Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above (Live)


New album, "The Battle at Garden's Gate," available 4.16.21

Heat Above:


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Created and directed by Rob Sinclair at Sinclair / Wilkinson
Multi camera director: Mark Haney at Black Bear
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  • palliard
    palliard5 minut temu

    The perils of all onesies though, you must choose a side, and he went right(4:23).

  • kleber peres raimundo
    kleber peres raimundo15 minut temu

    Não conseguia ouvir nada novo no rock até surgir essa molecada! Long life Greta Van Fleet!

  • juan rodrigo Garcia
    juan rodrigo GarciaGodzinę temu

    Se tragó un canario

  • Chris Nichols
    Chris NicholsGodzinę temu

    I'm a Gen Xer...I like Gen Z!

  • Gwendolyn O.
    Gwendolyn O.2 godzin temu

    Tolkien called and he wants his elves and hobbit back

  • Jerry Richardson
    Jerry Richardson2 godzin temu

    Taking the old and making new and their own. Love it. Anyone who bashes them for "sounding like" needs to remember that every artist has borrowed from another. Back is probably shaking his head...

  • Keep1t Real
    Keep1t Real3 godzin temu

    They weren’t too creative of their own song names either. Too many titles very similar to other bands it’s totally obvious. They have great talent just wished they created their own sound . Too similar to other stuff. Rather have someone think of my band than someone else’s band prior to me. No true identity but plenty talent I give it than. Best tribute band everrrrrrr

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis4 godzin temu


  • Anatolij2010
    Anatolij20105 godzin temu

    Song for gays...

  • dave clark
    dave clark5 godzin temu

    is this dude wearing a onesie?

  • MBLR Birdy
    MBLR Birdy6 godzin temu

    I was alive when they started. If they didn't do anything wrong they will be the next Stones/Zeppelin/Ac/Dc we need this kind of selfmade good Music

  • grant stairs
    grant stairs8 godzin temu

    I'm getting a real "Happiness is a Warm Gun" vibe

  • Keisha Iz Awesome
    Keisha Iz Awesome13 godzin temu

    These guy are becoming my new favorite band!

  • John H
    John H14 godzin temu

    Any doubt why Sam is such an awesome bass player? Just listen the melodies in his head displayed on the keyboards.....fantastic keyboards, almost as good as his standard bass playing!

  • Kayla Holmes
    Kayla Holmes15 godzin temu

    Awesome 🦋

  • Alex MP
    Alex MP20 godzin temu

    Amazing Performance!!! Keep the good rock alive!!!

  • Andreina von Schmeling
    Andreina von Schmeling20 godzin temu

    Surprise surprise ...musical diamonds to be found! Great job Greta, I´m deeply impressed

  • Riley von Bevern
    Riley von Bevern23 godzin temu

    Greta knows what Rock is about, I love this!!!

  • Clay S
    Clay S23 godzin temu

    The audio setup here was so superior to the one on Kimmel.

  • Melissa Phillips
    Melissa Phillips23 godzin temu

    God I love his voice so beautiful Unique....hugs much love keep going

  • Lal Cawi Sang Lal Cawi Sang
    Lal Cawi Sang Lal Cawi SangDzień temu

    Beautiful.. melody with.. 100% talented.. performance 🤘🤘🤗Rock N Rolls. .

  • Hold the Line
    Hold the LineDzień temu

    3:07 OH crap that sexy sound, I want to hear it again

  • meL0diic tv
    meL0diic tvDzień temu

    Bem que podia mudar o titulo do vídeo pra "Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above (Official)"

  • Lynae Carter
    Lynae CarterDzień temu

    His range is incredible. Ty tiktok for introducing me to another good band

  • Joel Thompson
    Joel ThompsonDzień temu

    Is it just me or does he look like mclovin

  • reeger mun
    reeger munDzień temu

    They are gonna big big... This vocalist is a diamond in the rough

  • Eliseo Caporale

    Eliseo Caporale

    11 godzin temu

    They are big already!

  • J D
    J DDzień temu

    This is one thing and one thing only. Queen meets Thin LIZZY meets Led Zeppelin meets Aerosmith meets old grey whistle test meets Greta Van Fucking Fleet.

  • mike pollack
    mike pollackDzień temu

    Okay Internet...ya can't say they sound like Zeppelin anymore! This sounds like Greta !

  • Andrea Dell'Oro
    Andrea Dell'OroDzień temu

    Incredibile performance e straordinario frontman. Da brividi!!

  • Borking Borker
    Borking BorkerDzień temu

    Damn! Looking like rock gods. Now I know what Dennis was trying to go for.

  • Alex Rizzo
    Alex RizzoDzień temu

    GreAt GreTa song!

  • Theresa Heyer
    Theresa HeyerDzień temu

    and he plucks the song out of the UNIVERSE....MAGICAL!

  • Ed Horne
    Ed HorneDzień temu

    Phil Lynott's look with Geddy Lee's voice. Total throwback!

  • JD Larson
    JD LarsonDzień temu

    A much needed ray of sunshine in a very dark world......

  • John Zimmerman
    John Zimmerman2 dni temu

    This comes gratus of Frankenmuth, Michigan, population 2,794, dependant upon whether these four are present or not.

  • Syed Jawad Quader
    Syed Jawad Quader2 dni temu

    I am hooked like there is no tomorrow. Josh, you're a beast. Love, from Bangladesh

  • Cathy Adams
    Cathy Adams2 dni temu

    I'm trying to process all this. It's a bit as if Freddie Mercury was reincarnated as a Hobbit with Geddy Lee's voice and Elvis's fashion sense. But I think I like it.

  • Alixxusa


    14 godzin temu

    @Zidders Roofurry hitting an octave or range does not mean he sounds like geddy. Life long fan here too

  • Zidders Roofurry

    Zidders Roofurry

    14 godzin temu

    @Alixxusa I've been a Rush fan all my life and yes-he hits Geddy's register quite often.

  • Alixxusa


    22 godzin temu

    Jesus everyone one saying geddys voice are not rush fans obviously

  • francis Reyes
    francis Reyes2 dni temu

    some of you people keep saying they are a "Led Zeppelin rip off", can we just appreciate that they are out here making rock and roll tunes like this E

  • George Horn
    George Horn2 dni temu

    This is awesome

  • x munki
    x munki2 dni temu

    Great music, the only thing that annoys me is that the singer's voice is a bit too high and whiny IMO. It's like listening to a chipmunk.

  • John Park
    John Park3 dni temu


  • Schwabie92
    Schwabie923 dni temu

    this song literally makes me tear...... sing me to sleep

  • sirlordcomic
    sirlordcomic3 dni temu

    I hear Jon Anderson in his voice. A touch of Yes about the music too. Good tune.

  • John Rouffa
    John Rouffa3 dni temu

    a pavlov's dog voice..

  • nickbehrman
    nickbehrman3 dni temu

    Jaw Dropping!!!

  • Pamela Ingram
    Pamela Ingram3 dni temu


  • Jordan Holland
    Jordan Holland3 dni temu

    Love their sound!

  • Lover Dudley
    Lover Dudley3 dni temu

    so many good comments i can't add new except to agree with the sentiment that these guys take all those who came before them and mix em all up and create a new stew of rock music sorely needed. Plus, no back up dancers!

  • Josh Bud
    Josh Bud3 dni temu

    Those vocals omfg so different Almost like Geddy’s

  • Baldwin
    Baldwin3 dni temu

    Greta = dutch name for a girl Van = of Fleet or Vliet = kind of small river Greta van Vliet = great band Greetings from Holland🇱🇺🌷🌷🌷🙂👍

  • Kool MaDa
    Kool MaDa3 dni temu

    Nobody will ever replace Zeppelin. And these guys are so conscientious of this that their new album is going to be so different just to prove they are not Zeppelin copy cats. Too bad for them. They should just play whatever fills the seats. Dave Grohl said something along the lines of ... “if you don’t suck people will come see you”. Greta is letting people get to them. Sad. They should just do what they do and not give a shit what anyone thinks.

  • Debbie Wnukoski
    Debbie Wnukoski3 dni temu

    You boys give me such hope that rock will live on. Amazing you keep getting better and better. Been a fan since I found you. Thanks for such hard work and no auto tune shit.......

  • Tatocaster
    Tatocaster3 dni temu

    Great performance!

  • Meagan Collins
    Meagan Collins3 dni temu

    How do they do it?? 😶😶

  • Nikki Labutis
    Nikki Labutis4 dni temu

    They sound no different from auto tune, it’s absolutely amazing

  • gacha Alice viola
    gacha Alice viola4 dni temu

    Che voce sono in delirio che braviiiiiiiii

  • Robert Mihai
    Robert Mihai4 dni temu

    Freddie Mercury is back from heaven. Welcome back !

  • Ryan Dunkelberger
    Ryan Dunkelberger4 dni temu

    Heard a reactor say that there is just a purity you feel when you hear this song and I couldn’t agree more. It just puts me in a great place. They can only get better. Love how they’re really honing their sound. The “they sound like Led Zeppelin” comments are going to be a thing of the past. They sound like Greta Van Fleet and I’m here for it

  • Renato Bratkovič
    Renato Bratkovič4 dni temu

    Brilliant, guys! :)

  • Eric Godwin
    Eric Godwin4 dni temu

    Song is really good love the music

    KIMBERLY KOEHLER4 dni temu

    Got to see them in a very small venue in KC... phenomenal performance. Oh hope they come back again. It was a beautiful night I'll never forget ♥

  • Tin Roof
    Tin Roof4 dni temu


  • suubyleggy
    suubyleggy4 dni temu

    Just amazing!

  • Dyrk Huffman
    Dyrk Huffman4 dni temu

    An absolutely great song and performance...

  • Alvenski Rafiola
    Alvenski Rafiola4 dni temu

    meh frodo

  • Prof Mac
    Prof Mac4 dni temu

    This band is fantastic!

  • NCW Productions
    NCW Productions4 dni temu

    It's definitely a masterpiece, I can't wait to see what this band does in the future!

  • x munki
    x munki4 dni temu


  • Eliza Dolittle
    Eliza Dolittle4 dni temu

    Guys . . . don't ever give up - EVER!

  • Lukas D
    Lukas D4 dni temu

    I dont Like It

  • Владислав Каменцев
    Владислав Каменцев5 dni temu


  • marty pettenuzzo
    marty pettenuzzo5 dni temu

    These guys are fkn amazing.

  • Shashank Prasad
    Shashank Prasad5 dni temu

    Again no shoes! LMFAO

  • alec john
    alec john5 dni temu

    this is so amazing

    SUZY BEZA5 dni temu

    The drummer is something else!!!

  • mary huffman
    mary huffman5 dni temu

    Beautiful ♥️

  • Chris Biro
    Chris Biro5 dni temu

    Greta Van Fleet & Liliac to favorite new music!! Rock on!!

  • kelsey smith
    kelsey smith5 dni temu


  • Michael Valadez
    Michael Valadez5 dni temu

    Gretta Van Fleet is a whole lotta love, they are keeping Rock alive.Kudos to them.I hope they perserve themselves and don't let all the publicity and music trappings dont seperate them from their first love , making music on there own terms.Play on!!!!

  • Dj Teeks
    Dj Teeks5 dni temu

    Which uncultured swine disliked something this beautiful lol

  • Wilbur Post

    Wilbur Post

    3 dni temu

    Stupid music critics that can't play or sing a note. Jealously prevails.

  • Peter Hamilton
    Peter Hamilton5 dni temu

    Started out as Robert Plant... now this kid has Geddy Lee's voice and Freddie Mercury's range. Call 'em rip offs if you want, but who cares...this is great stuff.

  • Lexx x

    Lexx x

    12 godzin temu

    yep i hear geddy lee

  • Tim Dula

    Tim Dula

    15 godzin temu

    @Alixxusa Any GVF covers of Rush out there? Rush was also called a Zep Rip off in the 70's. Worked out for them.

  • navaskin


    18 godzin temu

    I'm in agreement. I'm an OG(old guy) and this makes my heart happy. Glad to hear how yesterday sounds thru these awesome gents. Carry on.

  • Peter Hamilton

    Peter Hamilton

    22 godzin temu

    @Alixxusa hey everyone has their own take but how do you not hear some geddy lee w/ added vocal range in there. Don't get me wrong...this definitely had an original feel as well but I can't help but really hear those influences. Not trying to start an argument, just enjoying the music. Thanks for the reply✌

  • Alixxusa


    22 godzin temu

    Okay calm down.. Does not have geddy lee voice for one.. Range wise he is impressive

  • Mike Goodlock
    Mike Goodlock5 dni temu

    ❤️🎸❤️ Love you guys from my home State Michigan Rock On Brothers 🤘🏻

  • Kaleb Schenfield
    Kaleb Schenfield6 dni temu

    I’m 17 and can’t stop listening to this song!

  • javier munoz
    javier munoz6 dni temu

    Wea mala

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy6 dni temu

    They deserve everything that comes their way. Incredible.

  • Livio Capretti
    Livio Capretti6 dni temu

    Micidiali 💖😎

  • Laura Watters
    Laura Watters6 dni temu

    Sooo beautiful guys, love you so much!!!

  • Alfon .L.F
    Alfon .L.F6 dni temu

    My favorite song of greta, congratulations!! Sounds great, greata van fleet!

  • melo_kiel
    melo_kiel6 dni temu

    Incredibile performance! 👏 bravo boys🎶

  • Mike G
    Mike G6 dni temu

    This singer sounds more Frank DiMino than Robbie Plant. Go listen to the first Angel album and try to tell me I’m wrong!

  • old guy
    old guy6 dni temu

    Some how this reminds me of a Rush song for some reason, maybe the singer I don't know. MAN I wish my hair was as thick as this drummers is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jj
    jj6 dni temu


  • Gator Low
    Gator Low6 dni temu

    Great music, just got to change the outfits, whoever thinks these work is just wrong

  • Pepin Family
    Pepin Family6 dni temu

    Yes you sound like ur from the 70’s you sound amazing and i am only ten

  • MrLaughs66
    MrLaughs666 dni temu

    Outstandingly breathtakingly awesome 🤘

  • paula78ful
    paula78ful6 dni temu


  • Hermann Giefel
    Hermann Giefel6 dni temu


  • Amador Fernandez
    Amador Fernandez6 dni temu


  • Curtis. Evans
    Curtis. Evans6 dni temu

    Blown away by this song and performance! Every nuance, amazing guys!

  • Roxanne V
    Roxanne V6 dni temu

    I love this band and his voice is amazing! But that 70's