1st Place FNCS Grand Finals ($111,000) w/Mitr0 & Tayson 🏆


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  • NRG HenryFN
    NRG HenryFN2 godzin temu


  • dz & reubeu
    dz & reubeuDzień temu


  • Sami Roche
    Sami RocheDzień temu

    I love this vid ❤️❤️

  • JerThe YouTuber
    JerThe YouTuberDzień temu

    The amount of times you like this comment how many times mongraal said kids

  • Otis Walters
    Otis WaltersDzień temu

    mongraal turns on caps mode when he damages someone

  • Lautaro Suarez
    Lautaro SuarezDzień temu


  • TeoGuden
    TeoGuden2 dni temu

    POV: You are chilling until mongraal think ur stacked...

  • Nicholas King
    Nicholas King2 dni temu

    Mongraal can u adopt me

  • crqckedlol
    crqckedlol2 dni temu

    mongraal is like the fortnite nagato/pain Mongraal: THIS WORLD SHALL KNOW PAIN (again): ALMIGHTY EAR RAPE

  • nishnishbishb
    nishnishbishb2 dni temu

    Who's watching now when mongraal can't even qual for heats?

  • LeoMehta
    LeoMehta3 dni temu

    I hav to watch mongraal's videos on less than 50% volume or rip ears :(

  • Yali YT
    Yali YT3 dni temu

    Mongraal 1v1 me bro

  • vini
    vini3 dni temu

    Best player

  • Alex Boi
    Alex Boi4 dni temu

    Your such a good player

  • Sean Ong
    Sean Ong4 dni temu

    Epic pls pls pls pls release travissssssssss

  • Galactic Clan
    Galactic Clan4 dni temu


  • Emil Nilsson
    Emil Nilsson4 dni temu

    Nice crouch macros😂

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha5 dni temu

    Mano pq vc está falando inglês?

  • Gabriel Mattiello
    Gabriel Mattiello5 dni temu

    Oi mongrall tu e muito bom no fortnite

  • Kido FN
    Kido FN6 dni temu

    I have watched this like 100 times

  • Cristiane Serafini
    Cristiane Serafini6 dni temu

    Nuber 1

  • Sleewa 2
    Sleewa 27 dni temu

    3:29 when kid gets his first win

  • Arda Babagil
    Arda Babagil7 dni temu

    U bot

  • Rose_Man
    Rose_Man7 dni temu

    His name is not mongraal its justin

  • Apples EU
    Apples EU7 dni temu

    The Graal on top

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi7 dni temu

    3:12 I lost my hearing 😂

    FLUX FXLSE7 dni temu

    Mongrall all calm next minute DEAD DEAD DEAD than I have a heart attack 😂

  • Cj Daoggoat
    Cj Daoggoat7 dni temu

    When they start screamin ik its over

  • Aquato Swix Ω ψ
    Aquato Swix Ω ψ8 dni temu


  • asmarix_
    asmarix_8 dni temu

    5:40 he kill solary floky wow vive le france and 18:07 too

  • aistis rakauskas
    aistis rakauskas8 dni temu


  • Bas Van der Kaaij
    Bas Van der Kaaij9 dni temu


  • M&C GT
    M&C GT9 dni temu

    6:58 Aimbot activated👍

  • 06 Bayona Trejos Andres Felipe 7B
    06 Bayona Trejos Andres Felipe 7B9 dni temu

    Maldito moongral eres el mejor

  • Gramb
    Gramb9 dni temu


  • Kashif Nawaz
    Kashif Nawaz10 dni temu

    There is not one game that can be enjoyed monggral SHIT ONNN

  • Zexify
    Zexify10 dni temu

    ur energy in 3:30 omggg!

  • spetsFN
    spetsFN10 dni temu


  • EMBR *On_STX

    EMBR *On_STX

    6 dni temu

    @spetsFN um ok

  • spetsFN


    10 dni temu

    @EMBR *On_STX Was I talking to you?

  • EMBR *On_STX

    EMBR *On_STX

    10 dni temu


  • Haider1x
    Haider1x10 dni temu

    we need everyone to know we got stark rifles lmao

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim10 dni temu

    Everyone chill until mongraal.... "DEAD DEAD DEAD"

  • sav greenberg
    sav greenberg11 dni temu

    Is this the real soar dylan

  • Gamer Abdel
    Gamer Abdel12 dni temu

    follow mi

  • Timo Zockt
    Timo Zockt12 dni temu

    3:28 rip headphoneuser

  • michael therrien
    michael therrien12 dni temu

    imagine watching this in 2021

  • MysticFNBR
    MysticFNBR13 dni temu

    Imagine playing a video game to get money🤡🗑️🏳️‍🌈💩

  • Mario Zavala-Moreno
    Mario Zavala-Moreno13 dni temu

    Guys look at mark 7:29 and when Travis Scott is shooting he his 2 kids through a wall without aiming

  • Cristian Dobre
    Cristian Dobre13 dni temu


  • Derrick Ideas
    Derrick Ideas13 dni temu


  • José A. Quiñones
    José A. Quiñones13 dni temu

    if he keeps screaming I might be deaf by 2022

    ALNOAIMI14 dni temu

    when mongrall has 0 builds there stacked their stacked their stacked them having 0 builds

  • Swixzzz
    Swixzzz14 dni temu

    3:27 broke my ears😂

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus14 dni temu

    Poor solary floki mans got killed twice by mongraal over multiple games

  • Evan2.0
    Evan2.014 dni temu

    I used your code

  • Chatnoir【シャノアール】【登録者1000人目標】
    Chatnoir【シャノアール】【登録者1000人目標】14 dni temu

    19:38 イクッ//

  • Кирюша ау лол
    Кирюша ау лол15 dni temu

    season 6 les gooo

  • HoG
    HoG15 dni temu

    3:30 lower your volume

  • lolgamer-_-
    lolgamer-_-16 dni temu

    there isn't a game where this doesn't happen: DEAD DEAD DEAD

  • Dominic123! Orlando
    Dominic123! Orlando16 dni temu

    Please add me if you see this my name is SEN Dominic.

  • XDW - وليد
    XDW - وليد16 dni temu

    the key board is crying§😂😂

  • Catherine Castro
    Catherine Castro16 dni temu

    Keyboard shot😅😆

  • moonlight_Ϡ
    moonlight_Ϡ16 dni temu

    3:25 ''Three, two, one, goo... One HP one HP DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD!!!!!''

  • Bloxy.
    Bloxy.16 dni temu


  • Creeper Gaming
    Creeper Gaming17 dni temu

    My ears hurt ):

  • Laura Marie Small
    Laura Marie Small17 dni temu


  • JBizzle YT
    JBizzle YT17 dni temu

    anyone else notice how excited he was when he told Tayson he had 3 big pots

  • Elif Bestas
    Elif Bestas17 dni temu

    epic name Knax-74

  • Devin Fifa20
    Devin Fifa2018 dni temu

    Be like mongraal : deaaaaaaad deaaaad meine ohren sind tor

  • nilsfishy


    18 dni temu

    ja man

  • cateryn ruiz
    cateryn ruiz18 dni temu

    He’s goated

  • JbbJerrall
    JbbJerrall18 dni temu

    When he yells, that shit hilarious

  • harpreet singh
    harpreet singh18 dni temu

    mongraal when he whispers: AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • J1.Jordan _
    J1.Jordan _19 dni temu

    Mongraal is a fucking goat 🐐

  • Maxland79
    Maxland7919 dni temu

    T'est pas obliger de crier

  • mo'.'mo


    18 dni temu

    MDR tu m'as tué XD

  • Niko Ljubić
    Niko Ljubić20 dni temu

    Tayson the best

  • PsiSnipeZ
    PsiSnipeZ20 dni temu

    Mongaarl let them no we are here Me bro they can here you

  • PsiSnipeZ
    PsiSnipeZ20 dni temu

    Mongarl 1 hp Me my guy you hit him for 86

  • Super Channel
    Super Channel20 dni temu

    And you can't do it without shouting?

  • Krystian Zmitro
    Krystian Zmitro20 dni temu

    Polska 3 miejsce uuuuuuuuuuu

  • Hubertownik
    Hubertownik20 dni temu

    7:23 nooouuuueee

  • Tomasz Kowalaski
    Tomasz Kowalaski21 dzień temu

    17:27 rakso go zabił :O

  • Zachary Chery
    Zachary Chery21 dzień temu

    mongraal cracks me up sometimes

  • Skye1er
    Skye1er21 dzień temu

    Mongraal: IVE GOT SO MANY MATS SO MANY MATS Proceeds to lose it all within seconds

  • Jacob Luera
    Jacob Luera21 dzień temu


  • Arturo Arteaga
    Arturo Arteaga21 dzień temu


  • Banezic
    Banezic21 dzień temu

    The aim at the start though🤯

  • kacper treyderowski
    kacper treyderowski21 dzień temu

    me watching this in 2k 21

  • Queenproplayer
    Queenproplayer22 dni temu

    3:07 I literally jumped out of my skin 😭😂😂

  • MikeyyFN
    MikeyyFN22 dni temu

    POV: You miss the good fncs back in s10 when mongraal popped off

  • MAjorVictory007
    MAjorVictory00722 dni temu

    it was so quiet when mongraal died

  • T9 Tune
    T9 Tune22 dni temu


  • Dolken For
    Dolken For23 dni temu

    How is this possible

  • loxwyd ک
    loxwyd ک23 dni temu

    3:30 ow 👂🏻

  • Sloffiee
    Sloffiee23 dni temu

    3:30, *inhale*

  • DerekLOL Lol
    DerekLOL Lol23 dni temu

    111K damn thats a lot good looks

  • Balázs Kozma
    Balázs Kozma24 dni temu

    Big GG to BigGraal

  • Clem Smit
    Clem Smit24 dni temu

    He says dead before he killed them so confident

  • Elijah Samuel
    Elijah Samuel24 dni temu

    21:30 when i get a kill in a tournament. But the n get sniped:-(

  • Elijah Samuel

    Elijah Samuel

    24 dni temu


  • MTRZ Rebs
    MTRZ Rebs24 dni temu

    Mongraal, you really are the Greatest of all time in this game.

  • General J
    General J24 dni temu

    I ment me

  • General J
    General J24 dni temu

    Ma and mitro have the same name

  • Umar1x
    Umar1x25 dni temu

    craked craked