Сова не знает, что у неё за спиной угуевший кот. Угуй отсюдова!


Это кусочек из видео, выложенного месяц назад pltoolss.info/one/wideo/uWilnZmrmpqajJY
Кусочек завирусился на тик-токе, собрал 5млн просмотров и пошёл гулять по сети с чужими подписями и без указания авторства. Гружу его сюда отдельно, как первоисточник.
Ну и оно, действительно, восхитительно. Можно пересматривать.
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  • Cain Mitch
    Cain Mitch3 godzin temu

    Yo..that cat off that CRYST..!!! 😁😁😁😅😂

  • ivorytower99
    ivorytower995 godzin temu

    I don't like this at all... The poor cat's very *life* is put at risk, so some asshat can have a "viral video moment".

  • Andy Sìngh
    Andy Sìngh6 godzin temu

    Owl is just a flying cat or cat with wings.🐱

  • scoobywoo
    scoobywoo9 godzin temu

    Cats like imma wait till the raptors out the way

  • Mary Keesling
    Mary Keesling16 godzin temu


  • Mary Keesling
    Mary Keesling16 godzin temu

    Hahahahah 😂😂🤣😂💕💕

  • Bring The Rain
    Bring The Rain22 godzin temu

    0:55 Love the owl double-take like "wtf just happened"

  • Elena Petrova
    Elena Petrova23 godzin temu


  • Happy Holy Healthy Life
    Happy Holy Healthy LifeDzień temu

    Love this video 🥰

  • Inyour Phace
    Inyour PhaceDzień temu

    That cat is a living emoji 😮

  • Skip Overit
    Skip OveritDzień temu

    Cat doesn’t want a piece of that huge bird of prey. Cats not stupid.

  • Henry N
    Henry NDzień temu

    In chinese language we call owls cat-headed eagle. So to us there are actually two cats here😃

  • GW Shelton
    GW SheltonDzień temu

    Cat: good thing I just ate

  • L F1971
    L F1971Dzień temu

    OWL: I'm thinking of coming inside, but I'm not sure. CAT: There's always a queue whenever I come home. Why can't this doorway hogger hurry up? Today's the day I'm going to stand up to him. OWL: What's your problem, cat? CAT: Nothing. Take as long as you want. I'll come back later.

  • GeneraLee Relativity
    GeneraLee RelativityDzień temu

    That cats eyes: _is it Thanksgiving already?_

  • Aging Casually Late Gamer
    Aging Casually Late GamerDzień temu

    I love yoll.

  • MMQuck
    MMQuckDzień temu

    Cat: O_O Owl: OvO

  • Michael Macleod
    Michael MacleodDzień temu


  • NYC MR2
    NYC MR2Dzień temu

    I was expecting the owl was going to fly away from the cat.

  • JTHAWK101 T.
    JTHAWK101 T.Dzień temu

    The cat is thinking to himself “that would make a great meal for a whole week”

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis RodriguezDzień temu


  • Pekka Koski
    Pekka KoskiDzień temu

    Only russian word I understood of the lady talking to the owl was "holotna", cold. Apparently bird did not want to come in and enjoy warm places. Greetings from Finland, cold here too :)

    AYOKIMI IGBODzień temu

    lmao yoll almost became murloc dinner hee hee

  • Mt Shore
    Mt ShoreDzień temu

    Owl is like I’ve been set up. 0:55

  • NaqoyqatZ
    NaqoyqatZ2 dni temu

    Cat is like "You realize that is not a cat, right?"

  • Лилия Рощина
    Лилия Рощина2 dni temu


    SCN8IVE2 dni temu

    Beautiful bird. Shoot the cat.

  • Michael Hatfield
    Michael Hatfield2 dni temu

    At eye contact, both are thinking the same thing. “If I can pull this one off, I’ll be eating for days”

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy2 dni temu

    The cat just watched the Exorcist ☠️

  • Connda Pierce
    Connda Pierce2 dni temu

    The cat is just waiting in line. It's saying to the owl just go because I want in next

  • Simon Willis
    Simon Willis2 dni temu

    Cat oh god this bird I must have this bird Yoll you what mate Cat 0-0

  • Rizwan Rafeek
    Rizwan Rafeek2 dni temu

    How beautiful are God's creations on Earth and all of them are flowless, Subhanallah!.

  • Watt Keri
    Watt Keri2 dni temu

    Reminds me of a strange run in with law enforcement... My neighbors were attacking me through the walls and hacking our devices so we called for help. Welp they acted like I was crazy and asked how my mental health was... Meanwhile there was a neighbor in a neon yellow sweatshirt on the roof behind the cop listening and watching this happen. It was a duplex house assholes Cedar Lake Indiana

  • good boy tae
    good boy tae2 dni temu

    Cat: what are they talking about? Owl turn its head Cat : understandable have a nice day

  • Chook InAThunderstorm
    Chook InAThunderstorm2 dni temu

    The owl seems to be looking accusingly at the human...." What the.....? How long......? Why didn't you tell me THAT was there?" Well don't shut me out here with it!!"

  • fizzgig malmy
    fizzgig malmy2 dni temu

    The cats fully peaking out....scared as fuck of the owl

  • The Man of Culture
    The Man of Culture2 dni temu

    Both are cats one can fly one can run😂

  • Philippines Unfiltered
    Philippines Unfiltered3 dni temu


  • Evan Hodge
    Evan Hodge3 dni temu

    You're beautiful all the way through. Thank you for sharing. Hope the gecko made it.

  • zach rubin
    zach rubin3 dni temu

    just two fellas hanging out on the windowsill. nothing much better than that

  • Cheekytita
    Cheekytita3 dni temu

    I think the cat’s trying to impersonate the owl..

  • 4Kandlez
    4Kandlez3 dni temu

    Yoll : Ima just stand here like a boss for a while Murloc : I used to be the Alpha predator around here

  • Donna White
    Donna White3 dni temu

    almost an Exorcist moment. lol

  • Penny Montano
    Penny Montano3 dni temu

    That is a beautiful owl .

  • Robert Raines
    Robert Raines3 dni temu

    Two predators one more than the other.

  • Sean S
    Sean S3 dni temu

    "My feathered cat does not know it has a furred cat behind it." Changed it for you.

  • sheena l
    sheena l3 dni temu

    The cat expression with a spot like opened mouth in terror, just like overhearing what these two were plotting about??😳

  • Christopher Knapp
    Christopher Knapp3 dni temu

    Cat acted like he saw the scene from the exorcist where the head spins around lol

  • woody atwes
    woody atwes3 dni temu

    I would love to have English subtitles on this video. What is she saying to Murloc?

  • risa saruwatari
    risa saruwatari3 dni temu

    Cat looks like trolling xD that face lol

  • graycloud057
    graycloud0573 dni temu

    Oh nyet!

  • moza
    moza3 dni temu

    the cat look like patricc

  • bKitteh
    bKitteh3 dni temu

    A beautiful cat & amazing bird. Thanks for showing us! 😷🖐

  • Morgan Taylor
    Morgan Taylor4 dni temu

    Not sure what I've stumbled upon but subbed.

  • Darren Vail
    Darren Vail4 dni temu

    That cat is on owl meth.

  • Lali loopsey
    Lali loopsey4 dni temu

    Too cute🦉💖

  • Mario Robles
    Mario Robles4 dni temu


  • Lesli Barker
    Lesli Barker4 dni temu

    Owls are flying cats.

  • Katerina Ballerina
    Katerina Ballerina4 dni temu

    That owl looks like it wants to kill the lady lol look at that death stare

  • Kelly J. Munroe
    Kelly J. Munroe4 dni temu


  • Drujienna Mecuria
    Drujienna Mecuria4 dni temu

    I have no idea what she is saying but her voice is so relaxing. And the owl and cat are so cute.

  • Marian Treber
    Marian Treber4 dni temu

    Owl does a double -take. So cool!

  • Lewis H
    Lewis H4 dni temu

    They both looked like owls O^O

  • Kendra Loher
    Kendra Loher4 dni temu

    Owl is like Bro you filmed me for like 10 minutes and you couldn't mention there is a kitty behind me. Bro that's weak.

  • Martin Ireland

    Martin Ireland

    2 dni temu

    Can the use of the term Bro be banned permanently FFS

  • Joan Nicolau Jene
    Joan Nicolau Jene4 dni temu

    Wow, how lucky being inside and getting the visit of the majestic howl 💝. And the 🐱 as always breaking up into the scene 🙊😂

  • Javakatt
    Javakatt4 dni temu


  • Kat Kat
    Kat Kat4 dni temu

    I tot I saw a putty tat ...

  • Gary Marra
    Gary Marra4 dni temu

    Owls are predators and devour cats. I am worried about the kitty Cat.

  • Thomas Chevrier
    Thomas Chevrier5 dni temu

    Beautiful creatures

  • Moninn Yem
    Moninn Yem5 dni temu

    The cat looks stoned 😂

    MYHEROES5 dni temu

    Her voice and laugh are attractive.

  • Demolition Dude
    Demolition Dude5 dni temu

    That cat looks very concerned

  • Michelle Vega
    Michelle Vega5 dni temu

    The cat looks surprised af

  • Frank Arias
    Frank Arias5 dni temu

    When the cat nip kicks and u don’t know what’s going on

  • Zem Triad
    Zem Triad5 dni temu

    Poor Murloc looks ZAPPED. The woman should pull her inside the warm home & feed her rather than making a video. Maybe, the poor thing is feeling very cold and possibly quite hungry. Oh God, make it easy on these poor animals.

  • Re Gi
    Re Gi5 dni temu

    The cat behind is funny

  • Eileen MacDougall
    Eileen MacDougall5 dni temu

    But where's my snack?

  • Subhasis
    Subhasis5 dni temu


  • Wolfgang Scorpio
    Wolfgang Scorpio5 dni temu

    Absolutely hilarious. Wait for it, wait for it -- wait for the 0:56 min. mark.

  • Mark Evans
    Mark Evans5 dni temu

    Hilarious!!! ... Are you looking at me? You must be looking me. There's nobody else here.

  • Crystal edge technology screens
    Crystal edge technology screens5 dni temu

    Cat not stupid cat knows his place

  • Sp Sp
    Sp Sp5 dni temu


  • Parkaparid
    Parkaparid5 dni temu

    Mute and play the Jaws theme when the cat appears

  • Sara Sandoval
    Sara Sandoval6 dni temu

    This is cool on so many levels.

  • true blue
    true blue6 dni temu

    CUTE very very big eyes

  • Dr Athena Arthur
    Dr Athena Arthur6 dni temu

    The expression on the cat face was adorable 😍😍

  • Donald Cady
    Donald Cady6 dni temu

    The owl and the pussy cat. Classic. Beautiful creatures.

  • jessie james
    jessie james6 dni temu

    so cute

  • Posh Champ
    Posh Champ6 dni temu

    “You mean you knew this thing was behind me the whole time?!

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez6 dni temu

    Both cat an owl wish you would speak english.

  • Lostsage01
    Lostsage016 dni temu

    Anyone else hear the Metal Gear Solid alert sound in their head when the owl saw the cat?

  • Vivian Hayes
    Vivian Hayes6 dni temu

    One species that gives less Fuchs than a cat.

  • Louisa Toland
    Louisa Toland6 dni temu

    Yoll the Owl I love that name😂🦉❤️

  • Nancy Busso
    Nancy Busso6 dni temu

    “I like to catch birds but this one looked a lot smaller when I was farther away......” 🦉 🐈

  • 462904
    4629046 dni temu

    The owl is coming for a warm because it looks very cold to me.

  • Nikos
    Nikos6 dni temu


  • Pink
    Pink6 dni temu

    What is this? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?😂

  • yoga widhi
    yoga widhi6 dni temu

    Literally somewhere in schools: The cats: *the friend tasked by teacher to asking permission to borrow the school property* The owl: *me just accompany him*

  • Sandi Land16
    Sandi Land166 dni temu

    Hopefully that owl doesnt kill that cat... are they friends or was that a fluke?

  • Rob Mangeri
    Rob Mangeri6 dni temu

    Something about small but extremely cocky creatures brightens my day 😎👍🏼