Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Musical guest Demi Lovato performs "Dancing with the Devil" for The Tonight Show.
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Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


  • Morgan Muldoon
    Morgan Muldoon2 godzin temu

    I have been told I look like her since she was on Disney Channel. I've been told I song like her when I used to song on the sidewalk for money. I abused the same drugs, almost died, and came back stronger than ever. Pretty sure we're long lost twins.

  • Jared Anderson
    Jared Anderson6 godzin temu

    De hu4va

  • Faith S.
    Faith S.11 godzin temu

    This deserves more views. Damn!

  • Naomi van Mierlo
    Naomi van Mierlo16 godzin temu

    She’s crazzyyyyyy, just wow

  • Iliya Badev
    Iliya Badev17 godzin temu

    Who is here for the fro yo

  • Xeng Xeng Aguu
    Xeng Xeng Aguu18 godzin temu

    Demi proved she already deserved Grammy !!!! period

  • Maysaa Amineldeen
    Maysaa Amineldeen19 godzin temu

    am i the only one who gets goosepumps at the end?

  • Sariah Wah
    Sariah Wah20 godzin temu

    Demi gives me chills when she sings now her voice is so powerful

  • luana alves lauves
    luana alves lauves22 godzin temu

    this girl can SING

  • le Tuan
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  • Conner Womble
    Conner Womble2 dni temu

    My jaw hit the floor when Demi hit that high note.

  • Magno Lucchese
    Magno Lucchese2 dni temu

    So touching...

  • Jadem josue
    Jadem josue2 dni temu

    wow love ur high voice

  • dulcetlovers
    dulcetlovers2 dni temu

    her vocals are no joke and that soft little voice crack during the high note was literally immaculate

  • Meghna K
    Meghna K2 dni temu

    I get chills whenever I listen to this song.. literally Demi you are amazing!!

  • Bruna Melo
    Bruna Melo2 dni temu

    no more how many times I listen to this song, I'll always cry

  • Mathew Hatch
    Mathew Hatch2 dni temu

    Absolutely beautiful ❤️

  • hey hey
    hey hey3 dni temu

    her voice just hits you hard doesn’t it.. in A VERY good way holy shnitzels 😭

  • Alexandria Beck
    Alexandria Beck3 dni temu

    her voice perfectly transmits her emotions/pain, breaks my heart

  • Billie eilish Edits
    Billie eilish Edits3 dni temu

    HER VOICE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!! 𝙞 𝙃𝘼𝙑𝙀 𝘼𝘽𝙎𝙊𝙐𝙇𝙐𝙏𝙇𝙔 𝙉𝙊 𝙒𝙊𝙍𝘿𝙎 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Damla Sarışahin
    Damla Sarışahin3 dni temu

    Omg its feel like lucifer soundtrack 😍

  • Sharon Lee
    Sharon Lee3 dni temu

    Her voice is out of this world ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Eul Amida
    Eul Amida4 dni temu

    She looks like Lea Salonga.

  • Lauren Cipolla
    Lauren Cipolla4 dni temu

    Loved you when I was 4 and you were on Barney, loved you when I was a kid and you started out again in as the Bell Rings, just know you have millions of Lovatics out there rooting for you, Demi

  • Jake
    Jake4 dni temu

    3:27 the backup girls moment

  • Jake
    Jake4 dni temu

    3:17 😍

  • Fake Love
    Fake Love4 dni temu

    I'm crying see this show Thanks you Demi your voice so incredible 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • liduvina maleno
    liduvina maleno4 dni temu


  • Felipe Cavalcante
    Felipe Cavalcante4 dni temu

    THEEEE VOOOCAAAALSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • huwan paul
    huwan paul4 dni temu

    now is her prime

  • purple
    purple5 dni temu

    why does jimmy look like he just woke up lol

  • Alli Myers
    Alli Myers5 dni temu

    Those runs tho. 😍😍😍

  • Ivanna Perez
    Ivanna Perez5 dni temu

    Omg she’s so pretty

  • Amanda Nicole Music
    Amanda Nicole Music5 dni temu

    Hey! I just did a cover of this song plz check it out and comment whatcha think! I would appreciate it sooo much 💛

  • Ainhoa Jahan
    Ainhoa Jahan5 dni temu

    Aaaah love thiiiiiiiiiiis

  • Krista Bates
    Krista Bates5 dni temu

    I hv watched this several times! I hv been there!!

  • Victoria Gutierrez Pereira
    Victoria Gutierrez Pereira6 dni temu

    I am the only one getting Janis Ian (mean girls) vibes ???

  • Russian Romanoff
    Russian Romanoff6 dni temu

    Her mic volume is lower than usual, the sound engineer needs to be fired

  • Nella Cifuentes
    Nella Cifuentes6 dni temu

    She deserves a Grammy

  • Belen Arnedo
    Belen Arnedo6 dni temu

    Dammm girl you are pure fireeee 💞💞💞💞

  • Jackie C
    Jackie C6 dni temu

    The high note gave me chills

  • Estefania Garcia
    Estefania Garcia6 dni temu

    Amo a esta mujer la amoooooooooo

  • dejw 123
    dejw 1236 dni temu

    When is ariana performing??

  • Agathi Xyda
    Agathi Xyda6 dni temu


  • Agathi Xyda
    Agathi Xyda6 dni temu


  • Felecia Orr
    Felecia Orr6 dni temu

    Demi's voice is off the chain!!! I didn't know she could sing like that 😄😄😄

  • Allison Hunter
    Allison Hunter6 dni temu

    Her voice is so strong! I'm also California sober and I'm so glad you're getting through this, Demi. Thank you for being so honest and candid about this. Your story is going to save lives.

  • crazypianolady
    crazypianolady6 dni temu

    This could be a James Bond song

  • Atila lovato
    Atila lovato7 dni temu

    she's queen

  • Louisa
    Louisa7 dni temu

    How can a human be so talented????

  • Blessing Darko
    Blessing Darko7 dni temu

    No auto tune needed, her voice is perfect and so strong

  • igna cio
    igna cio7 dni temu

    Why is that boy pretending to be demi lovato?? 🤔

  • Celia Heredia
    Celia Heredia7 dni temu


  • charli kab
    charli kab7 dni temu

    Who is the sound ingeneer of this video???? Boyyy you fucked by not balancing well the melody and her voice!! 😠😠😠😤 I didn't enjoyed it as I should!

  • Matheus Anataniel
    Matheus Anataniel7 dni temu

    the microphone was so low, the band was louder than her voice ..... but she was amazing as always....

  • DmxneyTv
    DmxneyTv8 dni temu

    Tired of Watching tiktokers steal others people's ideas on the show for fuck sake, thank you for this great performance something i can actually bump to.

  • Enrique Hernandez
    Enrique Hernandez8 dni temu

    She was always been great but it’s like she died and came back with the improved vocals of an Angel. Thank God we still got Demi 😭

  • Kᴇɴɪ
    Kᴇɴɪ8 dni temu

    Demi entenda: Eu te amo, você é simplesmente meu mundo, chuta a minha cara lindona

  • Tap Ducusin
    Tap Ducusin8 dni temu

    Rare moments when singers sing better in live than the recorded version. Who says Demi can't belt live?! Fight me lol

  • hsd287


    8 dni temu

    No she was live

  • Bianca Saunders
    Bianca Saunders8 dni temu

    Been here since Barney!! :)

  • Mllex Ines
    Mllex Ines8 dni temu

    I'm blown away everytime i see her perform this song, she's a LEGEND

  • Amanda Nicole Music
    Amanda Nicole Music8 dni temu

    Hey everyone! I just did a cover of this song plz lmk whatcha think of it!

  • carol lopes
    carol lopes8 dni temu

    That David Byrne serve tho....

  • Ágata R
    Ágata R8 dni temu

    You can hear the pain.... 😭😭✨❤️

  • Mae Francy LUCID
    Mae Francy LUCID9 dni temu

    queen, uwuuuuu, amazing performance

  • Marie Booster
    Marie Booster9 dni temu

    I loveeee this album 🙌♥️

  • Ismael_2493
    Ismael_24939 dni temu

    My hear is you🥰🥰 demi

  • Abby Egan - Green
    Abby Egan - Green9 dni temu

    how is this even better sung live

  • Sara tlt

    Sara tlt

    9 dni temu

    And she was sick... this woman is incredibly

  • Brianna Woodham
    Brianna Woodham9 dni temu

    i loveeee herrr shes giving very much “This is a Man’s World” Vibes😍✨🥺

  • Emily Monnar
    Emily Monnar9 dni temu

    yo what a queen that voice tho like damn you go girl

  • Keeton Alden
    Keeton Alden10 dni temu

    this is the best her voice has ever sounded

  • Kumkum Eso
    Kumkum Eso10 dni temu

    I think those people who criticize or judge her was jealous of her voice capability and maybe other things, you know sometimes we don’t realize ourselves when we hate someone, maybe there’s a jealousy in our heart... I said maybe ☺️☺️☺️

  • mik o'connell
    mik o'connell10 dni temu


  • Lele Cute
    Lele Cute10 dni temu

    Demi is strong!

  • Studio Romes
    Studio Romes10 dni temu


  • hsd287


    8 dni temu

    No but she's still better than tiktokers

  • Fernanda Sampaio
    Fernanda Sampaio10 dni temu

    i can't get over this performance omg

  • Gunter Munter
    Gunter Munter10 dni temu

    Finally letting her inner butch out!

  • Lauren
    Lauren10 dni temu

    this is out of this world

  • Lauren
    Lauren10 dni temu

    holy shit um this was INSANE, phenomenal, amazing, words aren't enough to say. this was the best I've ever heard her voice, it almost feels like a dream. now I sound crazy. this was everything.

  • Keila Velásquez
    Keila Velásquez10 dni temu


  • Maria clara
    Maria clara11 dni temu

    Me arrepiei caralhoo

  • Bonto, Angela Joy
    Bonto, Angela Joy11 dni temu

    goosebumps!!! demi is the real queen! so glad that she's back. ilove this so much. send her to grammy

  • Alisha C
    Alisha C11 dni temu

    Those 508 people that disliked this I hope ur mom gets a flower every Mother’s Day. That’s what Demi fans like. Also fuck off .

  • Pablo Vasconselos
    Pablo Vasconselos11 dni temu


  • Noelia Rosso
    Noelia Rosso11 dni temu

    Nada de playback!! Aplausos. Pocos cantan en vivo ellos mismos. Genia.

  • Sam Ayson
    Sam Ayson11 dni temu

    been there since "as the bell rings"

  • Peter Zou
    Peter Zou11 dni temu

    Sugar free cookies are offensive

  • Mikayla Helgren
    Mikayla Helgren11 dni temu

    demi in a suit!!

  • catarina macedo 4931
    catarina macedo 493111 dni temu

    pqp demi se supera

  • AHProductions
    AHProductions11 dni temu

    seen a frozen yoghurt commercial before the video, im triggered

  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis11 dni temu

    The words that she so powerfully sanged in this song is priceless! So many people can relate and understand the depths of this song. It resonate within the soul of anyone who is struggling with some sort of addiction!! Well sunged👏👏👏💯

  • Tiffany Washington
    Tiffany Washington11 dni temu

    Even though she's made mistakes in her life she's still perfect to me. Her voice is angelic.

  • Marieke
    Marieke11 dni temu

    not gonna lie, but i would like to go to her concert, where she's performing this song, cause it's so powerful and her voice is more than precious.

  • Nic Cicchillitti
    Nic Cicchillitti12 dni temu


  • Aleesha Norton
    Aleesha Norton12 dni temu

    Her voice lately oooomg

  • Micayla
    Micayla12 dni temu

    Demi is so amazing live I can say that from experience definitely go to her concert if you ever get the honors.

  • Amanda Nicole Music
    Amanda Nicole Music12 dni temu

    Hey everyone! I just did a cover of this song plz lmk whatcha think of it!

  • Sam Raddatz
    Sam Raddatz12 dni temu

    Demi looks so gay! I love it. I'm an addict so I relate to this on another level. I died, doctors had given up and as they were calling time of death a mirical happened and I opened my eyes.

  • bek kah
    bek kah12 dni temu

    the documentary didn’t give me any ease of mind i will always worry about this woman no matter what

  • Natalie Tannura
    Natalie Tannura12 dni temu