Girl Screams When Bison Comes At Car Window And Walks Away With Another Animal Hanging - 1188261


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  • Skyee Boy
    Skyee Boy54 minut temu

    _Caught in 4K_

  • UniterOfWorlds
    UniterOfWorlds3 godzin temu

    The bison was just checking on the new Buffalo, but she wasn't hairy enough.

  • Yuki A.
    Yuki A.3 godzin temu

    Moving on... 🤣

  • Saware Kothari
    Saware Kothari4 godzin temu

    Is it only me or anyone else feels she looks like Haaland.

  • Abra kadabra
    Abra kadabra5 godzin temu

    The bison just wanted the new buffalo T-shirt.

  • Lia J
    Lia J5 godzin temu

    Never laughed this much in a looong while

  • Shah Rhaiyan
    Shah Rhaiyan9 godzin temu

    The girl looks like erling haaland...

  • Saner
    Saner14 godzin temu

    LMAO❗️that Buffalo was in the act of being mated while she was talking to it🤣😂🤣 they were making a “New Buffalo”, her shirt was a premonition😆

  • RodrigoBorgia
    RodrigoBorgia17 godzin temu

    some trailer from xbuffalo

  • Stranger
    Stranger17 godzin temu

    That buffalo was hoping for a threesom

  • Khachun Thor
    Khachun Thor17 godzin temu

    Last summer, I clearly remember seeing something like this. But with two tortoises. Getting it on. In the middle of public. At Cedar Point.

  • Kenneth Gueta
    Kenneth Gueta18 godzin temu

    He is just looking for Aang!

  • Gabriel Adebisi
    Gabriel Adebisi21 godzinę temu

    LOL! wonder how she'd react to a moose

  • Theodor the Cat
    Theodor the Cat22 godzin temu

    Legend says She still screams

  • Kareencita DP
    Kareencita DPDzień temu

    Bison: Uhmm.. Hey is there any room available? Girl: 👁️👄👁️

  • Harsh Kaushal
    Harsh KaushalDzień temu

    I will name it as mother of all twists 😂

  • Dan C
    Dan CDzień temu

    Hahahahahaha her reactions are hilarious!! I'd love to tease her if she was my little sister then spoiled her with my love. 😂😂

  • B H
    B HDzień temu

    This is akin to a renaissance painting, but it’s a video.

  • Arpit Singh Chahal
    Arpit Singh ChahalDzień temu

    Bhen dar gai Bhen dar gai 😂😂

  • ba be
    ba beDzień temu

    Even they screams and apologies with an attitude 😂

  • Mohamed Rabeek
    Mohamed RabeekDzień temu


  • Teddy Cat
    Teddy CatDzień temu

    That's kinda Nolan film.

  • Dwight Schuette
    Dwight SchuetteDzień temu

    No one wants to help an animal when its getting raped. Terrible!

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria RodriguezDzień temu

    Idk what was more traumatizing for her the unexpected greeting of the bison 🦬 or the giggity part 😂

  • FrankN Stein
    FrankN SteinDzień temu

    They were having relations.

  • Anom Pangestu
    Anom PangestuDzień temu


  • Tasty
    TastyDzień temu

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • out of ideas
    out of ideasDzień temu

    What a plot twist

  • Mindri Boyz
    Mindri BoyzDzień temu

    The Buffalo wanted girl talk while she was getting her cheeks clapped

  • Darren
    DarrenDzień temu

    This title left to me hanging

  • Jaison
    JaisonDzień temu

    bison: wanna join me.

  • Velocity Launch systems
    Velocity Launch systemsDzień temu

    She went through every emotion in 18 seconds

  • 414aliha
    414alihaDzień temu

    Aaaaaa... Sorry I yelled again!

  • John Creighton
    John CreightonDzień temu

    Buffalo: Nice sweatshirt...sweetheart .

  • Giant Killer
    Giant KillerDzień temu

    That's a meme

  • Fara Nasha
    Fara NashaDzień temu

    Anjir pamernya ngak ngotak. Lu mau senang senang ngak usah ajak orang juga kali njing.

  • Fardin Beatbox
    Fardin BeatboxDzień temu

    We’ll know why she’s screaming

  • King Charming
    King CharmingDzień temu

    Now; This is The Multiplication I Wanted To Learn in Maths Class... 1+1=2, Me and You 😇

  • Fort Wendy
    Fort WendyDzień temu

    so good

  • Supercell
    SupercellDzień temu

    *Hello, isn't it age restricted content 😂*

  • Dee Eee
    Dee EeeDzień temu

    Type of girl to say I've been traumatized since that event it was rape 😢😢😢. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Lana Joy

    Lana Joy

    Dzień temu

    You're so extra she just didn't expect it lmao

  • Ace Vendetta Flight Clips
    Ace Vendetta Flight ClipsDzień temu

    The buffalo: "hey do you guys wanna see how buffalos have sex?" The girl: "no thank you" The buffalo: "that's too bad"

  • Lucid- truth be born
    Lucid- truth be born2 dni temu

    Wow what a majestic creature

  • Vivian Van Der Merwe
    Vivian Van Der Merwe2 dni temu

    Another animal "hanging"... LMAO!!🤣

  • Adam
    Adam2 dni temu

    My ADHD made this funnier because I didn't expect to see and animal hanging from another plus her reaction. Ignorance is bliss i guess.

  • Cucker Tarlson
    Cucker Tarlson2 dni temu

    Wow, this is embarrassing. Why didn't she just roll the window down and backhand that shaggy little shet?

  • Ayden Coulson
    Ayden Coulson2 dni temu

    Fake reactions lol haha so funny

  • S O
    S O2 dni temu

    Dwight's daughter is so much like him😂

  • MKM Wonder Empire
    MKM Wonder Empire2 dni temu

    She looks like Halaand 😂😂😂

  • Jacob M8
    Jacob M82 dni temu


  • CamboSoup87
    CamboSoup872 dni temu

    Lol you can't make this stuff up.. she's wearing a new buffalo shirt while two buffaloes are making a new buffalo.

  • Lowkey Everywhere
    Lowkey Everywhere2 dni temu

    So much happened under 20 seconds

  • Mang mang
    Mang mang2 dni temu

    The bison : ma'am wanna see a show? The girl : no thank you The bison : rude The girl : sorry for screaming at you tho The bison : you're so polite, we'll give it to you as a free show

  • Mang mang
    Mang mang2 dni temu

    The title tho...

  • No89lan
    No89lan2 dni temu

    Could you be more fake?

  • Cute Potato
    Cute Potato2 dni temu


  • Jess Hull
    Jess Hull2 dni temu

    Her sweater says New Buffalo and that buffalo was MAKING a new buffalo, coincidence ? ... yeah, probably.

  • Farah Rakai Yasmin
    Farah Rakai Yasmin2 dni temu

    Sorry i yelled AAaAAAaaAaAa

  • Mar10
    Mar102 dni temu

    What a plot twist.

  • The Morning Star
    The Morning Star2 dni temu

    New Buffalo

  • Sushanth S
    Sushanth S2 dni temu

    1st Bull: " *Can't make it! can't make it Sh*t's stuck Get off my back son! ,BISON STUCK! BISON STUCK!* "

  • Sushanth S
    Sushanth S2 dni temu

    0:16 The second bull : " *YEEHAAWWWW!* "

  • Telecia Johnson
    Telecia Johnson2 dni temu

    She said sorry i yelled XD

  • ms. pirate
    ms. pirate2 dni temu

    He came to u like "GET THIS GUY OFF OF ME PLEASE!!!"

  • ms. pirate

    ms. pirate

    2 dni temu


    DHEERAJ SURESH2 dni temu

    Action speaks louder than words

  • Duval Jones
    Duval Jones2 dni temu

    This is pretty epic when you dont see that coming, which I didn't!

  • Sam Raymond
    Sam Raymond2 dni temu

    Top 10 greatest anime plot twists

  • VI Vi
    VI Vi2 dni temu

    Omg I can’t believe

  • Dogë-hime
    Dogë-hime2 dni temu

    Is that appa?

  • Christopher T Munro
    Christopher T Munro2 dni temu

    Seemed real friendly to me!! I think he was just trying to "Hi!!"!!!!

  • Carbon Campaign
    Carbon Campaign2 dni temu

    I remember a time when I was asking a woman something and she had a similar reaction and was quick to say, "I'm not interested" but then seconds later my beautiful girlfriend came around the corner and the woman had a dumb look on her face realizing I had NO romantic interest in her. As I walked away with my girl I could see her through my peripherals staring. That moment she knew she didn't even qualify according to my standards 😁

  • Olive D
    Olive D2 dni temu

    Passenger: *hasn’t seen much Driver: *seen some things

    BEAST NYC2 dni temu

    Bison: Let me get closer to this humans, like nothing is going on... maybe they won’t notice a thing...

  • Shah Of Iran
    Shah Of Iran2 dni temu

    Hehe her sweater

  • gaby Nuñez
    gaby Nuñez2 dni temu

    0:14 así, más de un le daría a esa chica.

  • Michigander
    Michigander2 dni temu

    "Teen Girl uncovers Buffalo sex trafficking ring!"

  • Aubrey Breaux
    Aubrey Breaux2 dni temu

    She is straight up gorgy

  • NWA1
    NWA12 dni temu

    Everything about this. What the fuck LMAO

  • Chocalate Sunny
    Chocalate Sunny2 dni temu

    Bison: Not impressed

  • Lightning Only Comments Once
    Lightning Only Comments Once2 dni temu

    Her shirt foretold the future.

  • ً
    ً2 dni temu

    "she" doesn't look like a girl

  • odeerg


    2 dni temu

    You need to get your eyes checked and fuck off

  • Avriia
    Avriia2 dni temu

    New Buffalo sweater + The surprise PLOT TWIST in the end = COMICAL Cartoon Network, WYA??

  • Witness Neo
    Witness Neo2 dni temu

    0:15 when my Crush Text me.

  • UCISwagnSwole _
    UCISwagnSwole _2 dni temu

    That PC title though. Just be straightforward and say buffaloes mating and copulating.

  • Octave Rwiririza
    Octave Rwiririza2 dni temu

    She looks like Dwight Schrute from The Office. The smirk. The eyes.

  • Ruha Ruha
    Ruha Ruha2 dni temu

    For the first time I'm not 500 years late

  • yeeet


    2 dni temu

    You are

  • Shlofty Intous
    Shlofty Intous3 dni temu

    That bison VERY INSANE

  • trstenik100
    trstenik1003 dni temu

    they needed their back seat

  • Stephen
    Stephen3 dni temu

    I mean...cmon...who's ever apologised to a fornicating bison before now? You saw it here first!

  • A multi for life
    A multi for life3 dni temu

    For a sec I read it as Biden😶🙂

  • FlatLikeittyBiTtyCommitte
    FlatLikeittyBiTtyCommitte3 dni temu

    That bison's got some explaining to do...yet again! Guess she's just a friendly gal trying to meet everyone in the neighborhood. I can just imagine her explanation to the hubby. "We were just hanging out.." Pfft!! Ya ya, I'm sure she was just getting aquianted with her newest friend in the neighborhood, in the manner she knows best and one she uses with her other introductions, face down @$$ up

  • Lol Depot
    Lol Depot3 dni temu

    That quick personality change tho

  • laminator11
    laminator113 dni temu

    Fake. These bison are obviously paid actors.

  • Glitch Gaming
    Glitch Gaming3 dni temu

    the female cg5 lookalike.

  • Rennzzz YT
    Rennzzz YT3 dni temu

    “Hello everyone. This is YOUR Daily dose of internet.”

  • Sushanth S

    Sushanth S

    Dzień temu

    *There's a girl who screamed at a bison not once But TWICE, but the best part is that the bison was being f**k'd up by the Other bison!*

  • Johnny C
    Johnny C3 dni temu

    This video needs to win an Oscar.

  • BadlyDubbed
    BadlyDubbed3 dni temu

    Bison asks to speak to Angela. Car staff didn't respond as expected.

  • TRUCHA 562
    TRUCHA 5623 dni temu

    That’s exactly how the white man settler felt when they slaughtered the buffalo....

  • Saitama The One Punch Man
    Saitama The One Punch Man3 dni temu

    This could become Shot On I Phone meme

  • Sleepy Joe
    Sleepy Joe3 dni temu

    She also has new buffalo written on her shirt, probably the bison was just asking for consent.🧐