Lion V Crocodile: Out of your element


  • Hrishikesh Dutta
    Hrishikesh Dutta4 godzin temu

    He took the crock outside of water 😁

  • You Deserve it
    You Deserve it11 godzin temu

    that lion obviously liked the attack a little too much!! lol

  • David Perry
    David Perry14 godzin temu

    That lion looks like he’s seen some shit in his life

  • Diddly Doo Productions
    Diddly Doo Productions14 godzin temu

    It's funny how you stole this straight from a documentary...

  • rs3 4me
    rs3 4me16 godzin temu

    That lion looked sketched out long before the croc attacked He knew something was fishy lol

  • Liibaan HD
    Liibaan HDDzień temu

    CAMPER 🐊😀

  • Prabjot ✔
    Prabjot ✔Dzień temu

    Beware of the king of the water

  • Gaurav Jalali
    Gaurav JalaliDzień temu

    The suspense in the music was killing me ,so I came to check comments 😉

  • akhil rachapalli
    akhil rachapalliDzień temu

    looks alike Mr.T

  • el kuka hernandez
    el kuka hernandez2 dni temu

    PAPA cocodrilo el verdadero REY 💪😎

  • Abduraxmon Gafurov
    Abduraxmon Gafurov2 dni temu

    Who is King there? I guess Lion escape from Crocodile. Maybe Crocodile king in the forest and In the Water.

  • Roma Dabariba
    Roma Dabariba2 dni temu

    Dia pikir dia sudah menguasai semuanya?sebenarnya tidak!!!

  • Coyote Bite
    Coyote Bite2 dni temu

    Remember, when you see bubbles heading towards you, that's your first indication to get the fook out of the water.

  • Saijenz


    14 godzin temu

    It is not necessary, you can defend yourself from the crocodile easily, you just open its jaw in two, like at a 90 degree angle and it dies instantly

  • Æ
    Æ2 dni temu

    The fool lion got finished

  • Eduardo Muller
    Eduardo Muller2 dni temu

    A very old and tired lion!

  • Hello I'm Groot
    Hello I'm Groot2 dni temu

    Using Jaws theme music for alligator

  • Carlos Colon
    Carlos Colon3 dni temu

    Lmao the lion looking around

  • Dastizieze Bin bamg
    Dastizieze Bin bamg3 dni temu

    El leon punkero tiene la cresta jajaja

  • Specter Mad
    Specter Mad3 dni temu

    That loin is hurt bad did you see his stomach hanging out

    MICHAEL SABATA3 dni temu

    Lion has some serious injury there

  • Kodgrabber Multibrend FBS4
    Kodgrabber Multibrend FBS43 dni temu

    Четверг рыбный день 😂😂😂

  • Detached Loop
    Detached Loop3 dni temu

    That reaction time though. Talk about agility

  • SS Joker & Cars
    SS Joker & Cars3 dni temu

    The tough guy ran like a little biotch

  • Sno Man
    Sno Man3 dni temu

    Tiger would have killed the croc

  • Tariq UCP
    Tariq UCP3 dni temu

    Now tell that crocodile to get out of water

  • Mclovin400 justus
    Mclovin400 justus3 dni temu

    What that it's guts?

  • Cole
    Cole4 dni temu

    Man why is it SO ZOOMED in though? Something really wrong with yalls brains.

  • Chiranjeevi Sharma
    Chiranjeevi Sharma4 dni temu

    Jaguar can take down crocodile it's third largest cat but lion is second largest cat and it can't face a crocodile Weird

  • Life in Minor Key
    Life in Minor Key4 dni temu

    The lion: little b*tch

  • Josh green
    Josh green4 dni temu

    The crocodile seat get out

  • Thomas Hamilton
    Thomas Hamilton4 dni temu

    It was a defensive strike from the croc if he really wanted to he could have killed him

  • Geo
    Geo4 dni temu

    Lions face: why do I hear boss music?

  • Griz
    Griz4 dni temu

    Крокодил не ту добычу выбрал,не проканало,пацан к успеху шёл))

  • Bingo Bango
    Bingo Bango4 dni temu

    A true lion is in its own element category. Listed at the top! So it’s all of the elements plus one.

  • loaded fun
    loaded fun4 dni temu

    That lion needs medical attention.

  • Bernardo Horn
    Bernardo Horn4 dni temu

    Man, was waiting for a great white... My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined... 😢

  • 456ball 456ball
    456ball 456ball4 dni temu


  • William Lopez
    William Lopez5 dni temu

    He didn't make it!

  • IanMoone
    IanMoone5 dni temu

    The lions guts was hanging out

  • I explain jokes to make them less funny
    I explain jokes to make them less funny 5 dni temu

    What were those stupid stickers for?

  • EfeNti
    EfeNti5 dni temu

    Если в воде пузыри, то срочно убегайте )

  • Matty 100%X35
    Matty 100%X355 dni temu

    That lion had a good size hole on its side

    SMC- RAVANA5 dni temu

    sea doggy vs cat on steroids

  • Adam Ibrahim
    Adam Ibrahim5 dni temu

    Stealth act and a half no way crocodile was like do you want to fight stop coming to my house asking for a fight.

  • Nathan Stewart
    Nathan Stewart5 dni temu

    At the end of the video you can see the lion has a large abdominal wound with the abdominal sack hanging out.

  • Drake Cameron
    Drake Cameron6 dni temu

    Whats in the water? besides the lion

  • Mr. NYSE
    Mr. NYSE6 dni temu

    Lion has an extra testicle

  • Tomy_3004
    Tomy_30046 dni temu

    Tf is dead in the background? Hippo?

  • Pruthvi K
    Pruthvi K6 dni temu

    Royal Bengal tiger King ...

  • Олег Лукьянчк
    Олег Лукьянчк6 dni temu

    Царь зверей, но не в воде

  • Rocky Bhai
    Rocky Bhai6 dni temu

    Everyone is strong in their field.everyone is unique.

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith6 dni temu

    Nevermind the dead giraffe in the water

  • Alejandro Ramon
    Alejandro Ramon6 dni temu


  • Engine Notes From Underground
    Engine Notes From Underground6 dni temu

    What’s strong sad doing there?

  • Viking Shealth
    Viking Shealth6 dni temu

    All animals Feel Fear and all animals can be ran off with Fear

  • ricodahchico
    ricodahchico7 dni temu


  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor7 dni temu

    That FACE!!!!👀💀👀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!! And the cartoon crocodile!!! So cute😍!!!

  • eutiquio enjeru
    eutiquio enjeru7 dni temu

    Tomando agua donde está el animal muerto jajajaja pareciera un rino

  • Akshay Chanchiya
    Akshay Chanchiya7 dni temu

    a year of your life will be wated for this type of shit, wait for last

  • Monika Kopiec
    Monika Kopiec7 dni temu

    lew to lew poprosu kozak

  • Jose Alfredo Alvarez Guerrero
    Jose Alfredo Alvarez Guerrero7 dni temu

    Casi le hace la jarocha el coco al lion ya mero le corta la barita

  • Ezamora Zamora
    Ezamora Zamora7 dni temu

    There's a extended clip where the alligator bites the lion multiple times. Not just this once

  • Forever Python
    Forever Python7 dni temu

    That lion knew exactly what was about to happen 😂his black senses were tingling from the start of the video

  • Demon Snake
    Demon Snake7 dni temu

    Is nobody gonna talk about the dead HIPPO?!? This wasn’t lion vs croc... this was a Mexican stand off

  • ObiWan Stromboli
    ObiWan Stromboli7 dni temu

    The Isle’s newest update be like

  • Micah
    Micah7 dni temu

    For all y'all wondering why the lion was trying to square up with the crocodile. That crocodile was talking shit on him

  • Jahvyon Casley- El
    Jahvyon Casley- El7 dni temu

    J Consition 🏆 🦁 🌊🐊 🌴

    BLKCOBRA/NINJA 57 dni temu


  • Brenda Lc
    Brenda Lc8 dni temu

    I was rooting for the lion whaaa

  • Fachry Prasetyo Hutomo
    Fachry Prasetyo Hutomo8 dni temu

    Wow, you guys really messed the moment in the worst way possible.

  • Johan Sanchez
    Johan Sanchez8 dni temu


  • DestelloPlateado
    DestelloPlateado8 dni temu

    El león: kyaaaaaa que miedo

  • MitchAK
    MitchAK9 dni temu

    I like your illustrations 😂

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams9 dni temu

    The lion was already injured

  • stick nodes
    stick nodes9 dni temu

    Is that song from jaws?

  • yabadabadab yabadabadab
    yabadabadab yabadabadab9 dni temu

    You should zoom in more so the content is decreased even further

  • real Donkey
    real Donkey9 dni temu

    Lion had a goring injury, looks like his guts protruding out when he exits the watter.

  • Martian J

    Martian J

    4 dni temu

    @Unlimited no. Those were guts

  • Mauricio Mendez

    Mauricio Mendez

    7 dni temu

    Had to hit pause. Pretty sure that Lion is going to slowly die....

  • Unlimited


    7 dni temu

    I think that was just his penis

  • Mr McFlabs

    Mr McFlabs

    7 dni temu

    from the dead water buffalo

  • Dakota Bailey

    Dakota Bailey

    8 dni temu

    @Aryk Charland it went for the neck it’s been there

  • g C
    g C9 dni temu

    So is it going to live just the rest of its life like that with its bowel hanging out

  • David Garro
    David Garro9 dni temu


    ARYA DEBHARI10 dni temu

    Which forest is this brother?

    ARYA DEBHARI10 dni temu

    Tell the Name of the place brother

  • Yf Yf
    Yf Yf10 dni temu

    Re the Jaws music, talk about mixing your meataphors…

  • Horses Shiid
    Horses Shiid10 dni temu

    Jaws music????? Weird

  • Gilbert Garcia
    Gilbert Garcia10 dni temu

    This is a stupid video.

  • Jorge Basgall
    Jorge Basgall10 dni temu

    Va perdiendo las tripas el leon

  • pesca giul fishing love
    pesca giul fishing love10 dni temu

    Lion win

  • Neuronaut Alpha-1
    Neuronaut Alpha-110 dni temu

    Why is the lions gut hanging out?

  • Dave Franks
    Dave Franks10 dni temu

    The crocodile is literally on the video why the stupid graphic?

  • noneya
    noneya10 dni temu

    If you willingly want to watch shit like this, there's something wrong with you clear down into your soul

  • Antix taktix
    Antix taktix10 dni temu

    What the hell was that giantic dead thing to the left of the Lion is what I want to know?!

  • Nicole Peake

    Nicole Peake

    5 dni temu

    it looks like a Hippopotamus! See those big ass teeth 🦷🦛

  • karunakaram vikash
    karunakaram vikash11 dni temu

    If croc out of water it would be beaten by dog

  • timothy brown
    timothy brown11 dni temu

    I don’t get it MR LION bubbles it’s that simple it’ll be calm water then you’ll see what looks like it’s raining raining in the water then you know he’s right here watch out

  • Trill Lee
    Trill Lee11 dni temu

    Water buffalo got the lions intestine hanging out.

  • Oasis outerspace
    Oasis outerspace11 dni temu

    It’s going there to die basically from what I have read injured animals will go to water to help clean and numb the pain and kind of go into shock and die depending on the wound

  • Zuleika80
    Zuleika8011 dni temu

    Aw no he’s injured ☹️

  • Lee Garcia
    Lee Garcia12 dni temu

    Lions gate jg lasvegas

  • Baki Pohatwo
    Baki Pohatwo12 dni temu

    Personally I think that pink thing by his belly...was his attraction to his new girlfriend Alli Last name Gators xxx

  • Doug bull
    Doug bull12 dni temu

    Good luck dragging ablion under maybe a smaller female nut a make weighing almost don't fuck with the kings of the jungle.

  • Herr Skull
    Herr Skull12 dni temu

    Yeah he's young and not so bright

  • Derijuan Wise
    Derijuan Wise12 dni temu

    Bro he caught the lion by surprise plus if his ass was hungry bro his ass would have been an appetizer