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  • DonutTiger
    DonutTiger4 dni temu

    Imagine walking up to someone and saying we are meant to be 👁👄👁

  • Arielly Chagas
    Arielly Chagas10 dni temu

    Everybody wins Even Laila

  • Arielly Chagas
    Arielly Chagas10 dni temu

    Todo mundo sai ganhando Até a Laila

  • ꧁Sakura꧂
    ꧁Sakura꧂10 dni temu

    I feel bad because luka is a good person and he would never let Marinette sad 😔

  • diku chan
    diku chan11 dni temu

    ese era el amor de mi vida asta que llego katzuki bakugo

  • • Çøçøñût •
    • Çøçøñût •13 dni temu

    Ma’am That ice cream gon drop-

  • Narie D. Ha
    Narie D. Ha13 dni temu

    At the first i though it was adrien but it was felix i kinda confused lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sneha Salvi
    Sneha Salvi13 dni temu

    I thought Felix was Adrien first

  • REM Ramirez
    REM Ramirez16 dni temu

    Were's the hamster

  • hAi SiStErS
    hAi SiStErS17 dni temu

    Why the intro have no sound

  • •Chøcølate_ Ørange•
    •Chøcølate_ Ørange•18 dni temu

    Okay but that animation be smooth-

  • Anime Love
    Anime Love20 dni temu

    لحظة كيف حطي راسك علمخدة عربية لو اجنبية لو اجنية احسن حتة متفهميني 🙃

  • YourTitanicGirl
    YourTitanicGirl22 dni temu

    No she's just a friend.

  • María Zarate
    María Zarate24 dni temu


  • A1R
    A1R24 dni temu

    You using a arab song 0:39 Hatch your head on the pillow?

  • {Aya_games}
    {Aya_games}24 dni temu

    لحظة انتي عربية ؟

  • Angelina Soto
    Angelina Soto24 dni temu

    Can someone show my guy Luke some love tho

  • Berna Reyes
    Berna Reyes24 dni temu


  • Saba Gaming
    Saba Gaming24 dni temu


  • ŢΌŢΊ 199
    ŢΌŢΊ 19924 dni temu

    انتي عربية؟

  • Titia do Yurii :D
    Titia do Yurii :D24 dni temu

    I really loved it 🤡 Fix me please

  • Mafe QwQ
    Mafe QwQ24 dni temu

    An Adrien love you

  • Dulce v
    Dulce v24 dni temu

    the worst thing is that in season 3 Luka and marinett kiss :c

  • نواف الغامدي
    نواف الغامدي25 dni temu

    أغنيه عربيه😂

  • uwu bonka
    uwu bonka25 dni temu

    U know Adrien likes Kagami, and luka doesnt likes chloé?

  • ashton banloi
    ashton banloi25 dni temu

    The we were meant to be is so cute~

  • Maria barroso barroso
    Maria barroso barroso25 dni temu


  • Gustabo_Con_B_de_ Bonito
    Gustabo_Con_B_de_ Bonito25 dni temu

    And my AdrianGami 😭

  • Gustabo_Con_B_de_ Bonito
    Gustabo_Con_B_de_ Bonito25 dni temu

    My LukaNette :(

  • Itz Zoe
    Itz Zoe25 dni temu

    Hmm I think your Arab mrsShadowy

  • Sofia Galáctica
    Sofia Galáctica25 dni temu

    I shipp kagami x marinette 😔

  • Elizabeth Cota Guerra
    Elizabeth Cota Guerra25 dni temu


  • Bibi Fatema
    Bibi Fatema25 dni temu


  • Шутка
    Шутка25 dni temu


  • Nanda Tonato
    Nanda Tonato25 dni temu

    En primero luka ni siquiera conoce a chloe y adrien pasa mas con kagami no se si lo haces mal o simplemente quieres confundir esto esta mal luka nunca le aria eso >:b

  • •S ø l á r S ú s h ï•
    •S ø l á r S ú s h ï•25 dni temu

    Intro got copyrighted :(

  • levi ackerman
    levi ackerman25 dni temu


    GASHA GIRLS26 dni temu

    انتي عربيه لانو الاغنيه ذي عربيه 😂💞

  • Shanty UWU
    Shanty UWU26 dni temu

    Nadie abla spanish

  • •Jackson_Playz•
    •Jackson_Playz•26 dni temu

    The intro has no song?

  • Kayleb Ahn
    Kayleb Ahn26 dni temu

    Marinette is adorable and silly at the end, could we just take a moment to appreciate that

  • Julia Margarita Rosas Mendoza
    Julia Margarita Rosas Mendoza26 dni temu

    Hi XD

  • Mąyukø-chąn
    Mąyukø-chąn26 dni temu

    Cargado ⭕⭕⭕⭕listo, no entendí

  • 『 Sunflower Queen 』
    『 Sunflower Queen 』26 dni temu

    Ohh~0 The song 😭😂💜

  • Williams Cancer Institute
    Williams Cancer Institute26 dni temu

    At the end mari just hug adrien and the ice cream just split over him lol😂😂😂 and adrien's POV "she is just a friend"😣

  • Antony de jesus Olivares orduño
    Antony de jesus Olivares orduño26 dni temu

    Pero Luca a ama a. Marinet XD

  • UwU Mizuki
    UwU Mizuki26 dni temu


  • • reverie.
    • reverie.26 dni temu

    Aaaaa I'm so sorry for asking this but what was the song used in this video? Hope someone answers me and thank you sm in advance ^^ ♡💕🌸

  • panna smontata
    panna smontata26 dni temu

    Poor Luka

  • Michael Abagat
    Michael Abagat26 dni temu

    People who hate she’s just a Friend 👇

  • Abigail
    Abigail26 dni temu

    4 temporado va a salir mal marinete va besarse con luka

  • Miraculouse_Suzy:3
    Miraculouse_Suzy:326 dni temu

    Does it work? ItsMrsShadowy ItsMrsShadowy ItsMrsShadowy

  • Karma Thabet :D
    Karma Thabet :D26 dni temu

    Oh my God I love this song I’m Arab ❤️

  • Princess Laya
    Princess Laya26 dni temu

    Why people shipping her with her brother O. o

  • Jagatheswari Sathivel
    Jagatheswari Sathivel27 dni temu

    Me just vibing with the intro music

  • •RayaRio AGR YT•
    •RayaRio AGR YT•27 dni temu


  • Valentina Fuentes Camacho
    Valentina Fuentes Camacho27 dni temu

    this is the character i hate kagami

  • RUTH Moreno
    RUTH Moreno27 dni temu


  • Hanako _Kun
    Hanako _Kun27 dni temu

    What happened to Adrien x marinette I watched a video when you shipped Kagami and Adrien...

  • _Soba princess_
    _Soba princess_27 dni temu


  • {wolfy world}
    {wolfy world}27 dni temu

    I like the intro🤩

  • F a b i G a c h a ఌ
    F a b i G a c h a ఌ27 dni temu

    Hate a kagami

  • Irma Zotea
    Irma Zotea27 dni temu

    Comose llama la cancion de lo primero

  • stanger
    stanger27 dni temu

    I'm not a fan of the series but I know that there is an episode where marinett is transformed into lady bug and adrian sees that marinett is a lady so they become boyfriends and the ect, then Adrián's father realized then one day adrian akuma or something So, then we know that Marinett could never be with Adrián because he would corrupt the world

  • Dioselina Blanco
    Dioselina Blanco27 dni temu

    Its that Félix no?

  • •ʟɪʟ ᴀsʜ•
    •ʟɪʟ ᴀsʜ•27 dni temu


  • tô afim de nome não
    tô afim de nome não27 dni temu

    I just wanted to say that this is disrespectful to the other marinette and luka ships

  • Ximena Rojas Arrona
    Ximena Rojas Arrona27 dni temu

    Mmm es mejor Adrián que luka


    I’m pretty sure Luka doesent even know Chloe exists,but she will never love a brat like Chloe

  • ꧁The frosted flakes꧂
    ꧁The frosted flakes꧂27 dni temu

    dont judge a book by its cover. just because Muslim hate LGBTQ’s doesn’t mean they hate them for no reason I don’t say lgbtq is something bad but it’s haram and how do I say it- btw they have to respect people but some people hate LGBTQ’s and done respect them That I’m saying please don’t be mean to them it’s there opinion and it’s kinda hurt to being bullied and you know that . stop saying “why it’s so hard to respect” it’s there opinion please .

  • Mallousa
    Mallousa27 dni temu

    For a second i thought it adrien at first- 😅👀

  • Hi
    Hi27 dni temu


  • Hi
    Hi27 dni temu


  • Vin Tofu
    Vin Tofu27 dni temu

    Xd kagamis line

  • Sebastián Seguel
    Sebastián Seguel27 dni temu



    0:32 I thought thats adrien-

  • Humaira Ahmed
    Humaira Ahmed27 dni temu

    Wait when Marinette said we meant to be together, was adrian confused and knew?

  • I like you cut g
    I like you cut g27 dni temu

    Tf? That ship is literally impossible as shown on the tv show-

  • Emma Pradel
    Emma Pradel27 dni temu

    When you see the future for the blonde boy is bad so I think that is Felix. 0:29

  • Luanah pao
    Luanah pao27 dni temu


  • • CherriBear •
    • CherriBear •27 dni temu

    I'm just in love with the intro 😢

  • sαsнα
    sαsнα27 dni temu

    انت عربية🙂؟

  • Nathalie Paweena Madsen
    Nathalie Paweena Madsen27 dni temu

    love the intro🥰

  • {gaming twinsYT}
    {gaming twinsYT}27 dni temu

    ohhh yesss you ARE hheehe

  • Joanna Sewell
    Joanna Sewell27 dni temu


  • A kid.
    A kid.27 dni temu

    I wish I can know my soulnate like this

  • muchie_ chan
    muchie_ chan27 dni temu

    Adrien : no WeRe jUsT FrIeNd

  • jasmine kate
    jasmine kate27 dni temu


  • jasmine kate
    jasmine kate27 dni temu


  • jun- playz
    jun- playz27 dni temu

    What this song

  • Andrea- Playz
    Andrea- Playz27 dni temu

    Im in love with the intro 😍😂😗

  • Xx_Glitchedmisty
    Xx_Glitchedmisty27 dni temu

    How many subs can I get off this comment

  • uhh
    uhh27 dni temu

    Love the slow motion gurl love it

  • Roselleplays_world
    Roselleplays_world27 dni temu

    I thought Felix was Adrien for sec

  • Jimika \ Official
    Jimika \ Official27 dni temu

    its song arabic..😂

  • Z.Zstar01
    Z.Zstar0127 dni temu

    i thought Felix was Adrien and i got shocked that Adrien would do such a thing XD

  • Riona
    Riona27 dni temu

    the title of intro is your perfect

  • Cherry The Cat

    Cherry The Cat

    27 dni temu

    Y e s .

  • Cherry The Cat
    Cherry The Cat27 dni temu

    Let's all just pay attention to the intro-

  • Reajane
    Reajane27 dni temu

    Your intro make our heart 🥺🥺🥺Cryyyyy

  • Isabelle Heng
    Isabelle Heng27 dni temu

    yo I ship adrientte hard in this vid but Mari n Felix becoming gangsters doesn't sound that bad HAHAHAHAHA it would be cool ngl