Restoring a Neglected Chinese Juniper Bonsai

This first episode from Bonsai Releaf documents the designing, pruning and shaping of a Juniper bonsai tree.

This unique art form requires dedication and patience, offering a serene connection to nature and much needed relief from the stresses of the world we live in today.


  • Ravinder Singh
    Ravinder Singh8 godzin temu

    Excellent. Really confused what should be praised more? Vision, sketching, execution to mach the sketch, deadwood manipulation to an extent that deadwood is more beautiful than plant, pruning skills , almost every act is a treat to watch.

  • Jing
    Jing10 godzin temu

    tree says leave me fuken alone mate

  • Christian Ashby
    Christian Ashby13 godzin temu


  • Jem Felicia
    Jem Felicia14 godzin temu

    I think, you should cut all the branch and throw it to garbage can.

  • YouCantHandleTheTruth
    YouCantHandleTheTruth21 godzinę temu

    great skills indeed, both with regards to craftmanship and purchasing, Please tell me how on this earth you managed to purchase this tree for £200,

  • Farhan Hameed
    Farhan HameedDzień temu

    so relaxing music. the bonsai is amazingly love :)

  • игорь вирченко
    игорь вирченкоDzień temu

    Изначально больше нравилось, но стало определенно интереснее выглядеть)

  • kafka-
    kafka-2 dni temu

    so this guy is like the orthodentist of bonsais making them braces for adjustments

  • AmericanFreedom
    AmericanFreedom2 dni temu

    Is this karate kid or something

  • dudeitzmimi
    dudeitzmimi2 dni temu

    I really appreciate the timing with the music and the snipping

  • Bonsai SWIMS
    Bonsai SWIMS2 dni temu


  • Xavier
    Xavier3 dni temu

    Such a very good creator

  • Gabriel Martino
    Gabriel Martino3 dni temu

    Did this man just design a tree

  • Alfian Nurilman
    Alfian Nurilman4 dni temu


  • Mai vàng Huỳnh Nam GR
    Mai vàng Huỳnh Nam GR4 dni temu

  • Dermayon Bonsai
    Dermayon Bonsai4 dni temu

    Best youtuber bonsai

  • Fabrizio Roveda
    Fabrizio Roveda4 dni temu

    Great. Now i want a Bonsai.

  • Fnutarf
    Fnutarf4 dni temu

    And I can barely keep my cacti alive

  • Fnutarf
    Fnutarf4 dni temu

    I imagine this treatment being torture to any sentient being

  • Alfonso Martinez
    Alfonso Martinez5 dni temu

    Please make more videos

  • irvin saucedo
    irvin saucedo5 dni temu

    sorry, not the only thing I see is a person enjoying harming another living being, because it is a living being ... unless it is one of those who do not care ... 😡

  • Tyler St Barbershop PT
    Tyler St Barbershop PT5 dni temu

    Excellent cinematography

  • Dale Brett
    Dale Brett5 dni temu

    Hi what oil do you use?

  • Meun Cake
    Meun Cake6 dni temu

    I already thought it’s a beautiful bonsai at it’s neglected state. But you made it even more beautiful

  • John Corden
    John Corden6 dni temu

    Not chinase

  • Dalisu Ngobese
    Dalisu Ngobese6 dni temu

    Skinning something that’s alive gives me nightmares

  • k1llas Krew
    k1llas Krew6 dni temu

    it looked better before

  • The Reckoning
    The Reckoning6 dni temu

    Decimated the life of that 35 year old tree

  • tyler mackley
    tyler mackley6 dni temu

    whats the song name in the begining

  • K Major
    K Major7 dni temu

    the tree likes why are you torturing me dam ugly beard hooman....

  • lonesomespageti
    lonesomespageti7 dni temu

    189k subs with only two vids, what a madlad

  • Hữu Phúc Nguyễn
    Hữu Phúc Nguyễn7 dni temu

    may i know the name of the sound in the first half of the vid ?

  • dinh xop
    dinh xop7 dni temu

    This is the best bonsai video channel i have ever seen. Perfect!

  • gesu cristo
    gesu cristo8 dni temu

    How much is dat?

  • Diego Rens
    Diego Rens8 dni temu

    If you think about it Isn't this what Bolton did to Reek in GoT, basically?

  • Jean Vkta
    Jean Vkta9 dni temu

    I did this on a tree that cost 240 summ and spent a solid hour and a half, maybe 2 hours on it with summ music, was the most peaceful time I ever spent in five years.....worth every second and I maintain it to this day

  • Tauno Kekkonen
    Tauno Kekkonen9 dni temu

    I swear I had a glance at the thumbnail and thought 'oh sweet, Lars Ulrich caring for a bonsai tree'.

  • Alberto Paredes garcia
    Alberto Paredes garcia9 dni temu

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  • Soothing Audio Play
    Soothing Audio Play 9 dni temu

    😮 wow it’s beautiful 😍

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez9 dni temu

    Do you keep your bonsais indoor or outdoors?

  • A. Giffari
    A. Giffari10 dni temu

    Me: accidentally clicking this video PLtoolss: So now you are interested in planting bonsai eh? Here’s some other videos on your homepage Me: no shit

  • Ahmet Tosun
    Ahmet Tosun10 dni temu

    How old is this tree ? Cheers

  • Nghia Tran
    Nghia Tran11 dni temu

    Great job. It's so amazing and complicated detail one by one. Ah, the music is so nice too, can you give me know the title of music? Thanks so much!

  • MetalEmpire
    MetalEmpire11 dni temu

    I didnt know that Bucky Barns also rehabilitates bonsai trees

  • It’s me DRME
    It’s me DRME11 dni temu

    Sebastian stan

  • It’s me DRME
    It’s me DRME11 dni temu

    Bucky is that u !!?

  • Alpha Music
    Alpha Music13 dni temu

    this dude is undoubtedly Miyagi's long lost son

  • Driveway STAR
    Driveway STAR13 dni temu

    That was intensely intense

  • Vindice Bonsai
    Vindice Bonsai14 dni temu

    Woww this bonsai looks so beautiful 🤩

  • Animuz
    Animuz14 dni temu

    Speak, don't use lame ass music. Rookie channel mistake.

  • Bishal Khadka
    Bishal Khadka14 dni temu

    The price went from 200 to 10000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • my idea
    my idea15 dni temu

    cùng đam mê với bạn nhé

  • keyur Patel
    keyur Patel16 dni temu

    make video on different styles of bonsai

  • agung purnomo
    agung purnomo16 dni temu

    This man is so good at what he is doing and the video editing is superb and I am keeping the video.

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M16 dni temu

    ¡this video is a piece of art in more of one way!

  • 김두홍
    김두홍16 dni temu

    I want a haircut from this guy

    ROUDY BABY17 dni temu

    What kind of trees and medicines

  • SlaughteRIO
    SlaughteRIO17 dni temu

    this video was so good but at 15:00 you happen to be bri'ish

  • Lucas Cardoso
    Lucas Cardoso17 dni temu


  • Ahmad regardo petualang
    Ahmad regardo petualang17 dni temu

  • Tien Nguyen
    Tien Nguyen18 dni temu

    Có ae VN nào không

  • Buanga Kawilam
    Buanga Kawilam18 dni temu

    Awwwwwww give me please 😘😘😘😘

  • Amanda Crocker 38
    Amanda Crocker 3818 dni temu

    Just beautiful just beautiful bonsai trees are beautiful

  • おにぎりふわふわ
    おにぎりふわふわ19 dni temu


  • Penyok Auah
    Penyok Auah19 dni temu

    keep making videos like this bro i like your videos

  • SOE channel
    SOE channel19 dni temu

    your videos are my inspiration. Thank you brothers

  • Việt Dũng Nguyễn
    Việt Dũng Nguyễn19 dni temu

    what song is it? It's so peaceful

  • Shields Down
    Shields Down20 dni temu

    really didn’t expect him to start *bending a tree*

  • Ashirvad Lima
    Ashirvad Lima20 dni temu

    i see mac demarco isnt touring anymore

  • NV YT
    NV YT20 dni temu

    It’s a very good video. And the music is really relaxing 😌.

  • wang qi
    wang qi20 dni temu

    I think: it should be that British culture and Japanese culture are interlinked to some extent, and they are willing to shape their "beautiful" form in a more cruel way. Japan's cherry blossom culture, like Bushido, pursues instant "beauty", believing that all sacrifices are necessary for "beauty", and that it achieves its own "moral" sublimation by sacrificing other people and things. So there was colonial genocide in America, bloody slavery of blacks; There was also Japan's evil of slaughtering tens of millions of Asian people in the name of liberating Asia during World War II.

  • DreamerG
    DreamerG21 dzień temu

    At first I was like: "look how they massacred my boy" but then at the end I was like "I like your cut G"

  • wkmowels
    wkmowels21 dzień temu

    The part at the end almost made me cry. Such a cut ending to a beautiful video. Thanks!

  • Dewa Kadek
    Dewa Kadek22 dni temu

    Wow damn🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍 very beautiful 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • des wilson
    des wilson22 dni temu

    wow. this is the first video i saw that took me in depth of what i was actually looking for. seriously man. ive been fascinated with bonsai for years but i could never find anything to show me the true "heart" of what it is. in this video i can see everything you did to make the tree what it is currently. from the whitener to the shaving off the bark to the wiring(which by the way i always thought was just something you do to make it look cool, but you showed its not about a cool look its about whats best for the tree itself and how best to maximize its health.) you showed how bending the branches, cliping weak crotch point, clipping every 3rd bushing, and how taking off excessive amounts can maximise photosynthesis, as well as improve how the tree looks and grows. you removing the bark was a shocker i never knew they did that but now i know what ive been missing. i have always wondered how they got trees to be brown in some spots and white as ever in others making a really shocking look. you showed us that too. honestly i can see in this video you really care about what your doing to this tree and trying to help it as much as possible and you care about your work very deeply. beautiful video man. thank you so much for taking the time to make it for me to watch. i really appreciate it man

  • Jhunvy Tingal
    Jhunvy Tingal22 dni temu

    i learn more sir

  • Malcolm Boyd
    Malcolm Boyd22 dni temu

    Anyone know where I can find music like this

    VRIN CHANNEL23 dni temu

    Like your videos.

  • Jenny The Frog
    Jenny The Frog23 dni temu

    Not only is the tree a work of mastery, but the way each branch snaps, bends or clips to the beat of the music is insanely well edited.

  • Antoney Adhikarige Don
    Antoney Adhikarige Don23 dni temu

    Mr miyagi where are you????

  • Theo
    Theo24 dni temu

    Once again gorgeous tree, really looking forward to this channel!

  • NV YT
    NV YT24 dni temu

    Is it a real tree or a fake? It’s fake right?

  • Mcenderfire
    Mcenderfire24 dni temu

    I don't know what he just did but i like it

    DIEGO ́S WORLD24 dni temu

    what do u think about my tank? needs kore work or its all gucci?

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan24 dni temu

    I am totally ignorant on bonsai trees, but i actually liked more the natural look

  • Mark Firman
    Mark Firman25 dni temu

    Whoooah, it was so beautiful in the end, I unexpectedly shed a tear

  • William Gruger
    William Gruger25 dni temu

    Dog we need like 10 more of these videos let’s pick up they pace huh?

  • Michelle Morales
    Michelle Morales25 dni temu

    Still ain't gotta kick it with people my age ... different age groups

  • Sean Mewborn
    Sean Mewborn25 dni temu

    There’s a whole community of bonsai theme nft holders who love you dude. Keep it up!

  • Serraios198
    Serraios19825 dni temu


  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant25 dni temu

    Should I also water my bonsai well before the sculpting process?

  • Jens Grabher-Meyer
    Jens Grabher-Meyer25 dni temu

    Absolut amazing, that is world class all around the Bonsai PLtoolssr. I need more from your work, and beside that I think you are a great daddy and artist. Please give us more ---- best regards Jens from Vienna

  • Rece Mottashed
    Rece Mottashed25 dni temu

    You look like “The LAW” from vghs lol

  • Mars Tseng
    Mars Tseng26 dni temu

    Very interesting.

  • Gaamom Mohammed
    Gaamom Mohammed26 dni temu


  • Mandino Tan
    Mandino Tan26 dni temu

    What oil did you use?

  • Mad Lad
    Mad Lad26 dni temu

    This is quality bonsai content.

  • kedgie
    kedgie26 dni temu

    I dont really get it but I like watching it happen

  • Leonardo Cortes
    Leonardo Cortes26 dni temu

    This guy has almost 200k subscribers in only 2 videos 😬

  • Aiboksila Nongtraw
    Aiboksila Nongtraw26 dni temu

    Tree: I'm just fine, please leave me alone. Man: No no you're not fine, I will peel your skin,paint you and shape you as I wanted to. Tree: you're abusing me ,you plant me and nourish me little,you cut most of my leaves and peel me off my skin. Man: shut up ....I'll handcuff your branches if you don't keep quiet. Tree: 😭