Daft Punk - Epilogue


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    WOLFY34 sekund temu

    5:20 the moment everyone cried

  • Mr. D.
    Mr. D.Minuta temu

    Why? :'(

  • Aleksander Marken
    Aleksander Marken3 minut temu


  • esteban Gómex
    esteban Gómex6 minut temu


  • Not Chief
    Not Chief7 minut temu

    4:34 robo bitch

  • Jaydious Gaming
    Jaydious Gaming13 minut temu

    so sad to see part of my childhood go away

  • Toxic Beast
    Toxic Beast20 minut temu


  • ᚺᛚᛁᚾᚢᚱ •ᚦᛟᚱ
    ᚺᛚᛁᚾᚢᚱ •ᚦᛟᚱ20 minut temu

    Jæja, þá er þessu lokið.

  • Thou Art But Dust
    Thou Art But Dust22 minut temu

    Why am I teary eyed. God fucking dammit.

  • Gage BlackW23
    Gage BlackW2325 minut temu

    Not a goodbye for me, because your music will continue to live forever. Thank you for inspiring me everyday.

  • Thou Art But Dust
    Thou Art But Dust26 minut temu

    Every day more and more of my childhood gets raped and killed and taken away.

  • pitty 821
    pitty 82130 minut temu


  • Deexe
    Deexe32 minut temu

    Sad engineer gaming music

  • shara30000
    shara3000035 minut temu

    Enjoy your lives, you've earned it multiplefold

  • Daniel Garrison
    Daniel Garrison35 minut temu


  • Dani Voidout
    Dani Voidout37 minut temu

    Everything comes to an end.

  • Pyro Gaming Hound
    Pyro Gaming Hound37 minut temu

    if you need a follow up song in the desert to cheer you up: Swedish house mafia-Greyhound music video

  • page introuvable
    page introuvable39 minut temu


  • Breno Sapucaia
    Breno Sapucaia40 minut temu

    i miss you guys every day of my life.

  • Beanz World
    Beanz World41 minuta temu

    They saw how trash 2020 was and said; Oh nah we out ✌🏻...

  • aku siapa?
    aku siapa?45 minut temu

    Tonight show?

  • Fernando Rodríguez
    Fernando Rodríguez48 minut temu

    Get lucky :35 We’ve come to far to give up

  • Aether
    Aether48 minut temu

    Sad to see this go... Farewell, you really changed my taste on the music industry

  • RetroVin
    RetroVin52 minut temu

    That was intense. Epic.....but intense✌️

  • mogambo
    mogambo56 minut temu

    Mas triste que el titanic (;´д`)ゞ.·´¯`(>▂

  • Glenda Pérez Torres
    Glenda Pérez Torres57 minut temu

    Hold on... If love is the answer, you´re home. Forever Daft Punk , thanks.

  • barack obama
    barack obama57 minut temu

    I actualy cried

  • Doritos Vegas
    Doritos Vegas57 minut temu

    fuck :/

  • Inigoblea
    Inigoblea59 minut temu

    i never cried in sad videos. but this hit hard.

  • Fer Arroyo
    Fer Arroyo59 minut temu


  • bleuet
    bleuetGodzinę temu

    Je suis un peu triste, ayant grandi avec leur musique, pleins de mes magnifiques souvenirs sont accompagnés de leur créations. Ce qui est certain c'est qu'ils auront marqué les esprits et colorer la scène musicale de leur chefs d'oeuvre. Merci Daft Punk, on se rappellera de vous en écoutant vôtre art !

  • rejeanthomas0324
    rejeanthomas0324Godzinę temu

    An end of an era....

  • Douglas Wilken
    Douglas WilkenGodzinę temu

    Good bye friends

  • kaigaku u6
    kaigaku u6Godzinę temu

    you walked so the world could run

    ELENA XENIAGodzinę temu

    Ευχαριστούμε DAFT PUNK για τις υπέροχες στιγμές που μας χαρίσατε 💖 Εις το επανιδείν ...

  • Magnum OverPowered
    Magnum OverPoweredGodzinę temu

    They didn´t split up, both went to technical assistance.

  • EmiBlack XYZ
    EmiBlack XYZGodzinę temu

    Ellos fueron parte de nuestra vida y nos hicieron bailar y cantar sus canciones Nunca Los olvidaremos Gracias por todo...

  • Can Mujde
    Can MujdeGodzinę temu

    sizi çok seviyorum robotlar.

  • ZEN7 Méditation-Musicothérapie & Sonothérapie ASMR
    ZEN7 Méditation-Musicothérapie & Sonothérapie ASMRGodzinę temu

    _____________________________________________________________________ Merci a vous pour cette collaboration du tonnerre ! A très vite

  • Hans Eriksson
    Hans ErikssonGodzinę temu


  • StudBudi
    StudBudiGodzinę temu

    One last song about goodbye

  • pavel
    pavelGodzinę temu

    U changed the world Rip this era of music will never be forgotten Neither will u guys Goodbye

  • Manzano Peras
    Manzano PerasGodzinę temu

    Nada es para siempre.

  • Donovan Giner
    Donovan GinerGodzinę temu

    3:32 el momento de la desgracia :`^(

  • Miguel Pulido
    Miguel PulidoGodzinę temu


  • Maciek Mazur
    Maciek MazurGodzinę temu


  • cos mo
    cos moGodzinę temu


    DGNY BESTFALLGodzinę temu

    Darbe ustune darbe ..

  • 20comer 70fugir?
    20comer 70fugir?Godzinę temu

    F*** you daft punk... No, i'm not crying... YOU ARE CRYING... GET OUT OF HERE

  • ANGEL Martínez
    ANGEL MartínezGodzinę temu


  • Ed1thgucc1
    Ed1thgucc1Godzinę temu

    Fuck, why am I crying now..

    KIRA FFGodzinę temu

    5 años sin sacar nada y cuando por fin sacan algo es sobre su separación, súper F

  • Cloud Grooves
    Cloud GroovesGodzinę temu

    miss you both already..

  • StevenM801
    StevenM801Godzinę temu

    miss you guys..

  • Lucy Neill
    Lucy NeillGodzinę temu

    Legends ❤

  • Paul Caballero
    Paul CaballeroGodzinę temu


  • Frido el kokiri
    Frido el kokiriGodzinę temu

    So sad, you always be in our hearts robots, good luck. :')

  • Oscargamerpro 23
    Oscargamerpro 23Godzinę temu

    putas legendas

  • EL Patatas 656
    EL Patatas 656Godzinę temu

    Old days but good moments

    TARADARKNICE :P2 godzin temu

    We love you. Be happy. You have changed the world. Goodbye Daft Punk ❤️

  • Lorenzo Cagnin
    Lorenzo Cagnin2 godzin temu

    Tornerete... I fan vi aspetteranno!!!!!!

  • Miguel Ocanto
    Miguel Ocanto2 godzin temu


  • prodabber02
    prodabber022 godzin temu

    nice helmets

  • Sebastian Bischel
    Sebastian Bischel2 godzin temu

    Hopefully humans will come back now that the robots are gone

  • FishGill
    FishGill2 godzin temu

    Anyone know what the song at the end is it’s actually beautiful

  • Santi_llí
    Santi_llí2 godzin temu

    good ending or bad ending?

  • Robert
    Robert2 godzin temu

    Beautiful epilogue, 5:20 mark to the very end made me feel a sad happiness, happy that I got the honor of loving/listening to your music through good and bad time, sad to see it end, but as we all know all good things come to an end eventually. Thank you Daft Punk for all the time you dedicated into sharing your gift around the world.

  • Vinay Bisht
    Vinay Bisht2 godzin temu

    Me and my friends will always keep your music in our hearts Love from India and never forget Lose yourself to dance 🥺

  • JibriL
    JibriL2 godzin temu

    it looks like a breaking bad episode

  • Kirill Tallier
    Kirill Tallier2 godzin temu

    Thank you very much, unique legends! Experience for entire life.

  • Mariana Petit
    Mariana Petit2 godzin temu

    daft punk i always remember you :")

  • Claudia L
    Claudia L2 godzin temu

    No llores, no llores...

  • Adrian Castro
    Adrian Castro2 godzin temu

    I wish this was fake

  • yostawall oficial tv
    yostawall oficial tv2 godzin temu

    2021 que más quieres de mi,😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • sharingan eterno
    sharingan eterno2 godzin temu


  • Sleen Slaker
    Sleen Slaker2 godzin temu

    I watched the video while listening Veridis Quo. Where are you going? Best match i've ever made.

  • wishniakro
    wishniakro2 godzin temu

    thank you 😉🖖

  • Ρûmā
    Ρûmā2 godzin temu

    No me quiero ir Señor Daft Punk No Te Vayas D:

  • Sr.Helado
    Sr.Helado2 godzin temu

    Perdimos una leyenda... gracias por todo

  • Ρûmā


    2 godzin temu


  • maxim mosunov
    maxim mosunov2 godzin temu

    change the world my final message, goodbye😖


    Con su mucica me tranquilisaba para mis tareas

  • Cali
    Cali2 godzin temu

    Ya au moins des français ici ? C'est pas un scoop sinon même si j'adore daft punk, ça faisait un moment qu'il avaient rien sorti... On continuera d'écouter leurs sons jusqu'à notre mort !

  • Leo Urniq
    Leo Urniq2 godzin temu

    Viskam ateina galas, net ir legendom...

  • Hakan AKGUN
    Hakan AKGUN2 godzin temu

    Gitme vakti demek. Güle güle efsane adamlar...

  • jashan gill
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  • Toufik Sekhraoui
    Toufik Sekhraoui2 godzin temu

    as they say you will never feel the love till it's all gone ... thank you for being in our lives :'(

  • Som1onu2be
    Som1onu2be2 godzin temu

    I'm crying, but happy the artists get to move on. These two were a big reason I became a musician. I spent hundreds of hours listening to, learning, and dancing to the music my whole life. They've helped shape a whole world of music, and musicians. What a powerful duo they were.

  • NorteK
    NorteK2 godzin temu


  • Yogurt4life
    Yogurt4life2 godzin temu


  • Odranoel
    Odranoel2 godzin temu

    Alguien sabe como se llama la canción de el minuto 6:52

  • martin martin
    martin martin2 godzin temu

    They will allways be at our hearts of robots

  • BMW F25 X3 R Spec
    BMW F25 X3 R Spec2 godzin temu

    I can’t believe it

  • Gianluca Olivas
    Gianluca Olivas2 godzin temu

    The one thing that makes a real man cry.

  • Il Sorpasso
    Il Sorpasso2 godzin temu

    Reunion for 2024

  • askerei chucuma
    askerei chucuma2 godzin temu

    De lo mejor de la musica de este siglo mucha gracias x tanto 😭😭😢😢💖💖

  • Mayra Julian
    Mayra Julian3 godzin temu

    Vale vg la vida :(

  • Victor Chefer
    Victor Chefer3 godzin temu

    Did anyone noticed that the Daft Punk logo apeared on the screen at 6:50 and disapeared at 7:37, so it's been on the screen for 47 seconds. At the and of the video, only Guy-Manuel was alive. Guy- Manuel clompleted 47 years old at 8th Feb 2021, which was a monday. This video was relesed at 22nd February, 2021, which was monday too.and more, the logo disapear at 7.37, and the black screen apears at 7:51, it means 14 seconds. There are exactly 14 days between Guy-Manuel's birthday and the video release. Do you know what all that means? Absolutaly nothing, but it's very interesting.

  • Caled Moreno
    Caled Moreno3 godzin temu

    Good bye Daft Punk :c

  • Alwin Alias
    Alwin Alias3 godzin temu

    Good times guys, good times.

    JORGE SUCO3 godzin temu