Pregnant homeless Pit Bull goes into labor FAST! Happy Mother's Day!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Being a mother is tough, and I can't imagine doing it alone, on the streets, in a dirty place! Because you share our videos, someone knew to call for help!
Hello everybody, it's Eldad, the founder of Hope For Paws. Before telling you about Waffles and her babies, I wanted to share my concerns with you as those keep me awake at night (it's after midnight and I still have work to do). As the world is still struggling with the pandemic, times are tough here too. Veterinary care is extremely expensive, and with AT LEAST 10 complex surgeries every week, and with dozens of hospitalized animals that we help every week, we have been paying bills at a faster rate than we're raising funds.

In general, it's hard for me to ask for help... all my life I found myself having to figure things out by myself, but we're in a tough spot and I am nervous writing these lines because I know we have many more animals that will need our help in the coming weeks, months and years.

The good news is that our power is in numbers - we're a huge community here on , so I am not asking for large donations, but instead, I am asking for MANY of you to help us with small recurring donations. Recurring donations enable me to know every month how much funds we have available, and that determines how much we can do. We LOVE our work, we would LOVE to do even more, and we can only do it with your support:

It's critical for me that you understand that our average donation is $12. Think about it... all the Hope For Paws videos you watched, all the surgeries performed, all the lives you have seen transformed, all the happy wags and meows - all of this is happening from your $12 donations!

I can't imagine my life not being able to do this work, and I really hope you can join us today with just a $5 donation (16 cents a day). I promise to work harder and post more videos so you'll see your donation in action 😎👍

The math is actually cool now that I am thinking about it.
$5 a month is 16 cents a day (a dime + a nickel + a penny).
$12 a month is 40 cents a day (a quarter + a dime + a nickel).

OK, back to this story 😊

I just need to warn you... this video is not for everybody and kids (maybe some adults) should watch it with their parents, so please go ahead and call your mom to sit and watch this one with you. I have seen this miracle happen so many times since I was a young kid, and even now, decades later, I am still amazed at this beauty created by nature.

JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick handled the whole situation beautifully, and I am so happy to share this video with you - the timing with Mother's Day couldn't be more perfect ❤️

We created a special Mother's Day card here that you can send to every mother you know and love - remember, your sister who adopted a kitten is also a mom, your aunt, your friend who has kids (humans or canines), your teacher, and even I feel like a mom to so many animals:

When you share our videos, you are helping us so much so please help us spread the word, and PLEASE let me know if this is an OK video for you to watch and if you would like to see more like these.

To apply to adopt Waffles and her puppies, please contact our friends at:

Thank you so much!



  • Sally Daniel
    Sally DanielMiesiąc temu

    For anyone who wants to breed their dog so their kids can experience birth firsthand, please show them this video instead 🙏 There are already too many homeless dogs in this world and sadly they can't all be rescued 😭 Thank you Hope for Paws and especially to Joann who fostered precious Waffles so she could give birth in a safe environment ❤❤❤❤❤❤🐕

  • precision Brown

    precision Brown

    22 godzin temu

    @Pythonaria same here when I know there’s lots more to help

  • Pythonaria


    22 godzin temu

    @precision Brown Why I'm not currently fostering - I'd end up keeping them (again). Love them all to bits though 😊

  • precision Brown

    precision Brown

    23 godzin temu

    @Pythonaria I’m a failed foster mom too 😊

  • Jessie Ratcliff

    Jessie Ratcliff

    2 dni temu

    I have a "breeder dog"that looks almost like her she will never have to be one of them breeder dos again how people can be SO CRUEL AND JUST BREED.THEM!!!!!!

  • Louinder GADD

    Louinder GADD

    6 dni temu

    @Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel God bless thoses puppies their so cute and very wrinkly

  • Patricia Pat
    Patricia Pat17 godzin temu

    Aí que vontade de morder

  • precision Brown
    precision Brown23 godzin temu

    Waffles is so gentle and sweet. How can people be afraid of these beautiful terriers. ❤️ That little pink nose 💋

  • precision Brown
    precision Brown23 godzin temu

    Thank goodness for good people that step up for animals 💓💗

  • Sharon Kaczorowski
    Sharon KaczorowskiDzień temu

    What a good Mama.

  • joy jayona
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  • JoAnn Oeser
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  • Bilge Bilgin
    Bilge Bilgin2 dni temu

    I'm crying so cuteeee😭

  • Felicia Souci
    Felicia Souci2 dni temu

    So cute❤❤

  • Butter Muffin
    Butter Muffin2 dni temu

    I didn't know pitbulls could be so pretty

  • Leanadia Glinton
    Leanadia Glinton2 dni temu

    Is it good for her stomach to eat all of the after births

  • 柯绝摇柯绝摇
    柯绝摇柯绝摇3 dni temu

    Thank you

  • Josie Schulz
    Josie Schulz3 dni temu

    She's now in a secured place and so happy saving her on time enjoy your life Mama dog you're such a loving beautiful adorable Mama..thank you Hope for Paws you're the good Samaritan doing all your best to save the innocent loving creature on earth🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕❤👱‍♀️👩🧑

  • Domnic Louis
    Domnic Louis3 dni temu

    These people are so kind thank you for helping them

  • M
    M3 dni temu

    It is so beautiful the work you do to help these lovely and loving animals .God bless you .🌺♥️

  • Alan Deans
    Alan Deans3 dni temu

    Loved watching this - loved watching 'Waffles', 1 helluva dog !

  • pSlTac
    pSlTac5 dni temu

    I've been watching your videos for a while now and with every one that I see, I am amazed every time. Keep saving these beautiful creations.

  • Adrienne Terzen
    Adrienne Terzen5 dni temu

    Such a great dog. Waffles will make a great addition to a lucky family. The puppies are so cute!

    KAYLARAE CAREY6 dni temu


    KAYLARAE CAREY6 dni temu

    I love the baby pup please give it to me my name is killer I live in Stewartby Stewartby and I am 7 five that’s my dream I love baby talk thank you are down as the flag hear that🍼

  • lovinpaws lovinpaws
    lovinpaws lovinpaws6 dni temu

    God bless beautiful momma abd puppies too

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    LOVE ANimal love7 dni temu

    Love u all team

  • Marguerite Reeves
    Marguerite Reeves7 dni temu

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    Hi Dr Dr V6

  • Tan Anderson
    Tan Anderson9 dni temu

    Thanks mom for being a friend, teacher, comforter and my biggest supporter. May all mothers feel the love of their child

  • C_ Farther
    C_ Farther10 dni temu

    That's cute and touching but I think the dog should've been given some anesthesia and the puppies taken out and laid on a table to die. There are too many to find homes for and pits are not allowed in some cities; just seems like a waste of resources for the injured and homeless. Seriously, how many homes can anyone find homes for dogs much less pits.

  • C_ Farther
    C_ Farther10 dni temu

    It's too bad there are no medications to sterilize dogs and cats.

  • minica beatriz
    minica beatriz10 dni temu

    It seems good to me that they help these critters, but I think that in the world there are many children who are abandoned, going hungry, cold and without anyone to protect them, how are they going to ask that they donate money for dogs, ask and dedicate themselves to helping the children who are human beings,

  • Anne Campbell
    Anne Campbell11 dni temu

    Remarkable. Beautiful.

  • oakoakoak
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  • Lily Bloom
    Lily Bloom11 dni temu

    Waffles looks like she’s eating her puppies! (That actually happens)

  • Lily Bloom
    Lily Bloom11 dni temu

    I can’t believe people just let their dog run on the street. They can get lost or worst. That’s irresponsible dog owning.

  • chris westerfield
    chris westerfield11 dni temu

    extremely wonderful and intelligent mom. she delivered perfectly

  • Melissa Martin
    Melissa Martin12 dni temu

    What a great Mama.❤️😍❤️

  • Tosca Tattertail
    Tosca Tattertail12 dni temu

    YEAH! a birthing video where the humans aren't reaching in to "Help" the mom by interfering with the normal birthing process.

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  • Starlight
    Starlight12 dni temu

    My bunny died last year on october 19 and i dont want that to happen to other animals PLS do not throw your dogs and other animals out if you can take them anymore give them to a animal shelter just please dont put them somewhere where they could get hurt or die

  • Starlight
    Starlight12 dni temu

    its gross but beautiful i cant look away

  • Starlight
    Starlight12 dni temu

    the way she smiled when waffles got brushed i couldnt look away:>


    Give me a PITBULL puppy too? ❤️❤️❤️ Im sri lankan, I Really like your Channel, My favorite dog is PITBULL How do you give five dollars?

  • Elaine Culbert
    Elaine Culbert12 dni temu

    I’m constantly amazed at how animals know what to do when giving birth! She was so calm and careful - shifting her body with each new baby so she didn’t sit on any of the ones already born; a natural mother. Thank you for all what you do! 🇨🇦

  • Sandy Lane
    Sandy Lane13 dni temu

    Bless you all for the work you do for all the animals, we love you too. X England

  • Wiley
    Wiley13 dni temu

    I just donated for a second time this year. I just love Hope for Paws, Eldad and Loreta and the whole crew. This video is just amazing. Another AHmazing HFP vid. What a wonderful Mother's Day for Waffles. In his message above, Eldad says that their vet needs, at least 10 surgeries a week, are exceeding the funds coming in. I don't know when in my life I've been compelled to donate so fast. Bless you, Eldad, Loreta, Waffles and her pups, and all the animals HFP has saved and will in the future

  • Camila Knight
    Camila Knight13 dni temu

    I really care about animals and one day I want to be an animal helper.

  • The Blue Hotel
    The Blue Hotel14 dni temu

    Wow that tail is saying cheeseburgers are good! I swear that girl is smiling and enjoying the attention.

  • Jules🤍
    Jules🤍15 dni temu

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  • Elise Young
    Elise Young16 dni temu

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  • tablet KK
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    EVIL QTip18 dni temu

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  • carla jane portes
    carla jane portes18 dni temu

    am so impressed of your compassion to homeless dogs am poor no money but am praying that our ALMIGHTY GOD bless you always

  • Melancholy Havoc
    Melancholy Havoc18 dni temu

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    deborah lariscy20 dni temu

    Giving birth is a common event. And yet, SO extraordinary if you think of it . IF Aliens ever landed on earth and asked about how babies were born, they'd probably be astounded. lol. Bless all the Mothers out there, no matter the species. You have a Superpower !!

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    Dee DeCorte21 dzień temu

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  • Seadanny Jimenez
    Seadanny Jimenez21 dzień temu

    Im so glad this wasn't an urgent rescue, just a very happy momma dog 💕

  • McKell Wolf
    McKell Wolf22 dni temu

    Beautiful video. Beautiful dog. Beautiful puppies. Just beautiful.

  • Ann Sowers
    Ann Sowers22 dni temu

    You know you are doing something right when a very pregnant Mom doesn't question your character. She knew you were there to save her and her babies.

  • Terry Shaffer
    Terry Shaffer22 dni temu

    What a beautiful video. You all are wonderful...hope babies are growing perfectly! We’d like to see them from time to time!

  • Sherry Gould
    Sherry Gould22 dni temu

    I love the little heart shape on Waffle's nose. Glad that she will never have to give birth to another litter ever again. And happy that 6 puppies that will never breed again as well.

    SNOWINGSART22 dni temu


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    Gail Morrow22 dni temu

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    kashaf aamir23 dni temu

    Umm hi I'm kashaf and i live in pakistan .... i love watching your videos . I'm a dog lover and when ever I go some where i can see stray dogs and laterally my heart melts watching them hungry but there are already millons of dogs that cant be rescued .when I saw story of the dog WAFFLE AND HER PUPPIES i almost cried ...... but I am very very happy that you guys do the work that saves an animal thank you , and don't worry! I have subscribe to your channel and a give a thumbs up every time when I watch your videos ...!😓😭😧🤧🤧

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    John Paciorek23 dni temu

    Eldad, I love your videos and enjoyed your personal presentation. When I donate, I do it with PayPal. How come you don't Handle donations with PayPal?

  • Marcia McGrail
    Marcia McGrail23 dni temu

    Did nobody do anything about her leg? Was it broken - (it looked like it on the xray)? she was limping when she was picked up...

  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor23 dni temu

    Heartwarming video. Show this to your children instead of not having your dog or cat spayed or neutered so they can watch animals giving birth! Someone bought this dog and dumped her when she got pregnant. Disgusting humans!!!

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    loco lovesu24 dni temu

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    louise michel24 dni temu

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    Bermuda Triangle24 dni temu

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