Ruv and Sarv Duet || [Mid Fight Masses Animation] Sarv x Ruv


Sarv and Ruv sing a beautiful duet together.
Check out my friend's version of this meme:

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Audio/idea credit @Nutshell Animations
Credit to Dokki.doodlez and Mike Geno for Sarvente Mod:​​
Sarv and Ruv Duet mid fight masses meme with Sarv x Ruv.


  • Octavian Petcu
    Octavian Petcu29 dni temu

    Now that's what I called..ART!

  • Emily How

    Emily How

    4 dni temu

    when your roblox user is ArtiBella1067 it means absolutely nothing

  • mad_bunbun Sister

    mad_bunbun Sister

    7 dni temu


  • Mindy 808 Aloha

    Mindy 808 Aloha

    9 dni temu

    Frozen 2? He was a little

  • Octavian Petcu

    Octavian Petcu

    12 dni temu

    @Ruv And Sarvante! :D Np. 😀

  • Ruv And Sarvante! :D

    Ruv And Sarvante! :D

    12 dni temu

    Thank you.

  • Daghan Yilmaz
    Daghan YilmazDzień temu

    0:05 Bandage is body's part

  • Mark Victorino
    Mark VictorinoDzień temu

    sarv sings like elsa in frozen 2

  • Sara and Vj Brother and sister
    Sara and Vj Brother and sister3 dni temu


  • Dakota Jones
    Dakota Jones3 dni temu

    Y'all make sure to find yourself someone who's as supportive as Sarv. lol

  • Harmoni Johnson
    Harmoni Johnson4 dni temu

    *Me watching this* Me after the video:

  • RobloxGamer17
    RobloxGamer174 dni temu

    When my siblings and I get in a singing comp

  • RLM
    RLM4 dni temu

    0:05: *me try to sing in toilet*

  • Markus Knop
    Markus Knop5 dni temu


  • Not mimi couch’s channel♡︎
    Not mimi couch’s channel♡︎5 dni temu

    At least sarvente was happy-

  • MattRBLX
    MattRBLX6 dni temu

    Sarv: *sings* Ruv: so anyways I started screaming loud as hell

  • Sarvente
    Sarvente6 dni temu


  • Deletus
    Deletus8 dni temu

    The way Ruv goes from :/ to :| at the very end.

  • Masteroyd
    Masteroyd8 dni temu


    DEREK DARRAH8 dni temu

    Still crashes on iPad iPhone 0:00

  • Sharot VN
    Sharot VN8 dni temu

    0:10 me when I saw a crockroach.


    selever: OAOAOAOAOA ruv: that my son

  • Andriy Glitch
    Andriy Glitch8 dni temu

    Ruv starts yelling Me: *HOW DID HE DO DAT*

  • игнат Бибикова
    игнат Бибикова9 dni temu


  • Crisisyt
    Crisisyt10 dni temu

    sarv: ahhh ahh aahhh ahhhhhhhhhh. ruv: AHahAHahAHahjAhahAHhahA

  • la cosa más loca con los crepipastas
    la cosa más loca con los crepipastas10 dni temu

    Jajajajajaja estuvo bueno

  • • Ruv •
    • Ruv •10 dni temu

    0:05 AHHH

  • Ariel & Grace Carvalho
    Ariel & Grace Carvalho10 dni temu


  • Emmitts Toys!!!
    Emmitts Toys!!!11 dni temu

    Big boy Yell big boy Yell

  • lilian miranda
    lilian miranda11 dni temu


  • ruv exe clube do mal
    ruv exe clube do mal11 dni temu


  • ꨄ ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴇʟʟᴏ ꨄ
    ꨄ ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴇʟʟᴏ ꨄ11 dni temu

    Sarvente: :^ Ruv:AAAAAAaaaAaaAaAaAAa Sarvente: :0 -claps-

  • el robloxciano 124
    el robloxciano 12412 dni temu

    when i pised one lego me russian edition : 0:05

  • ник мак
    ник мак12 dni temu


  • Buzz Boi
    Buzz Boi12 dni temu


  • Buzz Boi

    Buzz Boi

    12 dni temu


  • Jayden Paoin
    Jayden Paoin12 dni temu

    Funny Claps😂😂😂

  • Hexplayz
    Hexplayz12 dni temu

    My mom: 0:01 Me: 0:05

  • noob-GaMeR
    noob-GaMeR13 dni temu

    Wth whit ruv..-

  • Pea Shooter
    Pea Shooter13 dni temu

    I was so obsessed with the clap

  • Pimpollo Poderoso
    Pimpollo Poderoso13 dni temu

    (。ŏ﹏ŏ)( ・ั﹏・ั)(ᗒᗩᗕ)( ≧Д≦)

  • Claudia Miria
    Claudia Miria13 dni temu


  • Tip4ik Home4ik
    Tip4ik Home4ik13 dni temu

    Аааааа аааааа

  • Tip4ik Home4ik
    Tip4ik Home4ik13 dni temu

    Ааааа. Аааааааа

  • Ma. Merdick Diaz
    Ma. Merdick Diaz13 dni temu

    Lol frozen 2 voice

  • TheVibeNugget
    TheVibeNugget13 dni temu

    I love how Sarvente Clapped Anyway 😂👏

  • McKenzie Sansom
    McKenzie Sansom14 dni temu


  • Jahid Aragbil
    Jahid Aragbil14 dni temu

    Just love each others

  • toxic leaf
    toxic leaf14 dni temu

    Thats what i call master piece i like it

  • ً
    ً15 dni temu

    sarv: aaaa aaaa ruv: AHHhHaaHHHHH

  • Selever
    Selever15 dni temu

    Thank You Thank You!!!😁

  • Whitty
    Whitty15 dni temu

    Thx Sarv

    ATROY BEAR15 dni temu

    Sarv: parrot scream *RUV: BOMB.ExE*

  • G.T M.B.P.H
    G.T M.B.P.H15 dni temu

    Ok ni- i mean boomer

  • Vala Burko
    Vala Burko15 dni temu


  • Dax XD
    Dax XD15 dni temu

    Sarv is a nice girl, very supportive to me and all that

  • Злой Заяц
    Злой Заяц15 dni temu

    It's a masterpiece, especially the part with Ruv.😂👍

  • женя и рыжая
    женя и рыжая15 dni temu

    Я когда томотрела то конца: Настоящия подруга потдержала своего друга

  • Mount Baker
    Mount Baker15 dni temu

    I love how supportive she is.

  • Pistolero Edgar Der Ultimative Server Zerstörer
    Pistolero Edgar Der Ultimative Server Zerstörer15 dni temu

    Sarv: Sings Like God (XD) Ruv: he sings like me

  • Pistolero Edgar Der Ultimative Server Zerstörer
    Pistolero Edgar Der Ultimative Server Zerstörer15 dni temu

    Sarv: Sings Like God (XD) Ruv: he sings like me

  • Max El Gato
    Max El Gato15 dni temu


  • Franch
    Franch16 dni temu

    El oído me rompí el oído orejas

  • Maria Olinda Cotrina Pinedo
    Maria Olinda Cotrina Pinedo16 dni temu


  • Katie Sur
    Katie Sur16 dni temu


  • †Sarvente.
    †Sarvente.16 dni temu


  • Ruv_the_russ1an_bass
    Ruv_the_russ1an_bass16 dni temu

    That’s me...

  • Shroom
    Shroom16 dni temu

    Sarv is so supportive

  • Salvatore Granata
    Salvatore Granata16 dni temu

    0:05 hitler when Germany is attacked by everyone else

  • Salvatore Granata
    Salvatore Granata16 dni temu

    Sarv:AAAAAAAA perfectly Ruv:*AAAAAAAAA like hitler when rages*

  • Катя Чернієнко
    Катя Чернієнко16 dni temu

    О по дрбкдрлкдщущмьаьі

  • Катя Чернієнко
    Катя Чернієнко16 dni temu


  • Катя Чернієнко
    Катя Чернієнко16 dni temu


  • Ruv
    Ruv16 dni temu

    I can’t sing ok people im not a good singer or one at all

  • Tú Phan
    Tú Phan16 dni temu

    Lol that fun

  • Vala Burko
    Vala Burko16 dni temu

    Lol it's crazy ruv

  • Atomic Adam
    Atomic Adam16 dni temu

    My singing ability: Ruv

  • hatsune miku
    hatsune miku17 dni temu


  • Minus girlfriend
    Minus girlfriend17 dni temu


  • Judah Sage
    Judah Sage17 dni temu

    0:05 Im really that loud

  • Bryan2bo_PlaysRoblox
    Bryan2bo_PlaysRoblox17 dni temu


  • Axel ramos
    Axel ramos17 dni temu


  • •Peachii Grace Ro•
    •Peachii Grace Ro•17 dni temu

    Church: *adios*

  • Ruv
    Ruv18 dni temu

    I can sing I swear

  • Xx_Gamerboy_xX
    Xx_Gamerboy_xX18 dni temu

    Mid-fight masses in a nutshell

  • Selever
    Selever18 dni temu

    This is art right here

    Furry!FRESHDAWEIRDO UwU18 dni temu

    Honest matches so well they still hate this

  • Ayisha Alhassan
    Ayisha Alhassan18 dni temu

    Sarv huhhhaaa huhaa Ruv AAAAAAAAAA AH AHHHHHHHH Sarv claps👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ivan Valkov
    Ivan Valkov18 dni temu

    Only if it was this easy to beat him

  • alexandercolladorodriguez
    alexandercolladorodriguez18 dni temu


  • murtiş stars
    murtiş stars18 dni temu


  • Gabriel barbosa Nascimento
    Gabriel barbosa Nascimento18 dni temu


  • •NoobPlayzRoblox•
    •NoobPlayzRoblox•18 dni temu

    0:05 That 1 nerd who got and F- on his test:

  • ninik indrawati
    ninik indrawati18 dni temu

    Sarv & Ruv say AAAAAAaaaAAAA!!!!!

  • Lighda _X3
    Lighda _X318 dni temu

    OMG GREAT JOB RUV! You totally don't sound like a dying cow :D

  • arthropluera
    arthropluera18 dni temu

    Jajajjaaj xd

  • Tung Nguyen
    Tung Nguyen19 dni temu


  • Whitty2528
    Whitty252819 dni temu


  • FoldedTable
    FoldedTable19 dni temu

    Beautiful. Ruv should get a 5 star review of singing

  • Deimos
    Deimos19 dni temu

    We just needs his vodka

  • Ethan Haas
    Ethan Haas19 dni temu


  • Cassi Bunni
    Cassi Bunni19 dni temu

    Wow Rub your amazing 😍

  • Selever
    Selever19 dni temu


  • the amaizing word matt
    the amaizing word matt19 dni temu

    Mmmmmmmh 😏🍌🍑❤️

  • RuvyZat
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  • Stefan Bäumle
    Stefan Bäumle19 dni temu