blue"

  • SomeOddball
    SomeOddball16 dni temu

    Even if the Samsung B E A N S are real, They're not worth it. Just rebranded AKG stuff that sounds like crap.

  • Dan Loeb
    Dan Loeb16 dni temu

    I didn't need to see or know about those tiny toenails.

  • 鍚嶅瓧鐪熼夯鐓
    鍚嶅瓧鐪熼夯鐓16 dni temu

    I see Austin is a man of culture as well

  • Josh Simon
    Josh Simon17 dni temu

    My first phone was a white iPhone 5

  • Barry the Fish
    Barry the Fish17 dni temu

    I think i'm gonna now watch some cat vids to wake my brain up

  • Harira Normal
    Harira Normal17 dni temu

    7:44 seeing that S4 is so nostalgic wow

  • Rusty
    Rusty17 dni temu

    Why are you wearing a mask outdoors in the open empty parking lot?

  • Summerslice
    Summerslice17 dni temu

    The iPhone 4s' camera was way better than I thought! haha

  • Name
    Name18 dni temu

    Iphone 4s a simpler time!

  • messin' with the d630
    messin' with the d63018 dni temu

    Install chromium os on the chromebox

  • Salaphiel
    Salaphiel18 dni temu

    Ken: you're literally the most fit person at the office Me: he just looks like an average skinny guy 2:11 me: oh 馃槼

  • Among Everything
    Among Everything18 dni temu

    8:49 bro theres a button that flips the camera on the screen lol

  • pokebrouserkat
    pokebrouserkat18 dni temu

    The scooter seems legit. Better than my REAL razer scooter

  • W Hero team
    W Hero team18 dni temu

    Turn the sony camera into a smart phone

  • Dawson Mcmahan
    Dawson Mcmahan18 dni temu

    what happend to the ipad thing

  • quazstra
    quazstra18 dni temu

    the word 鈥渨ish鈥 if you rearrange the letters it鈥檚 鈥渟cam鈥 don鈥檛 check it鈥檚 true

  • Leaf
    Leaf19 dni temu

    21:21 Wait. No face masks inside鈥. But you wear one outside?鈥 that makes no sense at all.

  • Thomas Corbett
    Thomas Corbett19 dni temu

    Just gonna say love the sponsor this video been using visible for over a year is been great

  • GonKillua14
    GonKillua1419 dni temu

    The music was amazing in this video

  • Olivez Playz
    Olivez Playz19 dni temu

    THIS IS AN FAILING CHANNEL me: I am confusion

  • cardboard gang銉熷湡褰
    cardboard gang銉熷湡褰19 dni temu


  • Pokenis
    Pokenis19 dni temu

    Austin Evans: The iPhone 4s has a special place in my heart because this was my very first iPhone. Me: then we even cause the iPhone 4s was my very first phone/ iPhone too.

  • Grzegorz HoszkoNl
    Grzegorz HoszkoNl19 dni temu

    Can I have chromebox if you don't need it or want to get rid of it?

  • Deathlysilence27
    Deathlysilence2719 dni temu

    "I see wish knows me" * Picture of weed shirt * 馃槀馃槀

  • Travis Howie
    Travis Howie20 dni temu

    3 ad plugs in the same video? we get it look into visible, damn.... lol

  • CaseyPlayz
    CaseyPlayz20 dni temu

    12:09: Austin sounds like a salty hater there.

  • Gaming_3461 YT
    Gaming_3461 YT20 dni temu

    Do mystery tech on lazada. A philippine online shop with lots of scams that looks totally legit and i will promise you dat ur gonna get scammed馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • vanko gaming
    vanko gaming21 dzie艅 temu

    The iPad never came sad face

  • Jack Cooney
    Jack Cooney21 dzie艅 temu

    I am a simple man. I see vtubers on the screen, I like.

  • Full Movies

    Full Movies

    15 dni temu

    me too

  • Elijah Dennis
    Elijah Dennis21 dzie艅 temu

    A chrome box is just a trash Mac mini

  • ni.ko386
    ni.ko38621 dzie艅 temu

    this austin guy seems like a douche

  • Armir Vranari
    Armir Vranari21 dzie艅 temu

    The bloggy touch or whatever the name is looks better then his new camera

  • 48MP l BEAST
    48MP l BEAST21 dzie艅 temu

    i actually have a fully perfect sony bloggie touch

  • W Hero team
    W Hero team21 dzie艅 temu

    I can't find blitz buy on the wish app ??? How do you have it? I want to try it?

  • Ruby Gloom
    Ruby Gloom22 dni temu

    Next person who says they got scammed on a particular item from wish bouta fight me. Wish as a whole is a scam. Don鈥檛 buy from there. Ever. Just delete account and download amazon. You鈥檙e welcome

  • Josh
    Josh22 dni temu

    The way he knew exactly what it was but still asked was such cringe acting

    DORGS22 dni temu

    imagine he just said "todays sponsor is wish" I would literally die of laughter

  • that one commenting gatorade

    that one commenting gatorade

    7 dni temu

    Wow these mediocre fake beats sound... decent!

  • Jack Scudder
    Jack Scudder22 dni temu

    I wouldn鈥檛 get a cromebook even for free. Cromebooks are expensive trash cans.

  • ComputerNerdInside
    ComputerNerdInside22 dni temu

    iPhone 4S camera for today: awful, holy crap that's bad. But I imagine for 2011 it wasn't all that bad. Resolution is okay.

  • Ainsley Cumberbatch
    Ainsley Cumberbatch22 dni temu

    He could鈥檝e definitely got that candy if he just bought the sticker lol

  • Usha Dvsn
    Usha Dvsn22 dni temu

    9:17 me : this is not what i signed up for 馃槕