Bricklaying - Buttering A Brick

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Been A Bricklayer Half My Life And I Post Videos Of The Job I Love To Do. Thank you For The Support 👍🏼
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  • JOHN Albert Silva
    JOHN Albert Silva16 godzin temu

    You good congratulations

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    javier błaszczyk ッ3 dni temu

    His moves are so smooth :0

  • 1969 Jeep J-20
    1969 Jeep J-204 dni temu

    Finally, I have found Real Satisfying video

    LEEIOH5 dni temu

    I wanna eat it

  • Joe Bring
    Joe Bring5 dni temu

    That’s the way it’s done!

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma5 dni temu

    That's so satisfying that I feel hungry

  • SuperWasted Productions
    SuperWasted Productions5 dni temu

    I don't know why but I would love this job

  • The Tonapi Sisters
    The Tonapi Sisters5 dni temu

    Ah, yes. Breakfast of the industrial world.

  • Ras_KrysTafari
    Ras_KrysTafari7 dni temu

    That's butter???? 🧈🥜🧈🥜🧈🥜🧈🥜🧈🥜🧈???

  • Phatafat gaming Op headshots
    Phatafat gaming Op headshots7 dni temu

    I think it’s bread butter 😆

  • RamSLade on Blitz
    RamSLade on Blitz8 dni temu

    that's satisfying, idk why.

  • Bariq Aulia s
    Bariq Aulia s25 dni temu

    Kuli jawa: ahkelamaan

  • Deacon Blues
    Deacon Blues26 dni temu

    I was expecting more.

  • Victor Renderos
    Victor Renderos26 dni temu


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  • Siddharth Williams
    Siddharth Williams26 dni temu

    This was oddly satisfying 👌👌🤟

  • Lalit Kant
    Lalit Kant26 dni temu

    ताजमहल में डिजाइन तुम ने डाली थी❤️

  • Connor Rich
    Connor Rich27 dni temu

    Nice, thank u for constructing

  • Motivation and Inspiration for Life
    Motivation and Inspiration for Life27 dni temu


  • Sunny Sam
    Sunny Sam27 dni temu

    Quite (oddly) satisfying 😉

  • Fernando Alparducci
    Fernando Alparducci27 dni temu

    Este e pedreiro

  • Jrko
    Jrko27 dni temu

    This Video is about Bricks

  • Lorenzo Ricci
    Lorenzo Ricci27 dni temu

    Ma tu sei un grande artista

  • Ghulam Nabi tv
    Ghulam Nabi tv27 dni temu

    Very nice

  • Marsh Marsh
    Marsh Marsh27 dni temu

    Yea buttering the brick isnt the problem its getting the right mix haha

  • sam ad20
    sam ad2027 dni temu

    Love it thanks

  • David Scanlon
    David Scanlon27 dni temu

    Work of Art. 👌

  • Pey Piedad
    Pey Piedad27 dni temu

    Looks delicious.

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  • Maurice M.
    Maurice M.27 dni temu

    The forbidden sandwich 🥪

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    Abraham Garcia27 dni temu

    Si no es nutela jaja

  • Deadpoolmen Satir
    Deadpoolmen Satir27 dni temu

    Надо ещё больше воздуха туда загнать. Надеюсь ты себе строишь

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    Bear Tuck27 dni temu

    This is more satisfying than a lot of the other videos on here. Nice job man

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  • sarge jackson
    sarge jackson28 dni temu

    wow thankyou appreciate that. stay bless n keep it moving

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    Cesar Espinal29 dni temu

    Cool 😎🆒️😎

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