Strange cats 馃惥


Lots and lots of strange cats!
No worries, they are ultra friendly :3
Cat is chat in french :D
The song is Mario paint- Gnat attack!


  • oogaboogabe
    oogaboogabeGodzin臋 temu

    1:35 is my spirit animal

  • Puggoh
    PuggohGodzin臋 temu

    Give them 1Mil subs

  • :3 537 ???
    :3 537 ???2 godzin temu

    AMOGUS CAT 0:38

  • Strike
    Strike2 godzin temu

    It made me laugh

  • ID All Abode PH
    ID All Abode PH3 godzin temu

    milk cat

  • ID All Abode PH
    ID All Abode PH3 godzin temu

    is that octpus cat

  • ID All Abode PH
    ID All Abode PH3 godzin temu

    that shadow strange cat creeped me did you got creeped

  • ID All Abode PH
    ID All Abode PH3 godzin temu

    is that the shadow thing again

  • ID All Abode PH
    ID All Abode PH3 godzin temu

    spider cat is strange

  • ID All Abode PH
    ID All Abode PH3 godzin temu

    hey that shadow little thing is not a cat

  • ID All Abode PH
    ID All Abode PH3 godzin temu

    half cat is strange what i saw when i watched it

  • Ragnare
    Ragnare3 godzin temu

    I remember hearing that music for the first time on Sr pelo鈥檚 channel

  • FoxBlue
    FoxBlue3 godzin temu

    0:03 Is Momo's cat

  • Finn Playz
    Finn Playz4 godzin temu


  • S谋la M.
    S谋la M.5 godzin temu

    What is this 馃榿馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Yuki Himeragi
    Yuki Himeragi5 godzin temu

    Est谩 genial!!!馃枻馃憣鉁ㄢ湪鉁煂堭煂堭煂堭煉栶煉栶煉

  • Alessio 2002
    Alessio 20026 godzin temu

    1:25 whet the cat is sus

  • Alessio 2002

    Alessio 2002

    6 godzin temu


    -LEMONS ARE CUTE-6 godzin temu


  • Malika Kacang kedelai
    Malika Kacang kedelai6 godzin temu

    i love how all of the black cat was a mysterious blob of void

  • Scout the Commenter
    Scout the Commenter8 godzin temu


  • Sackboy _0724
    Sackboy _07248 godzin temu

    Cinco peso

  • Sasgo
    Sasgo9 godzin temu

    God created an entirely new state of matter for our favourite feline friends called cat. Man just used this term to define the animal itself. Trust me, I read the pawly Bible

  • Franzwa
    Franzwa9 godzin temu

    i cried tears of laughter and joy well done ;v;

  • johnno boy
    johnno boy9 godzin temu

    choose your fighter

    JOJO'S CAT9 godzin temu


  • 脝nigma
    脝nigma10 godzin temu

    I keep coming back to this video. It's so fun to watch.

  • AJ /wizzard
    AJ /wizzard11 godzin temu

    Someone has to make this a game

  • konrad afton
    konrad afton12 godzin temu

    1:34 don't say it

  • proman i inni
    proman i inni12 godzin temu

    this new battle cats update looks cool

  • eliete ribeiro de sousa
    eliete ribeiro de sousa13 godzin temu


  • Trace Balke
    Trace Balke13 godzin temu

    1:42 RUN...

  • Priscila diaz
    Priscila diaz14 godzin temu

    me encanto el gato negro flotante

  • UniversalDoge
    UniversalDoge15 godzin temu

    0:49 Me after a few months of quarantine

  • Sugalon com
    Sugalon com15 godzin temu

    Something's really sus about this Cat... 1:34

  • Nanzymyap
    Nanzymyap15 godzin temu

    1 Minute 57 seconds well spent

  • UwU chan~~~
    UwU chan~~~16 godzin temu


  • Seifchen
    Seifchen16 godzin temu

    a classic video that will be recorded in history books one day

  • {Lune and Lilas }
    {Lune and Lilas }16 godzin temu


  • Xxlord _WhippedcreamxX
    Xxlord _WhippedcreamxX17 godzin temu


  • 袙邪谢械薪褌懈薪邪 小褌械谢褜屑邪褏
    袙邪谢械薪褌懈薪邪 小褌械谢褜屑邪褏17 godzin temu

    1:35 邪屑芯谐褍褋馃槮

  • Feels Bad
    Feels Bad17 godzin temu

    I like how every black cat in this video is made of pure void

  • Hunter Plozza
    Hunter Plozza18 godzin temu

    0:46 my sleep paralysis demon checking in on me to see if I'm ok

  • Tommy West
    Tommy West18 godzin temu

    1:10thats a cat

  • Charis Gavanas
    Charis Gavanas19 godzin temu


  • Devin Mauri
    Devin Mauri19 godzin temu

    Getting out of bed: 0:29 Going to school: 0:57 Waiting in class: 0:38 Running back home: 0:27 Devin Mauri 1:37 : Cat In The Image And Animation : AAAAAHHHHHH

  • maukat :3
    maukat :319 godzin temu


  • Dylan Aydin
    Dylan Aydin20 godzin temu

    1:34 AMONG us

  • amandla22323
    amandla2232321 godzin臋 temu

    meow i guess ?????

  • justaweeb that likes attack on titan
    justaweeb that likes attack on titan22 godzin temu

    These cats idk what to say

  • Endey
    Endey22 godzin temu

    Six black cats

  • Bolorhon x
    Bolorhon x23 godzin temu

    Furry tail

  • Kriptoos Siptoos
    Kriptoos SiptoosDzie艅 temu

    This guy has very good talent :D

  • Torenia_GirlGamer
    Torenia_GirlGamerDzie艅 temu

    Spider-cat: 1:31

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian HernandezDzie艅 temu


  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian HernandezDzie艅 temu

    wot wow

  • Bilal Bebek
    Bilal BebekDzie艅 temu

    cool lol

  • Tourma Shigarkai
    Tourma ShigarkaiDzie艅 temu

    I love this

  • Dr.QuickFix
    Dr.QuickFixDzie艅 temu

    1:28 couple goals

  • Malachi Vile
    Malachi VileDzie艅 temu

    1:47 the forbidden milk

  • Mary Pelaez
    Mary PelaezDzie艅 temu

    Sinko peso

  • xSunflower_ Sheepx
    xSunflower_ SheepxDzie艅 temu

    The internet is a dangerous place! The internet:

  • LuisTERO10
    LuisTERO10Dzie艅 temu


  • Susana Santos
    Susana SantosDzie艅 temu

    Wow, i love your pixelated videos about cursed images of cats!! :D new sub :3

  • Aneesa - Life sharing
    Aneesa - Life sharingDzie艅 temu

    0:07 no it should be chonky

  • Mr. Fish
    Mr. FishDzie艅 temu


  • short popsicle 25
    short popsicle 25Dzie艅 temu

    I wonder if in a dight between the ghost cats and the buff cats who would win

  • Sekhem100
    Sekhem100Dzie艅 temu

    Plot twist for the last cat: the squirrel only used the cat for a soft landing

  • { Hiapo }
    { Hiapo }Dzie艅 temu

    0:57 POV: This is your boss.

  • editorania
    editoraniaDzie艅 temu

    1:36 /e dance as bob in roblox bear be like:

  • Rheanne Garrison
    Rheanne GarrisonDzie艅 temu

    1:16 ummmmm anime show

  • Chill Gaming
    Chill GamingDzie艅 temu

    1:34 *A* *M* *O* *G* *U* *S*

  • Hedge Lad
    Hedge LadDzie艅 temu

    1:42 is straight up just a kirby boss

  • Donk Fortess
    Donk FortessDzie艅 temu

    1:28 can just appreciate how good of an artist/animator kekeflipnote is?

  • Noah theGameBoss
    Noah theGameBossDzie艅 temu

    1:34 when the cat is sus

  • Noah theGameBoss
    Noah theGameBossDzie艅 temu

    0:37 imagine this coming up to you

  • Isaac
    IsaacDzie艅 temu

    I like the angry as fuk one.

  • Sam Keiser
    Sam KeiserDzie艅 temu

    1:38 and 1:42 look like stages 1 and 2 of a Pok茅mon

  • Eugenia Bukhman
    Eugenia BukhmanDzie艅 temu

    This feels like the introduction to a group of ragtag cats who have teamed up to pull off a heist or kill the president, after which hijinks ensue

  • Troyan
    TroyanDzie艅 temu

    协褌芯 锌褉芯褋褌芯 芯褎褎懈谐械薪薪芯

  • Eeveeyousa Bratt
    Eeveeyousa BrattDzie艅 temu


  • Cody Brown
    Cody BrownDzie艅 temu


  • Divinity Dogs
    Divinity DogsDzie艅 temu

    There needs to be a game with every one of these cats in it

  • Tha铆s Cristina
    Tha铆s CristinaDzie艅 temu

    O primeiro apareceu o gato das anima莽玫es da hevs ksksksks

    TUDOR STEFAN S脦RC膫Dzie艅 temu

    Favourite moment 0:23

  • Erin Collins
    Erin CollinsDzie艅 temu

    I love how you added your own spaz to each clip!馃専

  • ChameleonCat
    ChameleonCatDzie艅 temu

    Nevermind the cats, look at that FLUID ANIMATION DANG

  • Yonatan Martinez Acevedo
    Yonatan Martinez AcevedoDzie艅 temu

    The number one sinko peso And number 3 vine por mi sinko peso

  • 褔芯锌械薪泻芯 泻芯褋褌褟
    褔芯锌械薪泻芯 泻芯褋褌褟Dzie艅 temu

    New superheroes

  • aleksa g
    aleksa gDzie艅 temu

    Redditors when their pet is obese: C H O N K E R

  • Andrew Birthisel
    Andrew BirthiselDzie艅 temu


  • Andrew Birthisel
    Andrew BirthiselDzie艅 temu

    That black cat was scary

  • MrPaintMan
    MrPaintManDzie艅 temu

    you are very talented

  • Nea
    NeaDzie艅 temu

    bof kat

  • Dejan
    DejanDzie艅 temu

    1:35 No,no,no it cant be... CATPOSTOR? SUS? AMOGUS? *dies*

  • Levani Mikaberidze
    Levani MikaberidzeDzie艅 temu

    I like cats

  • AwesomeAriana
    AwesomeArianaDzie艅 temu

    1:40 cat has ascended

  • Ian Geron
    Ian Geron2 dni temu

    I'm all

  • Ian Geron
    Ian Geron2 dni temu


  • Skionus
    Skionus2 dni temu

    Do a part two

  • Desiree Rogers
    Desiree Rogers2 dni temu