Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall (Official Video)

The official music video for Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall

Taken from the upcoming 17th Studio Album ‘Senjutsu’ - Out September 3.

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Written by Smith / Dickinson

Across a painted desert lies a train of vagabonds
All that’s left of what we were it’s what we have become
Once our empires glorious but now the empire’s gone
The dead gave us the time to live and now our time is done

Now we are victorious we’ve become our slaves
A land of hope and glory building graveyards for the brave

Have you seen the writing on the wall
Have you seen that writing
Can you see the riders on the storm
Can you see them riding ~ can you see them riding

Holding on to jury is that all we ever know
Ignorance our judge and jury all we’ve got to show
From Hollywood to Babylon ~ holy war to kingdom come
On a trail of dust and ashes ~ when the burning sky is done
A tide of change is coming and that is what you fear
The earthquake is a coming but you don’t want to hear
You’re just too blind to see

Have you seen the writing on the wall
Have you seen that writing
Can you see the riders on the storm
Can you see them riding
Can you see them riding. . . Riding next to you


  • James Gaby
    James Gaby32 minut temu

    Cool nice video, I like Eddie - Samurai!

  • Mohamed saaber
    Mohamed saaber43 minut temu

    Its magical! Iron maiden had really destroyed my mind and now im already dead

  • dread nought
    dread nought53 minut temu

    maiden are the best in the world for reason there unstopable

  • Jo Oliveira
    Jo Oliveira55 minut temu

    Bárbaro, fodástico!!!

  • Guts na era de ouro
    Guts na era de ouro56 minut temu

    iron maiden simplesmente impecável como sempre!

    MARCOS GOMES58 minut temu

    Mais uma obra prima da maior banda de metal de todos os tempos !!! Long Live Maiden !!! 🤘🤘🤘

  • Germair Rojas
    Germair RojasGodzinę temu

    Por favor Iron Maiden, No nos defraudes! Mantenga siempre el espíritu del Metal hasta morir, No hagan lo que hizo Metallica para conmemorar su Black Álbum poniendo un Reguetonero...esto es un Clamor de alguien que aún luego de 40 años los escucha a diario No nos fallen!...Up the Irons Guys...

  • thibaut capelle
    thibaut capelleGodzinę temu

    Du grand Maiden avec ce souffle épique sur fond d apocalypse transhumanisme.j adore

  • Acriter et fideliter
    Acriter et fideliterGodzinę temu


  • Dr. Madruga
    Dr. MadrugaGodzinę temu

    4:25 é a hora em que a mágica começa

  • ODD MEN Gaming
    ODD MEN GamingGodzinę temu

    We're Iron Maiden....and we're here to save Rock!

  • zeeteewing2
    zeeteewing22 godzin temu

    WHY? THE samurai

  • Luciano Santana
    Luciano Santana2 godzin temu

    Faltou só a bandeira do Brasil no peito dos "motoqueiros" do apocalipse!

  • Third World Party
    Third World Party2 godzin temu

    I love the art style. Music always on point. Thanks for many decades of good music!

  • Cody
    Cody2 godzin temu

    So glad to be alive for this

  • Top Notch
    Top Notch2 godzin temu

    Art at it's Purest Form.

  • Gnubbolo
    Gnubbolo2 godzin temu

    a reaction at the ideological conformism

  • •Always Barcelona•
    •Always Barcelona•2 godzin temu

    "You don't spend your teenager life well enough if you didn't listen to Iron Maiden" -My uncle

  • Bartosz Biniszewski

    Bartosz Biniszewski

    Godzinę temu

    Smart uncle

  • cjatak
    cjatak2 godzin temu

    Can't listen to any of the other tracks till I've got the album 🤘

  • Икономически Науки
    Икономически Науки2 godzin temu

    My love group

  • Yılmaz Çelik
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  • Octavio Mind
    Octavio Mind2 godzin temu

    Amazing as always, Iron Maiden is the best of the best 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • André Luis
    André Luis3 godzin temu

    Allways current!

  • coolman92
    coolman923 godzin temu

    This is one of those songs who gets better the more you listen to it. An important message delivered with great lyrics, visuals and as always a rock solid metal tune. Iron Maiden forever!

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    I words....this Is....awesome

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  • TheUpperbutt
    TheUpperbutt4 godzin temu

    Nerarly as good as Pearljams video for "Do the evolution"

  • Rianto
    Rianto4 godzin temu

    My band inspiration ❤️

  • raymond carson
    raymond carson4 godzin temu

    Hell yes. Maiden!!! Miss this bad, glad they are back and as bad ass as ever!

  • Paulo Santos
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  • Hojong Lee
    Hojong Lee4 godzin temu

    Iron Maiden made The ED in 2021!

  • Zeka Pilot
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  • undeadmaster666
    undeadmaster6664 godzin temu

    holy hell. now this is why iron maiden has been my fave band since i was a child. keep these epic songs coming guys.

  • Per Erling Johansen
    Per Erling Johansen4 godzin temu

    Up The Irons 🤘🤘🔥🔥

  • Ítalo Viana
    Ítalo Viana4 godzin temu

    clipe foda e musica foda.

  • ナハト
    ナハト4 godzin temu

    4:07 quem mais lembrou de Saint Seiya 👍😄

  • Goran Milovanovic
    Goran Milovanovic4 godzin temu

    It's number of the beast all over again 🙂

  • Gothaniel
    Gothaniel4 godzin temu

    Very nice and interesting video

  • - Cariex
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  • Moon child
    Moon child5 godzin temu

    Great song and fantastic video! So much fun to watch and with great meaning too! And thanks for shouting out Rammtein's Deutschland video as an inspiration, love it when great bands respect each other or inspire each other!

  • Lorrana Jacinto
    Lorrana Jacinto5 godzin temu

    Tô aqui só por causa do Rafael Bittencourt 😅

  • Lorrana Jacinto

    Lorrana Jacinto

    3 godzin temu

    @Fernando Herrera kkkk

  • Fernando Herrera

    Fernando Herrera

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  • olto2012
    olto20125 godzin temu

    This is one of the best songs of 2021

  • Mark Seawright
    Mark Seawright5 godzin temu

    The mighty Iron maiden...there music isn't just's a way of life...up the iron's forever.....🤘

  • Bp. Pradhan
    Bp. Pradhan5 godzin temu

    Truely awesome

  • Вова Вова
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    Country Maiden

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    Michael Cruz5 godzin temu

    Everything is A-OK just so long as Maiden continue on in this world!!!

  • Budi Mhytos
    Budi Mhytos6 godzin temu

    Orang Indonesia mana yang nonton video clip ini? Ngeunaheun anjir 💥

  • KELLSCAR the chosen
    KELLSCAR the chosen6 godzin temu

    That was AWESOME!!!!

  • Ty Scott
    Ty Scott6 godzin temu

    Eddie will never die! And neither will the Maiden!

  • Rama Ramadhan
    Rama Ramadhan6 godzin temu

    I keep playing this song on my earphones. I bow to All Of Members of IRON MAIDEN ❤️. I don't know what I wanna say. Keep stay Healthy Uncle ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Noted* like the drums beat. Is so overwhelmed.

  • PeasPod
    PeasPod6 godzin temu

    This looks like it could be a dam good RPG

  • Challenger SRT
    Challenger SRT6 godzin temu

    No topo do panfleto esta escrito: "Belshazzar's Feast" e, no rodapé "Man or Beast. Heaven or Hell" . Ou seja: Festa de Belshazzar. Homen ou besta. Céu ou inferno.

  • Kuba S
    Kuba S6 godzin temu


  • Pig Head97
    Pig Head976 godzin temu

    This video is so much Disturbed with "Vengeful one" and also so much Megadeth with "Dystopia. to be Iron Maiden with "The writing on the wall".

  • Mihai Remus Gavrilita
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  • Vin'z
    Vin'z6 godzin temu

    One of the best clip EVER !

    SABDO DADI7 godzin temu

    The best heavy metal

  • Vladimir Torero
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  • sylvr6
    sylvr67 godzin temu

    Wow ! Hope to see them in France 🇨🇵

  • Tiberio Bagni
    Tiberio Bagni7 godzin temu

    Mamma mia che spettacolo...

  • Krzylu P
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  • Peter P
    Peter P7 godzin temu

    After all these years you still got it! Salute!

  • Özgün Özel
    Özgün Özel7 godzin temu

    Great song, very simple and subtle hard rock! bruce probably should alter his singing style to his diminishing vocal strength, he sings like he is running out of breath and does not utilize the range he once did, time is very cruel its kinda sad to see what it did to bruce’s singing, an absolute legend loosing his prime...

  • Vishkiller23 Wandering Free Soul
    Vishkiller23 Wandering Free Soul7 godzin temu

    Greatest band ever

  • ВИМ
    ВИМ8 godzin temu

    not bad, but I like Writing On The Wall · Accept more

  • Cihan Yıldırım
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  • Stelian Nikolov
    Stelian Nikolov8 godzin temu

    Man this album will be epic!

  • Denver
    Denver8 godzin temu

    02:46 Nicko getting ready to play the drums.

  • Mic Che
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  • Marco Paurel
    Marco Paurel8 godzin temu

    Growing with Maiden since i have 8 years old. Great song and visual !! UP the Irons !!

  • 『Monkey D. Repo Man』
    『Monkey D. Repo Man』8 godzin temu


  • Klaus Hein
    Klaus Hein8 godzin temu

    The Melody, the guitars between Minutes 4 and 5 absolutely brilliant. UP THE IRONS Die Gitarren und die Melodie zwischen der 4 und 5 Minute sind der Hammer. Smith, Murray, Gers, wohldem der solche Musiker in seinen Reihen hat.

  • Grunztier Transmutator
    Grunztier Transmutator8 godzin temu

    Good song, fantastic video... and i like how the few tiny trolls here in the comment section are treated: they are IGNORED. Fucking simply ignored. I like that - best way to deal with those creeps. Lets keep them ignored.

  • Dietzen
    Dietzen8 godzin temu

    Amazing, great song and great video ❤️

  • Игорь Развозжаев
    Игорь Развозжаев9 godzin temu

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    Felix 4519 godzin temu

    Is that metalocalypse?

  • Frazer Gilmour
    Frazer Gilmour9 godzin temu

    Who Seriously Down voted this? People need to get a Life, Producing this after 5 decades is Mind Blowing

  • C T
    C T9 godzin temu

    Very simple but amazing riff

  • golagaz
    golagaz9 godzin temu

    I love Iron Maiden.

  • Eddy Vomit
    Eddy Vomit9 godzin temu

    Perfeita ligação com o presente e o que está por vir por intermédio dos 4 Cavaleiros do Apocalipse e a implantação da Nova Ordem Mundial qunado será implantada o transhumanismo e a Technocracia vigente. O Iron Mandei está antecipando o caos vindouro é só esperar....

  • Dead Skin Rippers
    Dead Skin Rippers9 godzin temu

    This is a better HE-MAN!

  • Abhishek Kashyap
    Abhishek Kashyap9 godzin temu

    Sign me up for senjutsu eddie Halloween costume please

  • Evandro Miranda
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    Abhishek Kashyap9 godzin temu

    This is not by a long long your first time here, will not your last too

  • Gioele Petrecca
    Gioele Petrecca9 godzin temu

    The iron maiden is my favourite music

  • d papa
    d papa9 godzin temu

    1:49 dead sooty ( i was reading somewhere this mattered) ha

  • Zairul Aqlif
    Zairul Aqlif9 godzin temu

    Epic stuff! Iron Maiden will always and forever be my all time favourite band! Up the irons!!!!!

  • Gehtsh Nixo
    Gehtsh Nixo9 godzin temu

    To be honest i was never the biggest Iron Maiden fan and its not a groundbreakingly innovative track but what can i say: its freaking awesome. The guitar sound is insindiary and i especially have to mention the drumming: i think thats one of Nicos best performances. Up the Irons.

  • mystic blue
    mystic blue9 godzin temu

    Technically the 'origin' story wasn't written by Bruce, but this is told through his eyes/inspiration. Took me a minute to get the gist of it, it was his version of the Four Horsemen featuring Adam and Eve, love the interpretation of the crows though. It was a bible verse (probably, don't @ me), told in modern times, still honoring Iron Maiden's animation styles.... will always be a great band.

  • PJ Celos
    PJ Celos9 godzin temu

    Why is me flag backwards. 🤺

  • Юлиябххм Лазарова
    Юлиябххм Лазарова10 godzin temu

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  • C/AC
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    Genial! Grande Iron Maiden! I loved it guys!!!