Baby seal THANKS his rescuers

A truly special baby seal rescue: instead of biting his rescuers and running away like most other rescued seals, this baby seal was very relaxed and comfortable when Antoine and Naude from the non profit organisation Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) managed to catch and release him.
They spotted him at Pelican Point, close to Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, during their usual morning patrol to look for entangled seals. This one was caught in a big ball of commercial fishing line, which was probably thrown overboard a fishing vessel.
Human impact on our wild life is immense. Ghost fishing nets are a huge portion or our ocean rubbish and plastic pollution, sustainability is not regarded as important. This injured baby seal was lucky, he was found soon before it would have taken his life due to starvation or suffocation.
Our animals deserve better.
After this rescue, Namib_Naude and Tony quickly caught and released two more seals - it was good day for our campaign .
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