ENGSUB Weekly Idol EP510 ITZY

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  • Abad Diana
    Abad DianaDzień temu

    lia looks like a dancing meme during not shy part so cute 😂😂

  • The Nevermind Tatts
    The Nevermind TattsDzień temu

    Rhyujin should impersonate Kang Sol B next time

  • Jasonz W
    Jasonz W2 dni temu

    Liaa voicee😍😍😍

  • Newbie Chu
    Newbie Chu3 dni temu

    18:07 ryujin’s outfit 😭😭🦋 also 33:58 and 38:17 so satisfying chaeryoung damn

  • kingdy
    kingdy3 dni temu

    lia swearing on national television GOOD FOR HER + her cover

  • koikoikoi
    koikoikoi3 dni temu

    channel name: 1st on kpop my brain: *1 stonk pop*

  • Renata Campos
    Renata Campos3 dni temu

    i love Lia so much

  • nallicjoble 86
    nallicjoble 863 dni temu

    Wth happening to me. Yuna keep on saying look at me im gorgeous.and lia omg. Issues is one of my fave song.

  • Công Chúa
    Công Chúa3 dni temu

    37:35 귀여웧ㅎ

  • Kee Jia Hong
    Kee Jia Hong3 dni temu

    I miss the old weekly idols....

  • Gâteaux beauté
    Gâteaux beauté5 dni temu


  • Mst. Maushumi Habib
    Mst. Maushumi Habib5 dni temu

    Bangladeshi Midzy, oh thank you very much for making them know about Bangladesh. I'm feeling blessed.

  • ainul insyirah
    ainul insyirah6 dni temu

    im sorry but the bbuing bbuing really was no-no

  • Nabilla Manoban
    Nabilla Manoban6 dni temu

    아아아 진짜 예쁘다✨✨

  • Genesis Renecolla
    Genesis Renecolla7 dni temu

    Lia just swear on a variety show hahaha

    KPOP ENTHUSIAST7 dni temu

    Jyp girl group dances is no joke

  • Caitlin Catahan
    Caitlin Catahan7 dni temu


  • Caitlin Catahan
    Caitlin Catahan7 dni temu

    Yuna in the thumbnail 😭❤️‍🔥🫀 so cute

  • joachim Andersen
    joachim Andersen7 dni temu

    i miss the old weekly idol :/

  • pupwheeinie
    pupwheeinie8 dni temu

    they have amazing variety show skills

  • Jimmy Le
    Jimmy Le8 dni temu


  • Jimmy Le
    Jimmy Le8 dni temu

    hehehehe😅lobe it when ya play hard 2 get🤭 hehehehe😄Salute 2 missy cute💢💪💢🙊

  • The Official Alvin Dian
    The Official Alvin Dian8 dni temu

    I'm from TikTok 😭♥️✔️

  • Laura Gomez
    Laura Gomez10 dni temu

    omg lías voice is so beautiful

  • Jairo Calderon
    Jairo Calderon11 dni temu

    Don't know, I opened the video for the thumbnail, it's on 11:38, if any you guys needed it :)

  • No_Name No_Care
    No_Name No_Care12 dni temu

    itzy dance is no kidding.

  • bobatea
    bobatea12 dni temu

    Yuna is glowinggg

  • Lejindary Jinius
    Lejindary Jinius12 dni temu

    I can't tell you how happy i am rn 😭 this is probably like the second time I heard my country's name in kpop 😭😭

  • Innersloth Among Gus
    Innersloth Among Gus12 dni temu

    That host in yellow is such a mood. I kept replaying cauze he is so joyful. Hahaha

  • nick love
    nick love12 dni temu

    collab of impersonation Ryujin and Karina of aespa🤣

  • yourpianopal
    yourpianopal12 dni temu

    Chaeryoung's hair fell so perfectly with the music at 7:21 !!

  • Blue Cloud
    Blue Cloud13 dni temu

    18:07 🤣 Ryujin : I'm a butterfly 🦋

  • Vincent Dolido
    Vincent Dolido13 dni temu

    They are really funny tbh.

  • Mina lovebot
    Mina lovebot13 dni temu

    Lia main vocalist is no joke

  • Mareil’s World in Israel
    Mareil’s World in Israel13 dni temu

    I really want to see Ryujin in a KDRAMA SERIES 😍♥️

  • S K
    S K13 dni temu

    으혁은 다 좋은데 ㅁㅇ

  • S K
    S K13 dni temu

    류진이 머리가 좋네... 연기를 잘하는데

  • Lisa Islam
    Lisa Islam13 dni temu

    Wow they take the video of a Bangladeshi fan.I am also a bangladeshi.If i knew,surely I would make a video

  • Black Listed
    Black Listed14 dni temu

    Lia's face when she said sh!t:Hehe sorry not sorry😉

  • rabbit kim
    rabbit kim14 dni temu


  • Aditya Pradana
    Aditya Pradana14 dni temu

    Why weekly idol now it's not funny..I miss donhee n conhee mc.

  • Love Quinn
    Love Quinn14 dni temu

    *Yuna is so pretty what the heck!*

  • Aliya
    Aliya15 dni temu

    Her voice is freaking cool but too much vibra in it:(

  • ꪱꪲꪳꪎꫀꪶ
    ꪱꪲꪳꪎꫀꪶ15 dni temu

    Yuna's body is just perfect

  • Fruit Gum
    Fruit Gum16 dni temu

    1st and 3rd fan video were so cringe i had to skip💀💀💀☠

  • WDZY Tuk
    WDZY Tuk17 dni temu

    Is no one gonna talk about the Wild Wild West played as the background music? Wild Wild West is so underrated 🥺

  • Sofía
    Sofía17 dni temu


  • sean sean
    sean sean18 dni temu

    Lia really enjoy random dancing...her dances looks so cuuute.

  • Zelena Sena
    Zelena Sena18 dni temu

    Yuna looks so matured by her looks, actions, and words 😭 But shes so pretty

  • Schemmy Terania
    Schemmy Terania18 dni temu

    When Yeji's introducing their song *the press button on her stomach* is really funny🤣 and the reaction of her members is the best!😂❤️

  • Schemmy Terania
    Schemmy Terania18 dni temu

    Omo they can be extra in Penthouse 🤣 they can play that role HAHAHA especially Ryujin her acting skills is so effective🥰

  • Schemmy Terania
    Schemmy Terania18 dni temu

    They're crackheads that's why i really liked them!!🥳

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose18 dni temu

    “*beep*” YEJIIIII 😭😂😻

  • Ashlyn Da Silva
    Ashlyn Da Silva19 dni temu

    Lia's voice is amazing.

  • Lym Media
    Lym Media19 dni temu


    ELEGANT LIA19 dni temu

    I am an Bangladeshi and I was so happy so see that Bangladeshi Midzy... Thanks to her for telling Lia to cover a English Song

  • May Thara Phi Khinei
    May Thara Phi Khinei20 dni temu

    I really like itzy because they so fun and family with each other but im not their fun and i like the voice of one who with dark hair

  • lol
    lol20 dni temu

    I feel lia is singing to her haters. You go girllll!!! 💖💖

  • lol
    lol20 dni temu

    That speedy wannabe dance break ver thoooo

  • K-Culture TV
    K-Culture TV21 dzień temu

    Did ryujin already lost her v card? No hate just asking.

  • K-Culture TV

    K-Culture TV

    20 dni temu

    @:9 told ya im just asking hahaha

  • :9


    20 dni temu


  • Lea Tietz
    Lea Tietz21 dzień temu

    Julia Michael Fans here? ☺

  • hanabi
    hanabi21 dzień temu

    Omg ryujin just debut as an actor already!! Her impersonation of penthouse was so good that i got goosebumps

  • Nikki Esmeralda
    Nikki Esmeralda21 dzień temu

    When other members dance, Lia just sits at the back, But when LIA SINGS, all other members sit, supports, cheers and thank the heavens for giving them Lia.

  • Mebra Flower
    Mebra Flower21 dzień temu

    I love their personalities so much 🤣

  • paynow
    paynow22 dni temu

    The sensitive kpop fans complain about the old hosts 😒 but this show is so boring now without them.

  • Lost Cat
    Lost Cat22 dni temu

    This show became 'lame'. No more crazy challenges for idols to show what they got. Don't know, but Coni and Doni's humors are better. Don't even know why they choose these overreacting hosts.

  • 조댕
    조댕23 dni temu

    2:59 the way yuna looked at her unnies 🤣

  • 21jd_
    21jd_23 dni temu

    lia went with "forget you" omg i stan

  • rodel cua
    rodel cua24 dni temu

    what's the timestamp for the thumbnail?

  • Lyncy Jul Bendanio
    Lyncy Jul Bendanio24 dni temu

    Lia ❤️

  • Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine
    Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine24 dni temu

    27:03 Gotta -go- , I mean, gotta give it to Eunhyuk. That's very witty 😂

  • Daze
    Daze24 dni temu

    love that they just let the mistakes go i mean lia was on the floor XDD

  • Amir Amsyar
    Amir Amsyar24 dni temu

    can itzy go to running man pls🥺

  • Miss Fraud Gamer

    Miss Fraud Gamer

    23 dni temu

    Same thought

  • Eme alh
    Eme alh24 dni temu

    can't describe how much I love and adore Lia's voice

  • valeritaflies
    valeritaflies25 dni temu


  • Maria Antonia Silva
    Maria Antonia Silva25 dni temu


  • One&Only
    One&Only25 dni temu

    I'm in love with Chaeryeong

  • Zilla Hintay
    Zilla Hintay26 dni temu

    If Lia will have a solo debut in the future, she will become successful like other solo singers.

  • Zilla Hintay
    Zilla Hintay26 dni temu


  • boring rainbow
    boring rainbow26 dni temu

    i love that they picked not shy’s b sides as bgm towards the end of the show

  • boring rainbow
    boring rainbow26 dni temu

    44:03 ryujin looks so proud🥰

  • Monica Sultana
    Monica Sultana26 dni temu

    A midzy from Bangladesh😯😯It is my country😎😎 I am so happy🚩🚩

  • 조댕
    조댕26 dni temu

    i just really like how idols are not getting awkward or smth on a variety/show. i mean sometimes you can feel it tho. but here i can see that they are enjoying and just being themselves, that's why it's fun to watch.

  • Miss Fraud Gamer

    Miss Fraud Gamer

    23 dni temu

    True, they are really showing off themselves

  • Hary Pothyne
    Hary Pothyne27 dni temu

    800 hrhe

  • Aliza fatima
    Aliza fatima27 dni temu


  • Nasrin Akther
    Nasrin Akther27 dni temu

    Bangladeshi midzy,once,stay here

  • Lybah Adnan
    Lybah Adnan27 dni temu

    the stylist who allowed ryujin to wear that.... can we pls talk... :) she looks like she has elephant ears for arms... im not hating ryujin at all but seeing her struggle to dance around the sleeves of that thing is bothering me. :,)

  • Renchi
    Renchi27 dni temu

    Lia is so talent, the song she sang is hard, you have to control your voice very well and pronounce it right cause the melody keep up and down all the time . Amazing 100/100 ( i love the end of each verse, you can still hear the vibrate mix with the air)

  • DEAN
    DEAN27 dni temu

    Lia's voice gave me chills, i'm so proud of her istg

  • DEAN
    DEAN27 dni temu

    35:29 why is no one talking about lia's high note here? Omggg she hit that effortlessly

  • Nyxsys
    Nyxsys28 dni temu

    I love this episode, Lia's vocals shine the most

  • hananiey NJSJKBplus
    hananiey NJSJKBplus28 dni temu

    38:58 HOW DO THEY EVEN DO THAT????😳

  • hananiey NJSJKBplus
    hananiey NJSJKBplus28 dni temu

    i love how chaeryong is always so soft spoken, like it makes my heart warm listening it

  • ewa mandu
    ewa mandu28 dni temu

    Usually yuna embarrassed their unnie but here she get's embarrassed bcuz of penthouse virus lmao

  • k_genesis
    k_genesis28 dni temu

    why is chaeryeong so pretty like wtf she's an angel

  • SESEnpai
    SESEnpai28 dni temu

    "you do sh*t on purpose." LIA: Oh sh*t, let's smile to the camera

  • Wu Puss Dog
    Wu Puss Dog29 dni temu

    Penthouse is going crazy

  • Lily Painter
    Lily Painter29 dni temu

    Do BTS 💜❤️💜❤️

  • Catbug 850
    Catbug 85029 dni temu

    i think about yuna a lot

  • EN-love with Jungwon
    EN-love with Jungwon29 dni temu

    Lia has definitely one of the best and most beautiful vocal of this 4th gen of Kpop. I said what I said, better keep an eye on her haters, she will be big