Restoring a Neglected Chinese Juniper Bonsai

This first episode from Bonsai Releaf documents the designing, pruning and shaping of a Juniper bonsai tree.
This unique art form requires dedication and patience, offering a serene connection to nature and much needed relief from the stresses of the world we live in today.


  • Victoria Heinen
    Victoria Heinen2 godzin temu

    This is absolutely beautiful to watch! Super relaxing to haha!

  • stephen k
    stephen k3 godzin temu

    My anxiety was triggered when you started bending the big branches. I was like, "please don't break. please don't break."

  • Marcos M. C.
    Marcos M. C.4 godzin temu


  • Karima Reyes
    Karima Reyes7 godzin temu

    wow that's gorgeous work

  • Nick Sykowski
    Nick Sykowski9 godzin temu

    The poor Tree why wont let it in its natural shape thats the most beautiful look

  • Eric Knapp
    Eric Knapp13 godzin temu

    stunning. everything about this video was beautiful

  • Zachary Starnes
    Zachary Starnes14 godzin temu

    still need more.

  • Shah Bhuiyan
    Shah Bhuiyan14 godzin temu

    this video made me realize how meticulous and careful and patient one should be when doing something important. from fortitude, rigor, and determination come success and beauty.

  • Dadi Hartono
    Dadi Hartono17 godzin temu

    Goodjob 👍🤩

  • Drago Don
    Drago Don18 godzin temu

    STOP hurting it so cruel

  • yedah gablines
    yedah gablines18 godzin temu

    he only have 1 video?

  • SFTequL
    SFTequL20 godzin temu

    subbed! can’t wait to see it in two years when the wire comes off, beautiful video. where do you get all your tools and equipment you use to look after the tree?

  • Nguyen Duc
    Nguyen Duc21 godzinę temu

    He draw so good

  • woke vikki
    woke vikki23 godzin temu

    is it just me or did the tree itself look better in the beginning.

  • Web Escape
    Web EscapeDzień temu

    00:00 - before 17:27 - after

  • Bentley Woods
    Bentley WoodsDzień temu

    17:26 Amazing

  • Ken Dahl
    Ken DahlDzień temu

    Wow can you say meticulous

  • Ümit Budak
    Ümit BudakDzień temu

    New video anymore?

  • Mustafa Güneş
    Mustafa GüneşDzień temu

    And now we have to wait for two years to see the result.

  • RagingMeta
    RagingMetaDzień temu

    Do another video u only have one and it has 4 mill.........

  • Kairan Boyd
    Kairan BoydDzień temu

    Sounds like Tom Holland

  • buzztrucker
    buzztruckerDzień temu

    Can't tell me this guy doesn't grow weed.

  • 808fury
    808furyDzień temu

    Oh, Mr Miyagi would be glad watching this. Great job

  • Rui Seabra
    Rui SeabraDzień temu

    The name of the song ???

  • Khyökee Saryi
    Khyökee SaryiDzień temu


  • Marcus Sebastian
    Marcus SebastianDzień temu

    so relaxing

  • 싱글라이더 스카이원장
    싱글라이더 스카이원장Dzień temu

    My father liked bonsai since I was young, so I still have a lot of bonsai plants in my house. I thought bonsai was only done by Japanese and Asian people, but it's amazing to learn bonsai from British people.

    SCOOPETDzień temu

    Lol "Restoring" a tiny tree? How hard can that... Oh. That actually looks super hard and intense. Cheers.

  • DhaKnaM
    DhaKnaMDzień temu

    does anyone know what music is played in this video?

  • Jemima
    JemimaDzień temu

    Why is this the only upload?!.... this video made me happy only to make me sad again :(

    PIGGY WINNYDzień temu

    do you have 10000$ scissors?

  • Nick Kellogg
    Nick Kellogg2 dni temu

    neglected is strong words.. ready to be restyled yes. neglected implies it hasn't been cared for when its looks healthy happy and ready to receive your work. which turned out great.

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams2 dni temu

    bro im dead too high wtf am i watching

    ABC BONSÁI MÉXICO2 dni temu

    Felicidades, un excelente video y un árbol hermoso lo convertiste completamente, saludos désde México!!

  • Velfeeda
    Velfeeda2 dni temu

    very cool. how many hours did you put into this restoration?

  • r0drig0mbia
    r0drig0mbia2 dni temu

    Now I wanna see Karate Kid again. Thank you

  • aflatminor
    aflatminor2 dni temu

    Oh WOW!! It turned out beautiful!! 😍😍

  • aflatminor
    aflatminor2 dni temu

    I was really holding my breath at the bending of the bottom branch!! Too many times have I been bending and thought- Just a little more and................CRACK!!! 😳😥😥

  • xXI__Wing__IXx
    xXI__Wing__IXx2 dni temu

    A mini size tree

  • Owen Breen
    Owen Breen2 dni temu

    Where could I buy one of your Bonsais?

  • Highway Rider
    Highway Rider2 dni temu

    Waiting for more videos, I

  • Highway Rider
    Highway Rider2 dni temu

    Chinese neglected it because "it doesn't move"

  • Marie
    Marie2 dni temu

    This tree probably had the best time of its life and it makes me happy

  • DotFlipping
    DotFlipping2 dni temu

    How would you feel if you were held in an uncomfortable position for years

  • Владимир Солдаев
    Владимир Солдаев2 dni temu

    in the place of a plant, I would rather choose suicide than this suffering ...

  • barfyman362
    barfyman3622 dni temu

    Mac Demarco does plant restorations?

    CAREorDIE2 dni temu

    15:47 what is the music? ❤️

  • Katrina Cuerpo
    Katrina Cuerpo2 dni temu

    a work of art!

  • MrGardman
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  • The Digging Gardener
    The Digging Gardener2 dni temu

    Desperately awaiting more videos from you. Pure ASMR. 💚

  • Gerre van der Meer
    Gerre van der Meer2 dni temu

    Dang, one video and 3.6M views... Not suprised!

  • amrittam
    amrittam2 dni temu

    why am i watching this?

  • polur
    polur2 dni temu

    beautiful video

  • MasamuneWPG
    MasamuneWPG3 dni temu

    This is an absolute masterclass. From the editing to the music. You can tell this is actual passion project.

  • iAmDavid
    iAmDavid3 dni temu

    Man uploads 1 video and gets 3.6+ million views and 100k subs kinda crazy

  • Khiem Nguyen
    Khiem Nguyen3 dni temu

    I have so much respect for Bonsai gardener. They have so much patient, knowledge and high level of dexterity skill

  • Cecelia Driscoll
    Cecelia Driscoll3 dni temu

    Who knew mini tree care could be so intensive

  • Jose Colon
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  • Carmon Geffs
    Carmon Geffs3 dni temu

    Wow that was insane mesmerizing. Great job looks gorgeous.

  • Kang Toyik
    Kang Toyik3 dni temu

    Wooou mantaaaap booos...

  • Samantha Carol
    Samantha Carol3 dni temu

    upload more videos !!!!!

  • DJK Unstoppable
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  • Ariv Rivaiel
    Ariv Rivaiel3 dni temu

    when aesthetics was more important than ethics

  • ᄋ으으
    ᄋ으으3 dni temu

    Is this good for plant?

  • Holy Jezebel
    Holy Jezebel4 dni temu

    Why do I prefer the natural look over the overly manicured look

  • Emilia N Chiapetti
    Emilia N Chiapetti4 dni temu

    this is the best bonsai video i've seen, I'm waiting for more!!

  • Vincemac
    Vincemac4 dni temu

    Can you teach me? Please

  • Abraham Z
    Abraham Z4 dni temu

    The exact Bonsai video I was looking for informative, with diagrams, and sketches based on recommended models. Looking forward to watching your earlier work, should PLtoolss bring them up more often.

  • Siebenstein 56
    Siebenstein 564 dni temu

    Bonsai ART work love it

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black4 dni temu

    that is a living thing. it has been scientifically proven that plants have a form of communication and can express pain by putting off a strong smell and changing colors. if these things are true don't you think you may be causing it extreme pain?

  • Setixir


    4 dni temu

    First of all they don't have a brain and they don't have a central nervous system. They do not experience pain in the same way a sentient animal does. That's also simple scientific fact. They are not animals. They are plants. It is not the same thing. You're imagining the plant screaming in agony and... That's just not what happens when you cut down a tree. Second, even if it did, that tree was going to die if left unintended. You have to simulate natural processes like pruning and removal of dead bark to keep the tree healthy. Seeing as this one was neglected what happened here is more analogous to fixing a broken arm. Does it suck to set that bone? Does it hurt like hell? Yes. Is it worse to leave it alone? Absolutely yes. Can't have it both ways.

  • azara khalisya Support jaaa
    azara khalisya Support jaaa4 dni temu

    Very amazing work style.must be patient in bonsai....i from malaysia...mantappppp

  • Shiva Ganesh
    Shiva Ganesh4 dni temu

    When can we expect the update ?

  • Frank Sarte
    Frank Sarte4 dni temu

    He looks like Bucky. The Winter Soldier

  • Sakura Sakurasaku
    Sakura Sakurasaku4 dni temu

    侘び 寂び(わび さび)Wabi Sabi

  • Raquel MASCARA
    Raquel MASCARA4 dni temu

    Gosh, the care explains the high prices for THESE beauties. The bottom of tree I swear looked as the tree is kneeling.

  • いっぴきのわんこ
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  • Pawan Shrestha
    Pawan Shrestha4 dni temu

    this tree gonna very expensive.

  • allan dueno
    allan dueno5 dni temu

    Dream retirement job ☕️

  • allan dueno
    allan dueno5 dni temu

    Dream retirement job ☕️

  • Aaron Yesubalan
    Aaron Yesubalan5 dni temu

    15:55 child talk I like it

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy5 dni temu

    Is it just me, and I obviously don't know what is healthy for one of these... but a lot of this seems necessary for the health of the tree and purely for the aesthetic.

  • Leonardo Herrera
    Leonardo Herrera5 dni temu

    Make a canna bonsai

  • fayzal hossain
    fayzal hossain5 dni temu

    He must’ve been taught by Mr Miyagi.

  • ritual zombie
    ritual zombie5 dni temu

    Lisa is so cute🥺😍😍😍😍❤

  • Dont Mind Me
    Dont Mind Me5 dni temu

    Imagine pressing Ctrl + Z after u cut the wrong branch

    ELEŞTİRMENTAL5 dni temu

    Great job

  • Jeffrey Stoner
    Jeffrey Stoner5 dni temu

    I wish there was more. I've watched he'd this video three times now.

  • Béla Horváth
    Béla Horváth5 dni temu

    What is the title of the first track in the video? Could someone share it, please?

  • Luisa Ana
    Luisa Ana5 dni temu

    my grandfather had around 20 Bonsai on his terrace, he could stay with the bonsai 8hrs per day and observe every little changes of the bonsai., he told me from time to time that this bonsai is sick today that one is happy today etc. For shaping the little threes, he could wait for 5 -10 years or even 20 years. Now he is 88years old, feel too exhausted to take care of the bonsai, just moved all to our terrace, and my mom just waters them from time to time.

  • Lance Soronio
    Lance Soronio5 dni temu


  • Joe crossbeat
    Joe crossbeat5 dni temu

    貴方には盆栽に対する愛を感じます! I feel your love for bonsai!

  • Summer N
    Summer N5 dni temu

    I hope you continue to make videos. It was filmed beautifully, it was simple to understand, yet I learned more about how it’s truly done watching this than I have, anything else. I truly appreciate the meticulousness of this art and after never truly considering what goes into it, it’s something I’m intrigued by now. I turned on notifications and now I have another thing I get to do research on (:

  • mellomoiia
    mellomoiia5 dni temu

    this is definitely a trust the process type of thing

  • Лина Шведова
    Лина Шведова5 dni temu

    какой кошмар. издевательство над природой

  • TheGrimReader
    TheGrimReader6 dni temu

    4:13 I have that same set of tools, it’s actually a carving set lol

  • ironfae
    ironfae6 dni temu

    Admit it, this made you think of the Karate Kid. 😂 👇

  • Georgann R
    Georgann R6 dni temu

    This one was awesome; it has been four months -- time for another, please.

  • Robert
    Robert6 dni temu

    Oof, that final reveal made my heart ache, so good... great job.

  • Ryan U
    Ryan U6 dni temu

    Breaks my heart to watch this honestly.

  • Brian Barwick
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